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The next day was bright and cheery, the sun was out and shinning its warmth, slowly melting away the slushy white snow. Theresa woke up feeling well rested and happy. Quickly getting out of bed, she dressed and headed towards the kitchen, wanting to find someone to listen to how well her date with Fox went the night before. Deciding to call Whitney after breakfast, Theresa quickly prepared a meal for herself. The door to the kitchen opened and she glanced up, smiling when she saw that it was her oldest brother.

“Morning Resa,” Antonio mumbled as he headed towards the refrigerator.

“Morning,” she replied cheerfully, “want some pancakes?”

The oldest Lopez-Fitzgerald yawned and stretched, “Sure thanks.”

Theresa merrily hummed as she began to prepare some breakfast for her brother.

“How was your date?” Antonio asked as he sat on the table.

At the mention of last night, Theresa smiled. “Ah,” Antonio noted, seeing his sister smile, “I see it went well.”

Theresa’s eyes danced with delight. “It was… interesting.”

Antonio smiled. “I’m glad. What do you have planned for today?”

Shrugging, she replied. “No idea. Maybe I’ll call Whitney and see what’s up.”

Fox woke up that morning in a very good mood. What had started out as a horrible date had ended very perfectly. He should’ve known better than to try to hard. Getting out of bed, Fox proceeded to get ready. Humming happily, he grabbed some clothes out of his closet and headed towards his bathroom. ‘I wonder what Theresa’s planning to do today.’

Laughter filled the room, as Whitney and Theresa sat on Theresa’s bed. Theresa was retelling every detail of her date. Whitney laughed as she heard the details of Fox getting a speeding ticket. “I can’t believe it. He actually got a ticket?”

Theresa giggled. “Yup. You should’ve seen the look on his face, it was totally adorable!”

The girls gushed and laughed for a few more minutes before Whitney suddenly turned serious.

“Theresa, I think it’s great that you had a great time with Fox and I’m really happy for you. Don’t get me wrong but, are you over Ethan?”

Whitney watched her best friend curiously as she contemplated her answer. “You know what Whit? I think I can safely say that I’m over Ethan,” Theresa paused, “For good.”


“Seriously. Whit, I think I’ve finally moved on. It doesn’t hurt seeing Gwen and Ethan together anymore. Every time I see them together now, it just makes me glad. It’s really strange.”

Whitney stared at her best friend. “I’ll say. What about Fox?”

“What about Fox?”

“What are your feelings for him?”

Theresa paused at that question. Without realizing it, a smile formed on her face, and Whitney was not the least bit surprised. “Fox, oh Whit, he’s really something. He makes me laugh so much, and he’s so considerate! He’s tons of fun to be with and every time I see him, I just know that what ever we’re doing will be so exciting!” Theresa grinned, “he definitely keeps me on my toes.”

“I’ll say,” Whitney paused before continuing. “You know, when Fox first came to Harmony, I thought he was a playboy. My instincts told me not to trust him and I was really worried when you began hanging out with him. But I have to admit, he’s really changed Theresa. I think you had something to do with that.”

“You really think so?”

“I really think so.”

“Good,” Theresa paused, “You know what Whit? I think I can really see this happening with Fox. I think it’s the real deal this time.”

“You know what Theresa? I’m going to have to agree with you.”

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