Okay! Finally, after some long ponderings, I've finally come up with another Fox/Theresa story! In this fic, Fox and Theresa are back in high school. Now, in most Theresa/Fox fanfics, Fox is seen as a lovable, charming, womanizing player. In my story, however, Fox will be portrayed as a nerd, being overshadowed by his brother.

There are just a few things I've changed in order for this story to work, the most obvious being that Fox will be a nerd, but there are a few other things:

1. Ethan is still a crane! The news about that tabloid won't be coming out until much later in this story, so yeah, for now, it's still Ethan Crane, not Ethan Winthrop!

2. Whitney and Chad ARE NOT brother and sister!

3. In this story, Fox will have a twin sister named Isabella (Izzy for short).

4. In this story, Ivy still favors Ethan and still treats Fox and his other sisters like dirt, but Julian and Fox are very close! (I like the idea of Julian being a nice guy). Also Fox and his sisters are also very close!

This is not a song fic! LOL. Just thought I'd clarify that!

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The next day was Tuesday, only four more days until the dance. Fox was walking towards his locker when he saw Theresa standing around the corner. He was about to go up and say hi when Ethan, his older brother, beat him to it. Fox stopped and listened in on the conversation.

"So Theresa, I heard that you were going to the dance with my dork of a brother."

"Yeah, so?"

"So?! Well, Nicolas doesn't exactly fit into our 'group' if you know what I mean."

From where Fox stood, it looked like Theresa was starting to get annoyed.

"Was there a point to this conversation Ethan?" Yep. Theresa definitely sounded annoyed.

"A point?! That was the point right there!Fox is a loser. He doesn't belong with us! Why would you want to go to the dance with him, when you can come with me?"

"And why would I want to go with you Ethan?"

"Because Theresa, I'm better looking. Everyone knows that."

"I guess I'm not everyone then. I don't think you're so hot. In fact, you are a complete egotistical JERK! You think looks matter to me? I'm not like you Ethan. I go for personality first. Why don't you ask Gwen to be your date? I'm sure she'd love to go with you. Now if you're finished, I have to head to class."

Theresa turned and headed down the hallway, not even bothering to hear Ethan's reply.

Fox ducked back around the corner so Ethan wouldn't see him, his heart pounding. 'Wow' he thought, 'Theresa really does like me, otherwise she would've gone to the dance with Ethan instead.' Fox suddenly felt happier than he had ever felt. Someone chose him, over his brother. He then thought about the dance. It was a pretty formal occasion, he'd better find a really nice tuxedo, he certainly didn't want to disappoint Theresa.

After school, Fox headed home to talk to his father. He went to his father's office and knocked on his door.

Julian Crane looked up from his files and smiled when he saw his son. "Something bothering you son?"

"You got a minute dad?"

"Of course, come on in."

After a few moments of silence, Fox finally decided to speak. "Well, here's the thing. There's this formal school dance on Saturday…."

"-And you don't know how to ask the girl to be your date right son?" Julian cut in, "Well, I may be old, but I certainly remember how to charm the ladies. Your old man certainly had a lot of dishes back in the day," Julian winked.

Fox stared at his father, while Julian sat reminiscing. This was so not what he wanted to hear.

"Dad," he quickly interrupted, "I've already got a date."

Julian looked surprised for a moment, then his expression turned to one of excitement. "Really now son? Who is she?"

"Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald."

Ethan was walking by when he heard the conversation between Fox and their father. Walking into the room, he sneered, "You just got lucky Fox. As if someone like Theresa would ever spare a glance at you. It's probably just a pity date, after all, if you hadn't asked her first I'm sure she would've gone with me."

Fox stood up, anger flowing through him like he had never felt before. "Is that what you think Ethan? That I'm second best?! For your information, she told me she LIKED ME!"

Ethan snorted. "Right. Like you would ever be able to fit into our social circle. You're a nerd for a reason you know."

Before Fox could reply, a voice spoke up. "Well, what do we have here? Are my brothers having a spat of some kind? If so, I'm betting my money on my dear twin brother."

Isabella Crane, Fox's twin sister, stood in the doorway. Fox flashed his sister a smile. "Thanks Izzy!"

Ethan threw his hands up in the air. "I don't have to stay and listen to your useless blabbering, I'm going to find myself a date, since my brother stole my intended date from me first."

As Ethan walked out of Julian's office, Izzy helpfully commented, "You're just jealous that Nicky got the best of you."

The door slammed closed and Isabella gave a quiet giggle. "So what's going on in here?"

Remembering what he had wanted to ask his father, Fox turned to Julian. "Father is it alright if I may borrow the limousine on Saturday night?"

"Certainly son."

With a satisfied smile, Fox left his father's office and headed toward his room with his twin sister following him, on the way, Fox told Izzy that he wanted to improve his image for the dance and his sister agreed to help. It was time he would show everyone that he was just more than just a rich nerd.

Once inside, Isabella plopped herself on his bed. "So what are you planning to wear on Saturday anyways?"

"A tuxedo?"

Isabella sighed and shook her head. "That's it?"

"Well I'm not about to go naked now am I?"

Izzy ignored her brother's sarcasm and eyed him critically. "Hrmm… Well we're going to have to do something about your hair," she trailed off as she stood and began circling him, "those glasses have got to go of course.. you might need a little tan, oh and some new clothes ought to do the trick."

Fox gave his sister a hopeful glance. "You think my new look would impress Theresa?"

Izzy smiled. "Yeah, it would impress her, you aren't ugly brother dear, all of us Cranes are very good looking, with the exception of Ethan of course, but Fox she already likes you for who you are. You don't need to act okay? Just be yourself."

Fox nodded and smiled. "Okay."

All of a sudden, a thought struck Izzy. "Say, all of us Cranes have blonde hair... and Ethan's hair color is brunette."

Fox gave his sister a look. "Yes.. and you just realized this now?"

Izzy ignored the look her brother gave her, while twirling a lock of her long blonde hair around her finger. "Why are all of us blonde and Ethan is the only one that's a brunette?" she pondered.

Fox shrugged. "Who cares? Mother still considers him the golden boy."

Izzy nodded. "True."

There was a silence in the room as Fox and Izzy were lost in their own thoughts. Shaking himself from his little daydream, Fox looked at his sister.

"So what now?"

Izzy smiled and Fox was wary of the gleam in her eyes. "Now we go shopping!"

Fox reacted the way any male would. He groaned.

The next day (Wednesday) Fox was heading toward his locker when he bumped into Whitney. As usual, Whitney looked wonderful, but now, Fox was interested in Theresa. As he walked past her, she laughed. Fox stopped and gave Whitney a glance.

Whitney smirked. "Who do you think you're kidding? First you ask me to the dance, and then you ask Theresa? Do you think any of the cheerleaders would want to be seen with you?"

Before Fox could think up a comeback, a new voice suddenly interrupted them. "Leave him alone Whitney."

Fox turned to see Theresa standing two feet away from them, looking incredibly angry.

"Oh my god Theresa," Whitney gasped, "Did I just hear you right? You're actually defending this geek?!"

"Yes I am, and he's not a geek," Theresa's voice was now venomous and cold.

Needless to say, Whitney Russell was flabbergasted. "Theresa! Wake up and smell the coffee! Look at him! He wears glasses, his clothes are so baggy, no muscles, and hello? Have you ever heard of a hair cut?!"

"So what? He's smart, friendly, sweet, kind and is a gentleman. Unlike some idiots in this school," Theresa snapped back.

"I can't believe the rumors are true. You're actually going to the dance with him! What are you thinking?!"

Theresa just glared at Whitney, and eventually the African-American girl stormed away. Turning, the beautiful girl gave Fox a small smile. "I'm really sorry you had to hear that Fox."

Awed by her beauty, Fox somehow managed to keep his cool. "It's no problem, thanks for defending me."

"So we still on for Saturday?"

Fox nodded enthusiastically. "Of course! I-I-I mean, yes." 'Real smooth Fox' he thought.

"Great! Pick me up at seven okay?"

Fox could only nod, as he watched Theresa leave for cheerleading practice. Fox smiled; suddenly he couldn't wait for Saturday and show everyone his new look. He couldn't wait to escort Theresa into the gym when the dance started. He couldn't wait to dance with her. But most of all, he couldn't wait to see Theresa again.

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