Okay! Finally, after some long ponderings, I've finally come up with another Fox/Theresa story! In this fic, Fox and Theresa are back in high school. Now, in most Theresa/Fox fanfics, Fox is seen as a lovable, charming, womanizing player. In my story, however, Fox will be portrayed as a nerd, being overshadowed by his brother.

There are just a few things I've changed in order for this story to work, the most obvious being that Fox will be a nerd, but there are a few other things:

1. Ethan is still a crane! The news about that tabloid won't be coming out until much later in this story, so yeah, for now, it's still Ethan Crane, not Ethan Winthrop!

2. Whitney and Chad ARE NOT brother and sister!

3. In this story, Fox will have a twin sister named Isabella (Izzy for short), she'll be coming in later in the story..

4. In this story, Ivy still favors Ethan and still treats Fox and his other sisters like dirt, but Julian and Fox are very close! (I like the idea of Julian being a nice guy). Also Fox and his sisters are also very close!

This is not a song fic! LOL. Just thought I'd clarify that!

Disclaimer: I do not own Passions. This story was inspired by the song 'How Do You Like Me Now?', I forgot who sings it but I don't own the song either!

How Do You Like Me Now?

Nicolas Foxworth Crane watched for her from across the cafeteria. The way she flipped her hair, the way she held her fork, she was everything a guy would want and now was his chance. 'Fox' (as he liked to be called and went by) smoothed his shirt down the front if his chest, checked his breath, and started towards the table where she and her friends sat.

"Don't look now Whitney, but here comes your boyfriend," one girl said.

All the girls looked Fox's way, and began laughing. "What a nerd! Look at his dorky glasses," another girl whispered, not too quietly.

Fox stopped in front of Whitney Russell, and took a deep breath. "Hi Whitney. How are you?" he asked.

"Fine. Can I help you with something?" she snapped.

"Umm.. Yeah, I was wondering if you had a date for the dance yet, and if you didn't, well… would you like to go with me?" Fox asked shyly.

Whitney stared at Fox like he had grown another head. "Do you know who I am?! I'm Whitney Russell. Head cheerleader. I go out with football players for pete's sake. What makes you think I would want to be seen in public with you? Get lost you geek," she sneered.

Her friends laughed again, but Fox noticed that one girl wasn't laughing. She was a gorgeous hispanic girl with long dark hair and deep brown eyes. She was actually staring at him. When she saw him look at her, she blushed and quickly looked away. 'She's probably wondering why I'm such an idiot,' Fox thought and he turned, so he wouldn't have to see the mocking looks on the faces of the cheerleaders.

Fox walked away with his head hung low. He couldn't believe that someone so beautiful could act so ugly. He did what came to his mind first. He walked into the boy's bathroom and scribbled Whitney's name and a few choice words on the wall in bright red ink. Fox was shocked at himself for sinking to her level, but hey, she deserved it. As he walked out of the bathroom, someone stopped him.


It was Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald. Whitney's best friend. The girl that was looking at him earlier. 'She's probably here to make fun of me,' he thought.

"Yes?" he answered, careful to keep his voice neutral and emotionless.

"I'm really sorry about Whitney's behavior. Don't mind her, she's just one of those people who think they're everything. Don't pay any attention to her," Theresa said sincerely.

Fox couldn't believe it. Here, was one of the most popular girls in the school, and she was being nice to him! Who would've thought this would ever happen? He was beginning to wonder if he should ask Theresa to the dance… 'No Fox! Get a grip on yourself! Just because she's being nice to you, doesn't mean she wants to be your date for the dance,' Fox thought furiously, trying hard not to let the idea of asking Theresa to the dance appeal to him.

"It's alright I guess. It's not the first time I've been rejected," he replied.

"Still, I'm really sorry about Whitney. Sometimes I don't even know why I'm friends with her."

'Gosh, she is really pretty,' Fox thought, 'she could definitely be a movie star or something.'

Finally, Fox decided to give it a try. Knowing he'll be getting his hopes up for nothing, Fox asked Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald to the dance.

Theresa grinned a wide smile and Fox thought that she too would laugh at him. Boy was he ever wrong.

"I would love to go with you," she answered.

"Oh okay, I just thought I'd ask anyway, I should've known that you'd-" Fox started, then a thought struck him, "-wait, did you just say yes?" he asked incredulously.

Theresa laughed. She had a beautiful laugh. "Of course I did silly."

"But, haven't you been asked though?" he wondered. Theresa was really popular and just as beautiful as Whitney. Fox had seen other guys go up to flirt with her all the time in the halls, including his older brother Ethan. Why would she say yes to him? There had to be a catch.

The Latin beauty gave a little nod. "Yes, I have been asked. But I turned them all down."


"Because I like you and I wanted to go with you. I was going to ask you to the dance myself once I got up the nerve to ask."

Fox was in shock. Him, a lowly geek, was liked by one of the most beautiful popular cheerleaders?! His mind was boggling as he took in this new information.

"O-o-oh," he squeaked, unable to come up with a better response. 'Smooth Fox, real smooth. Quit trying to sound like suck a dork!'

Theresa smiled once more at him. She seemed almost amused by his reaction. "So I'll see you on Saturday then?"

"Sure." 'A little bit better Fox.'

"Okay then," Theresa stood on her tiptoes, and kissed him on the cheek. "Bye Nicolas."


Theresa turned around from where she stood. "Huh?"

Fox shyly smiled. "Please, call me Fox."

Theresa flashed the young blonde another smile. "Okay, bye Fox!" And with that, she turned back around and skipped off.

Fox touched the tingling spot on his cheek where Theresa had kissed him. 'Wow' he thought. When he got home later that afternoon, he thought about how his day went. Theresa actually wanted to go to the dance with him? He couldn't believe it. And then there was Whitney. He'd show her.

Well, that was chapter 1! What did you all think? I know it's not wonderfully written, but hey, I'm trying! Please review and let me know what you think!