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Dreams of You

Chapter 10: Girl Talk

Theresa woke up the next day in an extremely good mood. It seemed that ever since Fox came back to Harmony, she had been all smiles. Remembering that she and Whitney were going shopping that day, Theresa quickly got out of bed and began to get ready. Satisfied with the way she looked and opened her door and walked out into the hallway and ran right into Ethan.

“Oops! Sorry Ethan,” Theresa smiled cheerfully, “I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

“It’s alright Theresa,” Ethan paused, “Can I talk to you for a minute?”

Still smiling cheerfully, Theresa replied, “Sure, what’s up Ethan?”

“I just wanted to talk to you about Fox.”

Upon hearing those words, Theresa immediately frowned. What was with everybody? She was willing to bet that Ethan was about to warn her to stay away from Fox.

“Okay,” she casually answered, “What about Fox?”

“I don’t think you should be hanging out with him.”

Theresa’s eyes narrowed. Bingo! “And why not?”

“He always causes trouble. Sooner or later he’ll hurt you,” Ethan said, “Trust me on this Theresa, Fox is trouble. Stay away from him.”

Theresa felt her temper flare up. She was sick of everyone trying to tell her what to do! As calmly as she could, Theresa replied, “Ethan, you have no right telling me what to do. What Fox and I do is my business, not yours.”

“But he’ll hurt you!”

“If I get hurt then it’s my own fault. But I won’t because I trust Fox.”

Ethan looked dumbfounded. This was not the conversation he had imagined. “But Theresa-“

“Save it Ethan,” she interrupted, “I have to get going. This conversation is over.” And with those words, Theresa left.

Ethan stared after her, shaking his head. ‘This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.’

As Theresa rounded the corner, she sighed and leaned against the wall. It wasn’t as hard yelling at Ethan as she thought it’d be. ‘Maybe I am getting over him after all.’ It didn’t hurt her anymore whenever she heard sounds of romantic music going on in Gwen’s and Ethan’s room. In fact, the moaning that followed after disgusted her and she would escape to Fox’s room.

Once in awhile though, Theresa would have urges to throw her arms around him and kiss him senseless. But every time she got those urges, she would see Gwen walking around the mansion, and she would be brought back to reality. Gwen was now 4 months pregnant and getting bigger everyday. She was a lot more tolerable now, Theresa found.

Shaking her head, Theresa pulled herself out of her thoughts. ‘No need to dwell on the past,’ she thought, and with a bright smile on her face, she set off to meet Whitney at the mall.

Hours later, and tons of shopping bags in each hand, Theresa and Whitney headed into the Book Café for a cup of coffee. After giving Beth their order, both girls sat down at a table and unloaded their stuff. Smiling at her brother’s girlfriend when the drinks were served, Theresa cheerfully started the conversation between herself and Whitney. “So tell me, how are you and Chad?”

“We’re doing fine,” Whitney paused, “But we talk about me and Chad all the time, let’s talk about something different. What’s up with you and Fox?”

Looking a little surprised, Theresa responded, “Me and Fox?”

“Don’t act all surprised Theresa,” Whitney laughed, “You and Fox are like the talk of the town!”

“We are?”

“Yeah! So are you two an item or what?” Whitney leaned forward eagerly, waiting for her best friend’s answer.

“No!” Theresa laughed, “We’re just really good friends.”

Whitney fell silent for a moment, just thinking, silently observing Theresa.

“What?” the Hispanic beauty asked.

“Nothing…” Whitney paused, “Just- ahh never mind.”

“No!” Theresa protested, “You can’t just leave me hanging here! I wanna know!”

“Okay,” Whitney hesitated before saying, “Well, it’s just that Chad and I ran into Gwen the other day.”


“Well, she was very cheerful,” Whitney laughed, “We asked how you were and she said that she hasn’t seen you around the mansion much.”

At Whitney’s statement Theresa just shrugged.

“She also mentioned that you fainted the first time you saw Fox.”

Theresa froze. She looked up into the expectant gaze of Whitney’s and blush. “Yeah, w-well” she stammered, “it’s sort of a long story.”

Whitney leaned forward eagerly. “Do tell!”

Theresa took a sip of her coffee before starting off. “Well, the only reason why I fainted when I saw Fox was because I’ve met him before. Only… I didn’t meet him in person.”

Whitney just looked confused. “Huh?”

“Okay,” Theresa paused, “you’re totally going to think I’m crazy, but I met Fox in my dreams.”

“Okay now that’s totally crazy.”

“It’s true!” Theresa insisted, “remember that day.. when you, me and Chad were hanging out at the Book Café and I was all distracted?”

“The day you tripped and Ethan caught you?”

“Yeah, the reason I was so distracted was because I had just had a dream of Fox the night before. The weirdest thing was, in every dream I’ve had.. it was always me and Fox in love.”

Whitney looked at her best friend in disbelief. “Are you feeling sick Theresa?”


“I’m sorry Theresa, but it sounds kind of unbelievable to me.”

“Oh I know, I found it really bizarre too,” Theresa responded, “but it’s funny, since Fox came back to town, every time I saw Ethan, it didn’t hurt me. I mean last night, when Fox and I went to go pick out a movie to watch, I actually smiled at the sight of Ethan and Gwen cuddled up on the couch.”

“Wow Theresa..” Whitney observed Theresa’s smiling face for a moment, “Does this mean you’re over Ethan?”

Theresa thought for a moment then smiled. “You know.. I think I am. I guess fate brought Fox back to Harmony so I can be free and happy again.”

Whitney snorted. “You and your fate, but you know.. in a way, you’re right. You’ve been much happier and smiling more since Fox came back. Maybe fate really does exist.”

Theresa just smiled and took another sip of her coffee.

Of course fate existed.

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