Details to remember: 1) Theresa never had little Ethan, but she did marry Julian. They’re friends. 2) Whitney and Chad are not brother and sister. 3) Antonio is still alive, but knows the truth about Sheridan and Luis. He is now seeing Beth.

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Chapter 3 – Giving Up

Fox Crane sat at a table in a bar filled with men. Cigarette smoke from all around filled the place and there were drunken people milling about. Glancing at his cards, Fox gave a confident grin and placed his chips in front of him. He was pretty certain that he would win this poker round. The man, Smitty as everyone called him, across from him smirked. “Eat my dust, Crane,” he sneered as he threw his hand down. Fox looked at the man’s pile of cards and felt a smirk of his own forming on his face. Placing his own hand on the table, he grinned. “Eat my dust, Smitty.” And with that he proceeded to collect all his winnings.

Sighing with content, Fox stood up and bid everyone goodbye before heading over to the bar and placing his order for a new drink. This place was boring. There was no one around that was interesting enough to talk to, nor were their any women attractive enough for him to want to nail. ‘That’s what happens when no one gives you a challenge,’ Fox thought. ‘Guess I’m on my own for now.’ The bartender placed his drink in front of him and promptly left, leaving him to his thoughts. He picked up his drink and took a sip while glancing around the area. There was laughter and over in a corner, he could hear a fight breaking out. Normally, Fox would join in on the crowd and chatting it up with flirtatious women, but today, everything just seemed boring. Giving the room one last glance, Fox turned his attention back to his drink and found a newspaper that someone had left on the stool next to his. Shrugging inwardly, he reached for it, the headline immediately catching his eye.

Former Crane Heir Weds Hotchkiss

Former Ethan Crane, now known as Ethan Winthrop, will soon be wed to high school sweetheart socialite Gwen Hotchkiss, this week. Mr. Winthrop was formerly engaged to one Miss Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald earlier this year. Due to some unfortunate circumstances (mainly Miss Lopez-Fitzgerald’s fault), the engagement had been called off. Please turn to page 4 for more details.

Fox snorted as he flipped to the fourth page of the newspaper. Feeling his interest starting to fade away, he quickly skimmed the rest of the article. The newspaper listed the details of the wedding, the food, and the guests and Ethan’s history with Theresa… blah blah blah… he rolled his eyes. He didn’t understand why Ethan was so special…

The picture of Ethan and Gwen caught his eye and he rolled his eyes once more. They looked every bit of the happy couple, Gwen smiling her fake smile, and Ethan… he quickly reached into his pocket and began doodling on Ethan’s face, adding on a moustache and a beard. He smiled with satisfaction when he was finished.

Much better.

In the corner of the newspaper, there was a photograph of Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald. For a moment, Fox admired his new stepmother. Theresa had a gorgeous smile and beautiful brown eyes. She was certainly prettier than all of Julian’s wife and other flings. He shook his head; Ethan gave up this gorgeous woman for someone like Gwen? What an idiot. Theresa was absolutely beautiful.

A smirk came to his face and he placed the newspaper back where he found it.

Maybe it was time to head back to Harmony and stir up some trouble.

He had no doubts that it was going to be a lot of fun.


The sun was hidden by grey clouds that morning when Theresa woke up. Although she normally preferred the beautiful sunshine, the weather that morning matched Theresa’s mood. She dreaded waking up each day because each day meant they were a day closer to Ethan and Gwen’s wedding. And Theresa was so not looking forward to that.

She was trying her hardest to get over Ethan, but damn it, it wasn’t easy!

Heading down the stairs and into the kitchen, she was surprised to see Julian up and about. Over the last few weeks, they had come to an understanding, and surprisingly they had become somewhat friends. At any rate, they were planning on getting an annulment and Julian was letting her live at the mansion for as long as she wanted. She headed over to the stove, pulling out a box of pancake mix as Julian began cleaning up his own breakfast.

“Sleep well last night, Theresa?”

“Somewhat,” she answered, giving Julian a small smile. “Thanks for asking, though. How about you?”

Julian gave a slight shrug. “Same as always. Well, I best be off. Got lots to do day, I’ll see you later, Theresa. Have a good day.”

“Thank you Julian, hope you have a good day too. Bye!”

Julian left and for a few minutes, Theresa sat at the kitchen table by herself eating her pancakes. Finishing up, she dumped her plates into the sink and proceeded to head upstairs. Passing by Ethan and Gwen’s room, she caught a glimpse of the couple. They looked so happy. Theresa sighed. Maybe it’s best that they’re getting married. This thought surprised Theresa beyond all words, but she would refuse to become a person that would break someone’s marriage vows. She needed to move on. But it was still hard. Feelings of love didn’t disappear with a snap of the fingers. Theresa vowed that she would try her hardest to get over Ethan and move on with her life. It was much easier said than done.

As she headed back to her room, she had no idea that her life would soon be turned upside down and inside out.