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Dreams Of You

Chapter 5: Surprised Reactions

The sun was shinning bright through the window when Theresa woke up that morning. She could feel the streams of sunlight on her face before she could even open her eyes. She laid there in bed feeling content and restful. For a second she was confused, then last night's events came rushing back at her and she sat up abruptly in bed. "Oh my god!" she cried, "It wasn't a dream!"

Quickly she jumped out of bed and headed to her bathroom. Washing her face, and brushing her hair, she dashed downstairs. All was quiet, everyone was still asleep. The only sounds Theresa heard were the maids in the kitchen preparing the food for the wedding that day. Heading toward the kitchen, Theresa felt a little sadness sweep over her as she watched the preparations.

'Well, it's finally over,' she thought, 'after all these years, Gwen finally won.' Hearing a little shuffling behind her, Theresa whipped around. Startled, she came face to face with a muscular chest. Jumping back Theresa nearly knocked into a passing maid. Her eyes traveled up and their eyes met. Theresa's breath caught. In the morning sunlight, he looked as handsome as in her dreams.

"Good morning step mommy. I hope I didn't scare you too much."

'Oh lord, even his voice is sexy.' Theresa was finding it very difficult to breath. The way he stood, told her he was confident. But she could also detect sadness in his eyes that also told her he had been hurt.

"Step mommy? Are you alright?"

Theresa snapped back to attention and she felt her cheeks heat up. Fox was giving her with a strange look. "Yes, I'm fine," she answered, "please, call me Theresa. Technically I'm not your step mother anymore since Julian and I got an annulment."

Hearing that statement, the young man's eyebrow rose. 'Things just got a little bit more interesting,' Fox thought as he smirked.

He had been standing there for about ten minutes just observing her. She was very beautiful, he noted. For some reason, there was just something about her that intrigued him. Fox had seen lots of beautiful women in his life. Some tall, some had big chests, and some were very playful. Theresa was just as beautiful as any of those women, but there was something about her that Fox just couldn't figure out.

"How about we go get some breakfast step mommy?" he suggested, intent on getting to know her better.

Theresa smiled her beautiful smile, feeling her heart fluttering. "Sure, but please just call me Theresa okay?"

"What? And stop annoying the hell out of you? Never!" Fox grinned so that Theresa knew he was just playing around.

Theresa giggled and together they set off to look for some food.

Theresa had to admit she was having the time of her life. Sitting there at the kitchen table with Fox was fun as he told her stories of his days in boarding school. It was something of a surprise how easily she got along with Fox, as if she didn't have a care in the world and her life was just one happy place. It was as if they had known each other their whole lives instead of just an hour. However, their talk was spoiled when a very unwelcome person walked into the kitchen.

"Well well well," Rebecca sneered, "What is little tacosita doing up so early? Did you not sleep well because you knew my Gwennie was marrying Ethan today?"

Theresa didn't flinch at Rebecca's question and instead flashed the woman a bright genuine smile. "Actually Rebecca, I slept just fine, thanks for asking."

Rebecca's eyes narrowed. "Alright what are you planning you little slut?"

Confused, Theresa replied, "Excuse me?"

"You know what I'm talking about. What are you planning to do to my Gwennie on her wedding day?"

Theresa blinked. "Nothing."

"Ha! We'll see about that. I'll be watching you, you little slut!" With those words said Rebecca stormed out of the kitchen.

Looking bewildered, Theresa turned to Fox. "You think she's turning paranoid in her old age?"

Ethan stood in front of the mirror adjusting his tie. It was his wedding day, but he didn't feel excited. In fact, he was downright feeling nauseous. But what could he do? Gwen was pregnant with his baby, and he couldn't just abandon his son or daughter. He wanted his child to grow up with a family. 'Someday,' he thought, 'someday, when my baby is all grown up, we'll be together Theresa. The way it should be.'

Deep down he knew that he didn't really love Gwen, but for now he had to pretend he did. For his baby's sake. 'Someday Theresa. Someday.'

In her dressing room, Theresa admired her reflection in the mirror. 'Not bad,' she inspected, she was wearing an elegant red dress. It wasn't very revealing, but it hugged all her curves in the right places. Theresa was very pleased with the end result.

Whitney sat in the corner eying her best friend with a critical eye. "I'm so jealous," she complained, "you look great in everything you wear."

Theresa smiled, turning around, "Thanks Whit."

"Just out of curiosity," Whitney continued, "Are you planning on doing anything?"

Knowing what Whitney meant, Theresa just simply stated, "Nope."

Whitney looked incredulous, "Nothing?"


"I-"Whitney paused, "Wow. I mean wow. Why the sudden change of heart?"

Before Theresa could answer her best friend's question, there was a knock on the door and in came Chad and Fox.

"My, you ladies look beautiful,"Fox smiled, taking Theresa's hand and placing a kiss on it, "Shall we milady?"

Theresa giggled and pretended to curtsy. "Yes we shall dear sir."

Theresa slipped her arm around his and together the pair walked out of the room with Chad and Whitney watching them. Whitney was speechless. Theresa and Fox? Fox and Theresa? When had this happened? Didn't Fox only arrive back in town last night? There were plenty of questions running through her mind as she stared numbly at the door.

Theresa definitely had some explaining to do.

The wedding was over. Surprisingly, unlike most of the weddings in Harmony, Ethan's and Gwen's wedding went off without a hitch. Most of all, everyone was surprised that Theresa hadn't pulled anything. In fact throughout the service, it looked like Theresa had a sincere smile on her face the whole time.

Whitney had observed her best friend when Gwen and Ethan were saying their marriage vows. Fox had taken her hand and given it a squeeze to which Theresa gave a sad smile. She had nudged Chad and together they had observed Fox and Theresa. Now Whitney was watching them dance together.

"They make a good couple, don't they?"

Whitney turned to Chad and nodded. Indeed Fox and Theresa were a very good looking couple. "Yeah, maybe Theresa is finally moving on," the African girl replied. 'I just hope he doesn't break her heart,' she thought as she laid her head on Chad's shoulder.

"Why are people looking at us so strangely?" Fox asked Theresa as he twirled her around and dipped her.

Theresa gave a soft giggle as he brought her back up. "I don't know. Maybe because they all thought I was going to try something crazy at the wedding today."

"Well, when the wedding service was on I could understand. But they're still starring." Another twirl and dip.

"Well let them stare," Theresa smiled her dazzling smile, "I must say Fox, you are a very good dancer."

Fox smirked. "Thank you. So are you. Where did you learn to dance?"

"Luis and I learned when I was little," Theresa replied, still following Fox's very precise dance moves with ease.

"Ah, you mean the guy whose starring holes into my back?"

Theresa looked across the room to see her older brother glaring at them, "Yep. That'd be the one."

Fox looked amused. "He looks like he wants to kill me."

"Luis is just overprotective. He hasn't gotten it through to his head that I can take care of myself."

Fox laughed along with Theresa. And the two just continued dancing the night away.

Ethan felt his blood boil as he watched Fox and Theresa dance. He shot his half-brother an icy glare that Fox was oblivious too. 'That's supposed to be me up there!' Beside him, Gwen looked puzzled. All day she had expected Theresa to do something, but nothing had happened and now Theresa dancing with Fox like they had been dance partners all their lives? What was going on? Had Theresa finally moved on and left them alone? Gwen could hardly dare to hope.

Her eyes narrowed, 'there has got to be a catch.'

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