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Dreams of You

Chapter 15: Bad Beginning,Perfect Ending

His eyes flashed angrily as he saw his half brother leave with a smile on his face. How dare he take Theresa to dinner. He was going to make sure this date was horrible enough so that Theresa wouldn’t even consider going out with him again.

Ethan gathered up all his files, putting them in his briefcase, before heading towards the living room where Gwen sat reading a book. “Honey?”

The blonde woman looked up from her book and glanced at her husband. “Hmm..?”

“I’m going into the office for bit alright?”

Gwen placed a bookmark on the page and closed her book. “At this time of night?”

“Yes honey, this is a very important case. I’ll be back as soon as I can alright?”

“Okay honey. Don’t stay out too late.”

Ethan kissed Gwen’s forehead and left. Getting into his car, he started heading towards the Seascape.

It was quiet.

It was too quiet.

There was an awkward silence in the car as Fox drove to the Seascape. Trying to focus on the drive, Fox found it impossible –he was too distracted by Theresa’s beauty. Racking his brains for something to say, he blurted out, “I never got to tell you in the house, you look beautiful you know.”

Theresa looked startled at the sudden conversation, but nonetheless blushed. “Thank you Fox. You look handsome yourself.”

Fox felt more confident when he saw Theresa smile. “Well, when am I not?” he joked.

Theresa laughed and also felt more relaxed. There was absolutely no reason to be nervous. After all, it was Fox. “So where are you taking me?”

“The Seascape.”

“The Seascape!”

Fox gave Theresa a concerned look. “Yeah, is that alright?”

She swallowed. “Isn’t that a really expensive restaurant?”


“So? Fox, we could’ve gone to like the movie theatre or something.”

Fox smiled and relaxed. So that’s what she was worried about? Money? He shook his head. She was too cute. “Are you forgetting that I’m a Crane? Don’t worry about it Resa.”

Still looking apprehensive, “are you sure?” she asked.

“Absolutely. Don’t even worry about it.”


They continued driving for a few more minutes before Fox noticed something was wrong. He was pretty sure he was driving carefully, but the car was still off balance.

“What’s wrong Fox?” Theresa voiced her concern; she too was noticing that there was something wrong with the car.

Slowly, carefully he pulled over to the side. Stepping out of the car, he quickly walked around it, inspecting. He immediately found the problem. His back right tire was flat. Sighing in relief that the tire was the only thing that was wrong, he quickly tapped the window, letting Theresa know what the problem was. After quickly replacing the tire, Fox jumped back into the driver’s seat and drove off.

Ethan sat at his table, glancing at his watch impatiently. Where were they? He specifically remembered Fox telling Gwen that they were supposed to arrive at the restaurant at 8:30. It was well past nine now.

“Excuse me sir?”

Ethan looked up to see the waiter looking down on him. “Are you ready to order yet sir?”

Ethan glanced at his watch once more before deciding to order. They better get here soon.

“Are you kidding me?”


“Are you kidding me?”

"Do I look like I'm kidding?"

Fox Crane couldn’t believe it. The one night he got caught speeding, he couldn’t get out of paying for a ticket. “But I’m a Crane?”

“So? You’re still human.”

Fox sighed. The one night that was supposed to be perfect, wasn’t. First the tire, now the speeding ticket. What next?

Beside him, Theresa was fighting to keep from laughing out loud. It was just too precious. The all mighty Crane heir getting a speeding ticket. She didn’t think she’d ever seen anything so funny.

The police officer left and Fox pouted. Theresa couldn’t help it, she gave in to her laughter.

“It’s not funny Resa.” He whined.

“Aww, it’s okay Fox. You can afford a speeding ticket,” Theresa gasped, still giggling.

“No it is not okay! He didn’t even care that I was a Crane!”

“So what? It’s not the end of the world,” Theresa said, smiling, “he was just doing his job.”

Fox sighed as they finally pulled into the parking lot of The Seascape. “At least we get to eat now.”

He helped Theresa out of the car and offered his arm. “Shall we milady?”

She took his arm and grinned. “We shall.”

Ethan was halfway done his dinner when he noticed Fox and Theresa walking in. ‘Finally! I wonder what kept them.’ He then noticed that Theresa’s arms were wrapped around Fox’s and his jealousy grew. He watched as a waiter led them to a table (the table was right across from his, but they hadn’t noticed him yet) and Fox pulling out a chair for Theresa. She smiled and sat down, and then Fox sat in the chair the opposite of her.

Damn Fox.

He had to do something. He couldn’t let this get any further.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw a waiter approaching, carrying a jug of ice cold water. Discreetly, he pulled stuck out his leg and tripped the waiter. And watched as the jug of water spilled all over Theresa’s lap.

Fox watched in horror as the water spilled all over Theresa’s lap. It just came flying out of nowhere! The waiter quickly got up from his spot on the floor and began apologizing profusely, while trying to frantically wipe off all the water.

“It’s alright, don’t worry about it,” Theresa did her best to calm the waiter down. “Accidents like this happen all the time. It’s only water.”

Fox watched in admiration how quickly Theresa forgave the waiter.

The manager came out then and also began apologizing. To show appreciation for their forgiveness, the manager told them that dinner would be on the house. As they settled down again and opened their menus, Theresa noticed something.

“Umm.. Fox,” she murmured quietly.

“Something wrong Resa?” Fox looked up from his menu, wondering if something else was about to go wrong.

“All the dinners they carry here have shrimp in them.”

Fox couldn’t see what the problem was. “And…?”

“I’m allergic to shrimp.”

Fox looked so crestfallen that Theresa almost regretted telling him. She could tell that he had worked so hard to make this date perfect.

Fox put his menu aside. “I’m sorry Theresa, I didn’t know.”

She smiled. “It’s okay Fox. What do you say we head home and change and go grab a couple of burgers?”

Fox did his best to smile back, although feeling more disappointed than he let on. “Okay.”

Ethan made it home before Fox by minutes. Heading into the room he shared with Gwen, he quietly listened as Fox came through the door, slamming it hard in frustration. He smiled in satisfaction as he heard Fox stalk angrily into his room and slammed the door.

Fox was out of the picture.

It couldn't have gone better if he had planned it himself. He didn't even have to do anything. The speeding ticket and a flat tire was just a bonus! True, he didn't have any specific plan in mind to stop their date when he had gone to the Seascape to spy on Fox and Theresa... but he had gotten so much more out of it! Ethan grinned widely,he should've known that he had nothing to worry about. Fox alwaysmanaged to screw everything up. And...the best part was, Theresa telling Fox she was allergic to shrimp, therefore ending their date early. It had been too perfect for words!

Ethan was so giddy that he didn’t hear Fox’s bedroom door open once more and footsteps going down the stairs and back outside moments later. Ethan fell asleep that night with a contented smile on his face, not knowing that at that very moment, his half-brother was meeting up with the love of his life.

They met up again an hour later, each dressed in casual clothing. Theresa smiled as she led Fox towards the burger joint; feeling much more relaxed than the few hours before. Walking inside, the atmosphere was calm and casual. They sat down at a tabled and ordered.

As the waitress walked away, Fox looked at Theresa. “I’m sorry Resa. This was not what I had planned for tonight.”

She laughed. “Don’t worry about it Fox.”

He frowned. “But I wanted our first date to be perfect and memorable.”

Theresa gave another giggle, her eyes twinkling in amusment. “Nothing is perfect Fox. But.. if it makes you feel better, it is memorable. I’m never going to forget this date for a long time.”

Fox mustered a tiny smile as their food arrived. Pretty soon, the two were laughing like they always did when they were together. They exchanged more stories and shared many laughs over their adventures together, growing closer and closer the more time passed. Once they were finished their food, the pair decided to take a walk around the park.

The walk through the park was calm and peaceful. There was a gentle breeze blowing all around them, making Theresa shiver a bit. The moonlight on the snow made the park look like a winter wonderland.

Fox glanced around the park, smiling at all the memories that came to him that had happened in this very area. Their ice skating days with Chad and Whitney, taking walks and confiding each other, his snow day with the Lopez-Fitzgerald family. This park held very special memories for him. He then glanced at Theresa, god she was beautiful. Feeling bold, he grabbed her hand and felt a thrill when he felt Theresa’s hand close around his. Looking down, he saw that she smiled up at him. He smiled back, feeling happier than he ever had. They continued walking.

“Hey Fox?”

Fox glanced over at Theresa and they both stopped near the ice rink that held lots of memories for them.

“For the record, this was the best date I’ve ever had,” she whispered, looking up into his eyes.

Theresa felt her heart thudding as she saw Fox smile and lean down. She closed her eyes and lifted her head. Slowly and softly, their lips met in a sweet kiss.