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8 years later......

Whitney Russell sat on her couch in her living room watching T.V. She couldn't believe her eyes when she saw Fox's handsome face smiling on the screen as he waved to all the flashing cameras. He always said he'd show her, but she never thought he'd show anyone anything. After that one dance, Theresa had abandoned everything. She quit the cheerleading squad and joined the environment club with Fox and fell deeply in love with him. At the time, Whitney had thought she was an idiot to leave all her popularity behind just for someone lower than dirt but in the end they had got it all. Two years after high school had ended, it was found out that Ethan wasn't a Crane, but instead Sam Bennet's son, and Fox then became the heir to Crane Industries. Boy did she ever regret calling Fox a nerd. And now he was on top of the world as the Crane heir, and along with Izzy they ran Crane Industries and was wealthy beyond belief.

Two weeks later, Whitney and her husband Chad were at the Crane mansion, at one of the luxurious parties Julian Crane was holding in honor of Fox's engagement to Theresa. Standing alone in the corner of the living room as Chad was talking to someone, she watched as Fox and Theresa shared a kiss. Izzy then came up to the couple and whisked Theresa away, probably to discuss the details of the upcoming wedding. After all she was the maid of honor.

Fox was mingling with some people when he spotted Whitney across the room, sitting at a table. He was delighted to see that she was unhappy with her life. Grinning, he walked towards her and sat down.

"Hi Whitney," he said.

Whitney looked surprised but nonetheless said hi as well.

Fox smirked, "I just wanted to come over here and ask you something."

She was thinking that he was going to ask her to dance or something. Nothing prepared her for the words that came out of Fox's mouth next.

"Sure, what?" she asked.

"How do you like me now?" he asked grinning.

With that, he picked up his drink, got out of the chair and left her sitting with her jaw on the table. Fox had never felt better in his life! He walked across the room where Theresa was sitting and chatting with his twin sister and his best friend Dylan. Theresa smiled as she saw him approaching. How beautiful she looked just sitting there, and that smile, oh how that smile still made him weak in the knees. Smiling, he bent down to give her a kiss, to which she fully returned. He was incredibly lucky.

5 months later...

The wedding chapel was beautiful. Fox couldn't breath as he gazed at Theresa walking down the aisle. As usual she looked stunning, but somehow, she had made herself look even more magnificent. He watched as she stopped at the spot next to him and gave Luis a kiss on the cheek, then she turned to him and smiled, as Pilar and Julian and the rest of their families looked on proudly. Around the world, there were millions of viewers watching this special day on their T.V. It was big news since the Crane heir was getting married to the most successful fashion designer in the world. Whitney sat on her couch watching every minute of the wedding, regretting every moment she had been cruel to Fox. She sighed as she watched the minister pronounced them husband and wife.

About a year later Whitey was walking past the Book Cafe on her way home from her job at the fish canary, when she spotted something that caught her eye. Quickly she walked inside and bought a copy of the newspaper. She sat down and read the front page:


Late last night, Mrs. Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane gave birth to a daughter at approx. 2:07am. A delighted Isabella Crane told the press: "I can't believe I'm an aunt! Their little girl is just beautiful!" Mrs. Crane's family was just as excited. "My first niece! And she's as cute as a button," Mr. Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald (one of Harmony's finest cops) had said in awe, "I'm very happy for my sister and brother in law." The father himself was just as excited. "Her name is Alexandra Pilar Crane. 'Lexie' for short" he exclaimed, grinning like a proud father should. When questioned, Mr. Crane replied, "There will be at least a few more children in the Crane household in the future." Congratulations to the Crane family. For more details, see page 20.

Whitney folded up the newspaper and threw it away in the trash and got up and began heading home. As she walked, she painfully wondered what would've happened had she said yes to Fox that day. Would she be happy now? Would she be wearing beautiful clothes and jewelry like Theresa was? Would she be able to shop everyday till her heart's content? For the rest of her life, Whitney could only wonder what might've been.

And as for Theresa and Fox? You guessed it. They lived happily ever after.

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