Details to remember: 1) Theresa never had little Ethan, but she did marry Julian. They’re friends. 2) Whitney and Chad are not brother and sister. 3) Antonio is still alive, but knows the truth about Sheridan and Luis. He is now seeing Beth.

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Chapter 4 – First Impression

Fox gave a sigh as he got out of the limo and stood in front of the mansion. 'Well, there's no place like home,' he thought sarcastically. The tall blonde man looked around. "This place still looks exactly the same," he muttered, taking in his surroundings. He looked at the mansion again. "Well, time to stir things up!" he grinned, walking up the path that led to the door of his 'home.'

Opening the door, he was not surprised to find that everything in the living room was exactly the same. "Not much has changed around here," he whispered under his breath, he noticed that there was no one in sight. "Where is everybody?"

'Maybe everyone's asleep,' he thought with a disappointed sigh. 'After all, it’s after midnight now. Guess I'll have to wait till tomorrow to surprise everybody. Oh well, no big deal.'

The blonde man gave another glance into the living room before heading up the stairs to his old bedroom. Opening the door, he walked in. The room was completely dark. 'Well, guess I'll get some shut eye,' he thought as he began to undress.

Climbing into his bed, he failed to notice another figure already occupying it. Then, out of nowhere, a blood-curling scream shattered the silence of the night.


Faintly, Theresa had heard the door open. She tensed. Was there someone in her room? Nah, her subconscious told her that Crane security would sound the alarm if there were any intruders. Theresa relaxed; her dream was so good that she didn't want to wake up.

Birds were chirping, and the flowers were in full bloom. The park was beautiful and peaceful as they took a walk through it.

Theresa sighed as she looked around. "I'm so happy," she told her companion.

The man beside squeezed her hand. "I'm really happy too Theresa."

Theresa kept on smiling, "We're going to be together forever aren't we?" she couldn't help but ask.

"Of course," came the immediate reply. "We'll be together forever. Nothing and no one can ever make me leave you."

It seemed that Theresa's smile brightened. She released her hand from his and latched herself on his arm. "Together forever."

Under the covers, Theresa smiled. Slowly, she came out of her sleepy haze and she realized that what she had heard earlier wasn't her imagination. There was someone in her room! The figure slowly made his or her way to the bed and proceeded to climb on. Panicking, Theresa did the only thing that came to her mind.

She screamed.


It seemed almost everyone had burst into the room after she had screamed. Theresa tried her best not to panic as Ethan flew into the room, followed by Gwen, Ivy, Julian, Rebecca, and her mother. As soon as she saw Pilar, Theresa rushed toward her mother and together they stood with everyone else in the room, watching Ethan attack her intruder. The mysterious man's back was toward her, so Theresa couldn't see his face clearly. The man threw up his arms, blocking Ethan's punches.

"WHOA! WHOA! Ethan, you jackass, STOP!" the man yelled.

Hearing his name, Ethan stopped his assault and looked at the man in front of him. Recognition was shown on his face.

"What's going on?" Pilar asked. "Are you alright, Theresa?"

"Yes, mama," Theresa replied breathlessly, her eyes not leaving the young blonde whose back was still to her, "I'm just fine. Just had a little scare, that's all."

"Fox, what are you doing here?" Ivy maliciously asked.

However, she was ignored, as the young man turned around. "Well, step-mommy I must say, your pictures don't do you justice."

Theresa couldn't stop herself from starring at his naked chest. It was very fined toned and muscular. 'Damn he has one hot body,' she thought as her eyes started traveling up. But as soon as she saw his face, she gasped. 'It's him!' The man that had invaded her dreams every night. Suddenly, every single dream she had ever had of this man came rushing back and it was too much for Theresa to handle.

"Theresa? Theresa, are you alright?" Pilar asked, placing an arm on her daughter.

Theresa didn't respond. She had fainted.


Seeing his new stepmother faint at the sight of him, made Fox smirk. "Looks like I still got it," he said confidently as Ethan glared at him.

Ivy once again joined the conversation. "What are you doing here, Fox?"

"Well mommy dear, considering my big brother is getting married tomorrow, you'd think I'd be invited to the wedding," Fox responded sarcastically, "Whatever happened to my invitation?"

Ethan sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "Fox, I can recall you were invited to the wedding."

"Well, I guess I never got an invitation, now did I?" Fox burst out, "I had to find out from a fucking newspaper!"

"Really Fox, stop making such a big deal about this," Ivy cut in. "You're here now. So, let's all go to bed."

"Uh mommy dearest, you're forgetting one thing," Fox smirked, "my new step mommy took my room. Does this mean I can sleep here with her?"

Ethan looked absolutely livid. "Absolutely not! Fox, you will stay away from Theresa, do you understand?"

'Looks like big brother still has some feelings for step mommy,' Fox thought, 'oh I can have some fun with this!' Anything that made Ethan angry was in his good books.

"Who’s going to make me?" Fox smirked, "You? I don't think Gwen would be too happy to hear that." And indeed, the blonde haired woman was seething.

"Okay, that's enough," Julian decided to step in, "It's been a long night, everybody's tired, let's all go get some sleep. Fox, let me be the first one to say welcome home. There are plenty of empty bedrooms here in the mansion; you can sleep in one of those rooms."

"Awww..." Fox whined, "I wanna get to know my step mommy!"

"Well, with her unconscious at the moment, I don't think you'll be able to spend any quality time together," Julian responded dryly. "You can get to know her in the morning. Pilar, I'll have someone be sent up to check on Theresa's condition."

Pilar nodded. "Thank you, Mr. Crane."

"Now everybody get some shut eye, and we'll all discuss things in the morning," with those words, Julian left with Rebecca and Ivy following him.

"Come on Ethan," Gwen started tugging at his arm. "Let's go back to bed."

Ethan glared at Fox before following his fiancé out the door, "Fox, she's too good for you. Stay away from her."

Fox just gave another smirk and waved his brother away. The door slammed shut and he turned to the other occupants in the room. "Hi Pilar, how are you doing?"

"Fox," Pilar said softly, "I'm just fine. My, you've grown into such a handsome young man."

"But of course," Fox said arrogantly, and then his tone softened slightly. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cause a commotion. Well – I mean I did, but not like this. I didn't know she was sleeping in this room." He hands gestured to the still unconscious Theresa.

"It's alright Fox," Pilar nodded. "I know you mean no harm. Why don't you go settle in for the night, I'm sure you are very tired from your journey."

"You know Pilar, I think I'll go do that," reaching over to give the older Spanish woman a hug, he stood up and began to head towards the door, "I'll stop by and apologize to her tomorrow morning. Good night Pilar."

"Good night Fox," Pilar replied, "Welcome home."


"Hello step mommy, I must say, your pictures don't do you justice."

Theresa stood starring at the man in front of her. He was real this whole time? How could this be possible?

And what did he mean by step mommy? Was it possible he was Julian's son? Why did he call her step mommy? She and Julian weren't married anymore; their marriage had been annulled!

"Theresa... Theresa..."

Slowly Theresa came too. She opened her eyes and looked up into the concerned face of her mother. "Mama?" she asked groggily, "What happened?"

"Oh thank goodness you're alright, how are you feeling?"

Suddenly the past events came rushing back to her. "Mama! That man, who was he?"

Pilar looked confused. "Mija, that was Fox Crane. The son of Julian and Ivy."

"Mama," Theresa whispered urgently, "I know this might sound crazy, but I've met him before! I've been dreaming about him! He's the man from my dreams."

Pilar reached out to touch Theresa's forehead. It didn't seem like she had a fever. "Theresita, I think maybe you should get some sleep. All this excitement has gone to your head. Everything will be clearer in the morning."

"I'm not lying, mama!" Theresa insisted, "I've been dreaming about him. He's the man from my dreams!"