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Dreams of You

Chapter 11: Christmas Magic

One month later…

Christmas was coming. Snow fell gently onto the quiet streets of Harmony. The shopping malls were crowded with shoppers, everyone getting ready for the upcoming holiday.

Beth and Antonio were taking a walk through the snowy park holding hands. Turning the corner, they heard squeals and shrieking of happy laugher filling the air. Curious, they stopped and looked around the snowy area, scanning for the happy sound.

“Antonio look!” Beth nudged Antonio, catching his attention and pointed to a particular spot in the area of the park. Antonio observed the scene with interest.

Fox and Theresa were running around, throwing snowballs at one another. Each had large smiles on their faces. Nearby, there were two snowmen, newly made and it was obvious that Fox and Theresa had created them.

Both Beth and Antonio smiled. “You know,” Antonio commented, “I haven’t seen Theresa smile and laugh in a long while.”

“Oh I know what you mean,” Beth responded, “she was so devastated when her wedding to Ethan failed.”

“Personally I think Fox is a better match for her,” Antonio said.

Beth turned and gave her boyfriend a surprised look. It was a well known fact that the two oldest Lopez-Fitzgerald brothers had disapproved of Theresa’s association with the Crane heir. “I thought you didn’t trust him. You and Luis gave Theresa a huge lecture when he first came to town.”

“I know,” the eldest Lopez-Fitzgerald paused, “but I can’t help but think he’s a better person now. He’s changed.”

The pair continued to watch Theresa and Fox have fun.

“You can see he cares for Theresa,” Beth observed, when Theresa slipped on a patch of ice and Fox rushed to her aid.

“You know,” Antonio commented, “Luis, Miguel and I were talking last night about Fox.”

“Oh?” Beth said, suddenly intrigued, “What were you guys saying?”

“Well, Miguel’s already accepted the fact that Theresa’s gotten really close with Fox and he’s even started to get to know him. Luis and I decided that we are going to give Fox a chance.”

“You don’t think he’s a playboy anymore?” Beth asked.

“It doesn’t seem like it,” Antonio responded, as he watched Fox buy Theresa a cup of hot chocolate from a nearby stand, “but if he ever hurts my little sister, I’ll kill him.”

Beth laughed and wrapped her arms around his waist. “The one thing I love about you Lopez-Fitzgeralds is that you’re always so overprotective.”

Antonio smiled down at Beth. “I love you.”

“And I love you too.”

Theresa took a sip of the hot chocolate that Fox had bought. “Ahhh,” she sighed contentedly, “That tastes so good.”

Fox gave her a look. “Of course it does. Chocolate is always good.”

Theresa laughed. “That it does,” she agreed.

Fox grinned as he watched Theresa drink her hot chocolate. “Today was fun wasn’t it?”

“Of course Fox,” Theresa smiled back, “We always have fun together.”

There was a comfortable pause between the two friends as they finished their hot chocolate. Dumping their empty cups in a nearby trash can, the two began making their way back towards the mansion.

Suddenly Theresa spoke up. “So Fox, tell me, what do you have planned for Christmas?”

The tall blonde man just shrugged. “Probably just stay in my room and read a book or watch T.V. or something. You know Christmas isn’t that big with my family.”

Looking shocked, Theresa asked, “You mean you’re going to spend Christmas alone?”


Falling silent, Theresa thought of all the wonderful Christmas’s that she had spent with her family over the years. Shaking her head, Theresa pulled on Fox’s arm. “You’re not going to spend Christmas alone. Not if I have anything to say about it.”

His eyebrow rose, “And just what am I going to do on Christmas?”

“Spend it with me and my family of course!”

Now it was Fox’s turn to look shocked. “Uh, Theresa? Maybe that’s not such a great idea.”

“Why not?”

“Well, I don’t really belong.. do you know what I mean?”

Waving off Fox’s excuse Theresa responded, “So what? You know mama adores you. And you’re becoming great friends with Miguel! Sheridan is probably going to join us and you get along great with her. What’s the problem?”

Fox pretended to think for a moment. “Your brothers?” he replied sarcastically.

Theresa laughed. “Aww.. Fox are you afraid of my big brothers? You don’t have anything to worry about. I think they’re getting used to the idea of us being friends. Sheridan’s done a pretty good job of convincing Luis. Trust me they’re warming up to you.”

Looking doubtful and hopeful at the same time, he asked, “Are you sure it’ll be okay for me to spend Christmas with you and your family?”

Giving him a bright smile, the petite girl enthusiastically replied, “Of course! Whitney and her family will stop by at some point during the evening – they always do. So do the Bennetts, it’s always fun around Christmas!”

Still looking unsure, Fox just shrugged. “Okay.. Thanks for the invite Theresa.”

“It’s nothing Fox. Christmas is a time to spend with friends and family. There’s no way I’m letting you spend Christmas alone!”

Fox grinned. This would probably be the first real Christmas he’d ever have.

Alone in his room later that night, Fox thought about how his day went. Despite some uncertain things, Fox was actually looking forward to spending Christmas with Theresa and her family. It would be nice to feel included for a change. Over the past month, he had spent more and more time with Theresa and he knew he had become a better person. He knew he had changed for the better.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed two framed photos on his desk. He got off the bed and headed for the frames. Picking up the first one, he looked over the photograph. He, Theresa, Whitney and Chad were in the photograph – all smiling widely. They had spent the day together earlier that month. They had gone on an outdoor picnic, and then they had all gone ice skating. That day had been tons of fun. It was the first time he felt like he had true friends.

Picking up the second photograph, Fox smiled at it fondly. It was taken the same day they were hanging out with Whitney and Chad. Theresa was on his back – both of them had bright smiles on their faces. The picture had turned out pretty well considering how it had been taken.

He had picked up Theresa, taking her by surprise and had thrown her into a mountain of snow. Theresa had sat back up and began chasing him – all the while laughing. Somehow she had just managed to jump on his back when Whitney called for their attention and once they looked over she had snapped the picture with her camera– taking them both by surprise.

It was surprising just how much he cared about her. Fox never really had anyone to care about before. It was a nice feeling caring about someone, and having that someone care about you too.

He was becoming very excited to spend Christmas with the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. ‘Hmm, what to get them for Christmas though?’ he wondered, ‘can’t just show up without a gift, that would be rude.’

Suddenly, an idea came to him. Fox rushed towards his phone and began dialing.

Christmas Day proved to be busy for everyone. Luis, Antonio, and Miguel were running around trying to make sure they had everything ready for the night. Pilar, Beth and Sheridan were busy in the kitchen cooking up a storm for dinner that night. Kay was also in the kitchen, but she was busy keeping Maria and baby Martin entertained.

Theresa walked into the kitchen and after greeting everyone, began helping Beth chop up the vegetables. “So Theresa,” Beth began, starting up a conversation, “Where’s Fox? I thought he’d stop by here with you today. These days it seems as if you two are attached to the hip.”

“Oh he’s coming later,” Theresa answered vaguely, “He said he had something to pick up. Something about surprising the family.”

“Surprising the family?” Sheridan asked.

Theresa shrugged. “Don’t ask me, I don’t know anything. I tried getting it out of him, but he wouldn’t tell me.”

“You certainly are spending a lot of time with him aren’t you mijo?” Pilar asked from where she was standing.

“Yeah, you’re always together around town,” Kay chimed in, “always smiling too.”

“Fox is fun to hang out with,” Theresa responded, “He makes me laugh.”

“He always did know make things fun,” Sheridan remembered, “He was a mischievous little boy though.”

Theresa was about to respond, but Luis’s loud voice distracted them.

“Hey is anyone here? We could use some help here you know!”

Theresa placed down the knife she was holding and dried her hands. “Coming!” she called, heading towards the front door, with Kay following.

Beth exchanged a look with both Pilar and Sheridan. “You think she’s fallen in love with Fox?”

Sheridan shrugged. “No idea. Let’s hope so.”

Pilar nodded, “Yes, they seem to suit each other well.”

Beth gave a little laugh. “Who would’ve ever thought? The playboy and the hopeless romantic!”

Fox could hear happy singing inside the Lopez-Fitzgerald house as he made his way up the sidewalk. Behind him, a short petite figure followed him up the steps. Looking behind him, Fox smiled encouragingly. “Don’t be nervous. Trust me, they’re all dying to see you, I just know it.”

Raising his arm, he paused before knocking on the door. “Now you wait till I give you the signal okay?”

The figure nodded and hid behind some bushes.

Ringing the door bell, it was a few moments before the door swung open to reveal a grinning Theresa. “Hey Fox! It’s about time!” Theresa said enthusiastically before glancing around, “Where’s your surprise?”

“Hello to you too Theresa,” Fox responded, then he turned and motioned to the hooded figure, “This is your surprise.”

The hooded figure came forward and Theresa looked puzzled. “Fox, who is this?”

“How about you let us in and find out?” he suggested.

Theresa stepped aside and let them passed through. Shutting the door, she went to get everyone’s attention.

“Hey guys! Fox’s here with our surprise!”

Fox gulped under Antonio and Luis’s glares. A glance at Pilar and Theresa made him feel better – their smiles were warm and inviting. He cleared his throat nervously. “Um, hi everybody,” there was a pause, and Fox fidgeted, it was highly unusual for him to feel so uncomfortable, “Um, since you all were so kind to let me spend Christmas with you, I thought I would bring someone home since you’ve missed her so much.” He turned and indicated the figure to step forward. “Merry Christmas.”

The hooded figure stepped forward and slowly lowered her hood. The Lopez-Fitzgeralds all stood around stunned. All of a sudden all five Lopez-Fitzgeralds rushed forward. “PALOMA!” And soon a big family hug was formed.

Fox crossed the room and stood next to Sheridan, watching the happy family reunion. “It was really nice of you to do this Fox,” Sheridan commented quietly. Fox shrugged. “I figured it would be the best Christmas present for them. It wasn’t like that for us growing up.” Sheridan nodded. She knew all too well how lonely the holidays were, most of the Cranes didn’t care about holidays, they mainly cared about wealth and power.

Pilar came up to Fox, there were tears in her eyes and she hugged Fox tightly. “Thank you Fox for bringing my baby girl home.”

Fox hugged the shorter woman back, “Merry Christmas Pilar.”

Miguel, Antonio and Luis all stepped forward to also thank him for bringing their youngest sister home. Then Theresa gave him the biggest hug. Fox didn’t realize it, but his heart was pounding rapidly.

“I can’t believe you did this Fox!” Theresa squealed excitedly, “This is the best Christmas ever!” She stood on her tip toes and despite her short frame, managed to kiss Fox on the cheek, and then rushed off to do some sisterly bonding with Paloma.

Fox raised his hand to his cheek and watched Theresa in wonder. He smiled seeing how happy she looked. He watched her for a moment before heading over towards baby Martin and Maria. Squatting down to play with the children, Fox noted that his cheek was still tingling from Theresa’s kiss.

Theresa was sitting on the couch with Paloma; both girls were giggling and were enthusiastically chatting. It seemed like they had been sitting there for hours, chatting up a storm, catching up with one another.

“So,” Theresa paused, “tell me how Fox brought you here!”

“He called Tia Maria, and asked if I wanted to come home,” Paloma replied, “And I did, so he sent me a plane ticket.”

“How long are you staying?”

“He said he’d take me home on the Crane jet anytime I wanted,” Paloma replied, “maybe two weeks?”

“No!” Theresa protested, “Paloma you just came home! You have to stay for good! Please?”

Paloma laughed, “I’ve already talked it over with Tia Maria, I am going to stay for two weeks, and then go back to Mexico and finish up my semester there and pack and then move back here.”

“Yay!” Theresa cheered.

Paloma laughed but then hesitated in asking. “Umm, Theresa..” she trailed off.

“What is it?” Theresa asked.

“Umm.. well.. just what is going on between you and Fox Crane?”

At her little sister’s innocent question, Theresa paused. Just what was going on between her and Fox? They had hit it off pretty well when they had first met and soon she had found herself a new friend. Granted, he was her best friend (after Whitney that is!). He understood her like no one else ever did and supported in everything she did. It was amazing how close they quickly became, and now Theresa couldn’t imagine her life without him.

But what her feelings for Fox exactly? There were times when she felt just a close friendship for him, and other times he made her heart pound like crazy. Realizing that Paloma was still waiting for an answer, Theresa blushed and quickly responded, “Something going on? I don’t know what you’re talking about. We’re just very close friends.”

Paloma though didn’t look convinced. “Only friends?”

“Only friends,” Theresa confirmed.

Still suspicious, the youngest Lopez-Fitzgerald looked across the room at the Crane heir. “Are you sure Theresa?”

“Of course.”

Paloma still didn’t look convinced. ‘I think my big sister loves this man,’ she thought, then her eyes brightened, ‘I can help match them up! It’ll be so much fun!’ Smiling brightly, Paloma pressed, “Si, he is a very good looking man Theresa.”

“That he is Paloma, that he is,” Theresa laughed, “I can’t argue with you there.”

Paloma leaned back against the couch and observed her older sister as Theresa gazed fondly at Fox. ‘Si, Theresa definitely has feelings for Fox Crane.’

Dinner had been delicious. Fox sat contentedly on the couch just watching everyone sit around the living room in front of the warm glowing fire place chatting amongst themselves.

The Russells and the Bennetts had shown up before dinner like Theresa had told him they would. And then everyone sat down to dinner. Never before had he had such a fine cooked meal (the finest foods all over the world couldn't compare to Pilar's cooking!), and never before had he felt so included. Like he belonged to a real family.

Fox especially enjoyed watching everyone open up their presents later on in the evening andseeing their faces light up with delight. He was even surprised to have received some presents as well. Granted, he had only received three packages but he cherished them all the same. Sheridan had given him a cook book. It touched Fox that his aunt had realized his interest in cooking – no one in his family ever had before. From Pilar, he had received her best homemade chocolates. Upon opening the box, Fox immediately ate one; Pilar’s chocolates were to die for!

But the best gift of all had been from Theresa.

When he had lifted the lid of the box and looked inside Fox felt his breath catch. Inside, was a nice white sweater and a black scarf that Theresa had obviously knitted herself. On top those items, laid a blank journal. He had opened the journal and read the inscription that Theresa had written on the first page.

Fox –

We’ve become great friends these past two months and I’m so glad to have met you. While I’m glad we tell each other all our secrets, sometimes it’s better to write them down on paper before telling the other person. When I was at the store, I saw this journal and immediately thought of you. Hopefully you can find some use for it?

Merry Christmas Fox!


Fox had a feeling that the sweater would become his favorite shirt from now on, and he had already wrapped the scarf around his neck. He lightly ran his fingers over the journal, and suddenly he couldn't wait to get home later that night and write the very first entry about his best Christmas ever. Theresa's present had been the best gift he had ever received. It wasn't expensive, it wasn't flashy, but it came from Theresa's heart and to Fox that was what made it so special.

He had given Theresa a simple necklace with a simple gem in it. When he had first seen it being displayed at the mall, he knew it just screamed “THERESA!” and he just had to buy it for her. When she had opened the small box, he knew he had made the right choice. She had given him the largest hug and had immediately started wearing the necklace.

From where he sat on the couch, Fox watched Theresa playing with Maria across the living room. Her long dark hair hung loosely around her shoulders, the necklace glinting softly in the fire light. The room was colored in a warm glow from the fire place, and Theresa noticed him watching her and smiled her beautiful smile at him. Fox smiled back, feeling his heart thudding loudly and rapidly.

It was at that exact moment he fell in love with Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald.

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