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Dreams of You

Chapter 7: Revelations

Theresa laughed and giggled as she ran away from him.

"Hey!" he yelled as tried to run after her. Quickly catching up to her, he grabbed her around the waist with his strong arms. "Where do you think your going huh?"

Squealing, Theresa tried to wriggle out of his grasp. Finally, after a few moments she gave up and turned so that she was facing him. She gently laid her head on his chest and sighed happily. "You make me really happy Fox. Did you know that?"

He smirked and wrapped her in his arms even tighter. "Of course I do," he said arrogantly, and then the tone of his voice softened. "You make me really happy too. Did you know that?"

"I do. But it's always nice to hear," she responded softly.

Fox gently kissed the top of her head and together they walked down the path into the ongoing sunset.

Fox woke up with a start. 'What the heck was that?!' he thought as he sat up. Rubbing his eyes, he noticed a still form next to him on the bed.


'What's she doing here?' For a minute Fox looked confused, but when his gaze swept over his room everything came rushing back at him. There were video games everywhere on the floor, as well as fluffy feathers from their pillow fight.

Fox smiled, thinking of last night's events. After they had gotten bored of video games, they had a pillow fight, which had caused large amounts of laughter on both their parts. After that, they had both gotten hungry so they went downstairs to the kitchen and brought back up food and sat eating and talking till they both fell asleep. During their talk, Theresa had poured her whole heart out to him.

He quietly got out of bed and pulled the blankets over Theresa and stood there for a moment, watching her sleep. 'Huh,' he thought almost intrigued, 'I don't think I've ever watched a woman sleep before, interesting. But then again, I've never slept with a woman without having sex first before either.'

Deciding to let her sleep in peace, Fox gathered some clothes and headed off to his bathroom and hopped in the shower. Standing under the hot water, Fox thought about the dream he had earlier. It left him confused, and he wondered what it meant. Dreams like that had never happened to him before. One thing he knew for sure was that Theresa was very special for him to have been dreaming about her. They had only known each other for a brief period of time, but it seemed much longer than that. Theresa was not like other women he had met. And he had met many women. Instead she trusted him with her secrets, fears and desires. She trusted him enough to let him see her cry and comfort her.

She was definitely beautiful, he knew that. But she was also... caring, and she totally listened to him. No other woman had done that for him before. All they wanted was good sex and money (which he could provide). But Theresa didn't want those things right when she met him. Instead they became friends right off the bat.


Suddenly Fox didn't just want to have sex with her anymore. He didn't want to use her like he had used other women and forgot about them the next morning. He wanted to make her smile and laugh. 'Jeez,' he thought, 'What's happening to me? Why am I getting all sentimental all of a sudden?' But deep down he knew why he care about not hurting Theresa. She listened to him. She showed him kindness when no one in his family even cared. But most of all, she wanted to get to know him as a person.

And for that, he didn't want to hurt her. He wouldn't let anyone hurt her.

Especially Ethan.

With that vow, he turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, and dried off.

"Hey sleepyhead," a voice called out, "wake up honey."

Theresa slowly stirred awake to see the face of the person she loved most in the world and smiled. Fox grinned and leaned down to kiss her forehead. "It's time to wake up Theresa."

She pouted. "You ruined my favorite dream."

"You mean the one about the prince?"

"Mmhmm, and the prince was awfully handsome and charming."

Theresa bit back a giggle as she saw Fox's eyes darken and his hands clench.

"You were dreaming of another man?" he asked, obviously in a state of jealousy, "Who is this man? I'll kill him!"

That did it. Theresa let out a hearty laugh before she sat up and kissed Fox on the lips. "Baby, you can't kill yourself. I'd die if that happened."

Fox relaxed and gave her another grin. "Come here you!" And with that he lunged at her and tickled her. Theresa let out a series of giggles, before Fox stopped tickling her. Short of breath, Theresa smiled up at Fox. "I love you," she whispered.

Entwining his fingers with hers, he kissed her lips. "I love you too Theresa."

Slowly waking up, Theresa let out a contented sigh. That was the nicest dream she had had of Fox so far. Sitting up, she noticed that she wasn't in her own room, but Fox's room. Remembering last night's events she smiled. Stretching, she wondered why she still kept having dreams of Fox every night. Was her subconscious trying to tell her something? 'But that's silly,' she decided, 'I'm not in love with Fox.'

Deciding she'd analyze it later, she proceeded to get out of bed and started to head off to her own room to change. Before she reached the door though, the bathroom door opened and out stepped Fox.

"Oh Theresa," he looked surprised, "Hey, you're up already. You feeling any better?"

Theresa smiled, noting the concern in his voice. "I feel just fine Fox. Thank you for entertaining me last night." 'Damn he looks good,' she thought as she felt her face begin to flush.

"Hey it was no problem. I told you I was a fun guy. And besides, what are friends for right?"


They smiled at one another for a moment.

"Oh by the way," Fox said as an idea occurred to him, "What are you plans for today?"

"My plans?" Theresa thought for a moment, "Actually I have nothing to do today. Why, what's up?"

"Well, I've only been in Harmony for a few days now, but I haven't really seen it since I was like six," he paused, "want to hit the town with me after breakfast?"

"Sure Fox," Theresa smiled, "I'd love too."

"Actually, why don't we go out to eat breakfast," he suggested feeling another idea come to him, "I don't really want to eat with mother and Rebecca this morning anyway."

Theresa gave a little giggle. "Sure Fox, I don't really want to eat with them either. Just let me go get ready okay? Give me about twenty minutes."

"Sure. But hurry, I'm starving!"

"Jeez, Fox."

"Hey, can you blame me? I'm a growing boy!"

Theresa rolled her eyes. "I'd doubt you'd grow any more. You're already too tall." And with that she left the room to go get ready.

Whitney was somewhat surprised as she saw Theresa and Fox strolling down the street arm in arm, laughing with each other, each had an ice cream cone in their hands.

She turned to Chad, "Just what is going on with those two?"

Chad just shrugged, "I have no idea, I'm getting pretty curious myself."

Whitney turned to observe Fox and Theresa once more, "I haven't seen Theresa this happy in a long while."

"Well, maybe Fox isn't the playboy that everybody thinks he is," Chad suggested.

"Whatever he's doing, I'm glad he's doing it. I hope Theresa is finally moving on."

"We all do Whit. We all do."

"So then, I let all the chickens loose in her office.." Fox continued his story of his senior prank to Theresa.

"Stop stop!" Theresa laughed, bending over clutching her stomach. As soon as she composed herself, she straightened up only to burst out laughing once again. "I can't believe you terrorized your principle like that! I can almost see the look on her face!"

Fox shrugged. "It seemed like a good idea at the time.."

Theresa laughed. "This was one of the best days I've had in a long time. Thanks for taking me out Fox."

Fox just smiled and shrugged it off. In truth, for him it was one of the best days he had as well.

Nothing was going to spoil this day. Not if he could help it.

Gwen stood in front of the mirror later that afternoon, looking at her belly. 'Oh I really wish this pregnancy would be over and I can hold you in my arms' she thought as she rubbed her stomach. 'And I really hope that Theresa would leave us alone once you're born.' Suddenly Gwen froze as a realization came to her. Ethan had been a little distant lately and they hadn't seen Theresa around the mansion as much as usual. 'She better not be anywhere near Ethan!' she thought angrily as the blonde walked towards the door and began to look for Theresa.

Running into Ethan just as he walked through the front door, she stopped. "Where've you been?"

Ethan looked a bit confused as he replied, "At the office. Is something wrong Gwen?"

"Alright where is she? Where is she hiding?"

"Where is who hiding? Gwen are you alright?"

"Theresa! Ethan, Theresa!"

"What about Theresa, Gwen? I wasn't anywhere near her!"

"Don't lie to me! The both of you haven't been around the mansion lately!"

As if on cue, the front door opened and in walked Theresa and Fox both laughing and holding bags full of things. "I can't believe you did that!" Fox was saying as he shut the door. "Me?!" Theresa responded, "It wasn't anything compared to what you did! That was classic!"


Both Theresa and Fox fell quiet as their attention turned to the other two people in the room, their smiles still evident on their faces.

"Where have you two been?" Gwen asked.

Still smiling, and a little bit surprised that seeing Ethan didn't hurt her as much as she thought it would, Theresa held out the bags she was holding. "Fox and I were out shopping all day! We're going to redecorate his room. Wanna help us?"

"We're going for a creative look," Fox continued, noticing the glare Ethan was sending his way.

Gwen looked confused, "Wait.. You two were together all day?"

"I guess that's a no then," Fox noted.

Theresa nodded. "Yup!" She replied cheerfully to Gwen before turning to Fox, "Let's go get started! I can't wait to paint all this stuff on!" She excitedly grabbed Fox's hand, and together they raced up the stairs towards Fox's room.

Gwen turned towards Ethan, feeling a little foolish and confused. "I'm sorry I jumped to conclusions Ethan."

"It's alright honey," Ethan said as he gathered her up in a hug. 'Damn you Fox!'

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