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This fic starts at the end of season six of Buffy and at the end of season three of Angel and then goes into the start of season four of Angel. I never liked the whole storyline with Justine and Holtz and I believe that Buffy and Angel are soul mates and that no matter what; she would always know when he was in trouble and vice versa. This is my version of what I think should have happened when Wes rescued Angel from the bottom of the ocean!

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Buffy groaned as she was thrown backwards into the dirt filled wall, the sword she had been carrying falling to the ground with her as she landed painfully onto her side. She heard Dawn’s panicked cry as her sister shouted her name and Buffy pushed herself back up, gripping her weapon as she did so. The faceless zombie that was coming at her didn’t stand a chance as the blonde swung her sword around in a circular motion, cutting off its head and turning it to dust.

More of the creatures came at her and she was back to back with Dawn, her sword held firmly in front of her. She kicked at one of the zombies, sending it stumbling a little. Another came at her in its place and managed to get in a lucky hit to her face. She was tired, bruised and bloodied but she was determined to win this fight and to get out and help Willow.

She destroyed two more and was thrown back once again, sending her crashing to the ground; her breath knocked out of her and her entire body aching. Without warning, she felt something hit her, a feeling of pain, confusion, disbelief and sadness over coming her entire being. Buffy cried out and gasped, knowing that something was entirely wrong. She knew that the zombies hadn’t done anything to her – they hadn’t touched her, nor was it magic. There was a tingle in her neck and this feeling was more intimate and she felt it down to the very depths of her soul. Something was very, very wrong.

It could only mean one thing.

Buffy snapped back to reality as she heard Dawn’s yelp of pain. Now was not the time to be contemplating the feeling she had. First, she had to take care of the battle she was currently engaged in and when she was done dealing with Willow’s End-of-the-World Apocalypse, she’d find out just what that feeling meant.

She threw punch after punch and was beginning to become frustrated as more and more creatures kept appearing. She was worried about Dawn, hoping that her sister was holding her own – if she was tired, then surely Dawn must have been exhausted by this point. Briefly, she wondered just how long they could keep fighting. And then, suddenly, all of the zombies in front of them turned to dust and the siblings stood alone. Buffy blinked, hardly daring to believe that they were safe.

“What happened?” Dawn asked, sounding just as confused as she felt.

She glanced around and then up at the brightening sky. The sun shone through the graveyard they were trapped in and Buffy reveled in the warmth. For the first time since her resurrection, the slayer felt that things would be okay. She took a deep breath and then placed her hand on her chest where her heart laid beating within.

Everything will be okay.


She was packing clothes frantically into an overnight bag as Dawn hovered close to her bed. As soon as she had made sure everyone was alright, that Willow was alright, Buffy had headed straight home. From the looks that Dawn was giving her, she was sure that everyone thought she had lost her mind. And it wasn’t as if Buffy could explain the feeling she had in that grave, she just knew that she had to get to Los Angeles as soon as possible.

She had learned a long time ago to always trust her instincts.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Dawn asked. “We don’t even know that anything’s wrong.”

“I don’t know, Dawn,” Buffy moved into the bathroom to grab her shampoo and conditioner and then threw them into her bag. “All I know is what I feel. And no one picked up the phone when I called, which is unusual.”

“They could be out at a movie?” Dawn suggested. Deep down, the younger Summers’ daughter knew that if her sister had an instinct about something, it was usually right. She sighed running a hand through her long brown locks. “Just be careful, okay?” she said quietly.

Buffy zipped up her bag and went to hug her sister. “I’m so proud of you,” she smiled. “Thanks for understanding.”

Her sister followed her as Buffy made her way downstairs. Xander and Anya were sitting together on the love seat while Giles and Willow were on the couch; Willow was sound asleep, exhausted from the night’s events. She placed her bag by the door and walked towards her watcher.

“How is she doing?”

Giles glanced up at her. “She’ll need some time to herself. I think taking her back to England with me is the best choice for her right now.”

Buffy nodded. “Okay, you’ll call if you need anything?”

“Buffy, why do you have to go? I mean, what if something happens here?” Anya asked.

“If you need me, I can get back here in two hours. I don’t think anything is going to happen though, things should be quiet for awhile,” she responded. Heading back towards the door, she passed Xander, who had moved from his chair. Thankfully, he didn’t say anything negative or disapproving as she passed, though she knew he wasn’t happy with her decision to head to L.A. “I just need to check things out and make sure things are okay.”

As the front door shut behind her, Buffy absently placed a hand on her chest right above her heart, a pensive look on her face. She hoped she wasn’t too late.

I’m coming Angel, hold on. I’m coming!


The large box was floating down, spiraling through the darkness of the ocean and dropping into a pitch black of nothingness. Within the box, Angel laid, bound tight by the chains and bars surrounding him. Shock, confusion and disbelief coursed though him and he willed himself to understand why, why did Connor do this? What had caused him to do this?

Deep in his heart, Angel knew that Connor wasn’t completely at fault. Lies and deception had caused Connor to resort to throwing him into the ocean. Despite knowing this, Angel couldn’t help feeling anger at his son’s actions. Not to mention, he really wished he’d killed Justine when he had the chance. It didn’t seem fair that things never went the way he wanted.

He felt a large thump and knew he had landed at the bottom. Clouds of sand appeared as he looked through the window and as it settled, he could see schools of fish swimming around and all Angel could think was how thankful he was to not have the ability to breathe. He halfheartedly pulled at his chains but knew no matter how much he tried, he wouldn’t be able to get free. No where to run and no way to escape. Justine and Connor had certainly made sure of that.

The silence was deafening and he had never felt more alone than he did at this moment. He had all the time in the world on his hands now. He could live a long time without blood and he was pretty sure that no one, save for Connor and Justine, even knew that he was down here.

Fred and Gunn would be worried, he knew. He could imagine Fred frantically trying to locate any information of his whereabouts while Gunn was nearby pacing nervously.

And Cordelia, what would Cordy think?

But then again, Cordelia had been late for their meeting at the cliff and he had to wonder whether or not she had changed her mind about what she had been going to reveal to him about her own feelings. On top of that, Angel wasn’t even sure of his own feelings. Did he care for her? Certainly and without a doubt. Did he love her? In his own way, yes. But was he in love with her?

Angel knew the answer to that question without even having to think about it.

No. Definitely not.

But now was not the time to be thinking about feelings and love. He had to find a way out.

The cold of the ocean surrounded him and for once, he was glad that he was dead. He wondered if he could break free of his chains and then the bars across his chest. He had been weakened from his fight with Connor and he knew he needed blood to be at full strength, but that didn’t stop him from another attempt at trying to escape.

He wasn’t sure how long he had been down here. It must have been only hours, though it felt like days. He sighed, shifting as best he could against his restraints. What was he going to do? What was going to happen now?

Silence answered him.

The silence tore at him and for the first time, Angel began to pray. He prayed because this couldn’t have been the end for him. He still had so much to do, so much to make up for. He wanted out and he hoped to God that someone, somewhere out there would know where he was and that he needed help.

It was the only hope that he had left and he clung desperately too it.

Please, someone help me!


Buffy was panicking. She had repeatedly tried calling the Hyperion Hotel and still no answer. She had tried calling everyone she could think of, including her friend Anne, whom she had met the one summer she had run away to L.A. She had stopped by the hotel the minute she had reached L.A. and began to worry even more when she found the place empty. She had no idea where Cordelia’s apartment was but luckily she had been able to locate where Wesley lived with the help of telephone book. Thank goodness there was only one Wesley Wyndam-Pryce listed.

It was dark by the time she arrived. She parked her car outside the apartment building and ran up the three flights of stairs to where her former watcher lived. The blonde had no clue what she was going to say nor was she aware of her appearance. She hadn’t showered after battle in the grave with the weird zombies from hell and for all she knew, she looked like death itself. All she knew was that Angel was in trouble and had rushed to Los Angeles the first chance she could. She pounded the door in front of her loudly, hoping with all her might that someone, anyone from Angel’s team would answer. She nearly cried with relief when the door opened and suddenly Wesley was standing in front of her, looking shocked and surprised to see her.

She barreled into his apartment without invitation. “Finally!” she cried, turning around to face him. “What’s going on? Please tell me you know what’s been happening? Where was everyone? Is everything okay?” She fired off the questions one by one, not giving Wes a chance to answer them. She was just so relieved to have found someone that she couldn’t help but babble. “Tell me, please!”

“Buffy,” Wes glanced at her as he shut the door. “What are you doing here?”

“Aren’t you guys in trouble?” The panicked feeling was starting to come back again. Wes certainly wasn’t acting how she thought he would. She had expected… well, she didn’t know what she had expected. But certainly not this… Had she somehow deluded herself into thinking that there was trouble?

For the first time, Buffy took in Wesley’s appearance and her eyes widened in shock. Gone was the wimpy, bumbling, naïve watcher she knew all those years ago. In his place, stood a man, hardened by all he had seen and fought. The slayer immediately saw the difference between the old and new Wesley. He stood taller now and no longer had the arrogance of a young watcher but the confidence of a warrior. The Wesley that stood before her now had an aura of darkness around him and a lost expression in his eyes that she was altogether too familiar with.

“On second thought,” she sat down on his couch eyeing the long scar around his neck. She didn’t give him a chance to refuse her. She hadn’t come all this way for nothing, after all. She wanted answers and one way or another, she would get them. And she had a feeling her former watcher had at least some of the answers to her questions. “Why don’t you tell me what’s been going on around here and then I’ll tell you what I know?”


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