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Dreams of You

Chapter 8: Paint War

Theresa was having one of the best times of her life, or so she thought. All afternoon, she and Fox had been having a good time, laughing and sharing stories – it seemed like she had known him all her life, instead of just a few days. After leaving Ethan and Gwen in the hallway, she and Fox had dashed up to Fox’s room and proceeded to move all his furniture, which had taken a good three hours. By the time they were done moving everything to a spare room, and covering the floor with old newspapers, Theresa was ready to go back to her room, flop on her bed and call it a day.

But no such luck. The fun was about to start.

Theresa felt her tiredness drain away when she saw Fox coming back through his bedroom door carrying all the supplies they had bought earlier that afternoon. With her excitement returning, she immediately stretched out her arm for one of the bags. Redecorating was going to be so much fun!

Fox gave her an amused look, which Theresa noticed. “What?”

He smirked. “Your expression gives the impression that Christmas just came early. I’ve never seen anyone get excited over painting before.”

Theresa gave a giggle, before reaching into the bag and pulling out one of the cans of paint and a paintbrush. “Well, that’s because you haven’t met someone like me before. I’m unique!”

Fox laughed, “That’s true, you are original.”

Theresa gave a little curtsy. “Why thank you.”

Reaching into one of the bags, Fox pulled out a paintbrush of his own. Giving Theresa one of his trademark grins, he rolled up his sleeves. “Shall we?”

Pilar was down in the laundry room folding up bed sheets when she heard large amounts of laughter flowing through the thin walls. She stopped folding, and for a moment just listened to the happy melody. She couldn’t remember the last time the mansion had been filled with happiness and laughter instead of arguments and hatred.

Listening more closely, Pilar suddenly realized that the laughter belonged to her very own daughter. Curious to see what was making Theresa so happy, she quickly folded the rest of the laundry and headed up the stairs.

Ethan and Gwen were sitting on the couch in the large living room, just enjoying each other’s company. Or in Gwen’s case, very much enjoying Ethan’s company. Ethan on the other hand, couldn’t get his mind off Theresa and how she had grabbed Fox’s hand all those hours ago. He just couldn’t figure it out. Theresa had been surprised to see him, but there was a look in her eyes, a look that sort of gave the impression that she gave up on him. Shaking his head at the thought, his hands clenched, ‘Theresa still loves me, I know it.’

Feeling Gwen slip her hand into his, Ethan turned and gave his wife a painfully forced smile. He had gotten so good at it, that it naturally looked like a genuine, loving smile. Suddenly though, Ethan heard a shriek coming from upstairs and he abruptly stood up. “What was that?”

He didn’t wait for Gwen’s reply and went running towards the stairs, with Gwen following behind with an unhappy expression.

Fox was surprised to find that he was having a good time repainting his room. When he had first mentioned to Theresa that he thought his room needed a little color, the Latin beauty had immediately jumped onto the idea and suggested that they redecorate his room. Seeing her so excited, he didn’t have the heart to refuse and went along with the idea.

Now he was glad that he had gone with the idea, he was having a lot of fun and despite his earlier skepticism, his room was starting to look really neat. One point for Theresa, she really knew how to pull things together.

Fox was concentrating on painting his side of the wall a pale blue color when Theresa called his name.

“Hey Fox.”

“Yeah?” he responded as he turned around.


He was hit in the face with a paper towel all covered in purple paint. He numbly wiped off the purple paint with his left hand, the paint smearing all over half of his face as he did so.

Theresa was bent over, clutching her stomach; tears were running down her eyes because she was laughing so hard. Fox stared at her for a moment before reacting. Taking a few steps toward her, he smiled devilishly. Theresa was still laughing to hard to notice him coming any closer and shrieked in surprise when she felt cold liquid on her face, then traveling down her arm. She stared up at Fox, who was smirking at her arrogantly, holding a bucket of white paint.

“Oh it’s on!” she declared before scooping a handful of paint into her hands, and then throwing the huge amount at him.

And from that point on, a huge paint war started.

Pilar and Ethan met each other at the top of the stairs. “Ethan!” Pilar cried, sounding a little bit worried, “did you hear someone scream just a few minutes ago?”

Ethan nodded and replied as Gwen came into view, “Yeah I did.”

There was another shriek and Pilar’s worried expression grew. Ethan’s head whipped toward the left hallway. “It sounds like it’s coming from Fox’s room!” With those words said, he dashed towards his half-brother’s room and threw the door wide open.


He was hit in the face with pink stuff. Stunned, Ethan raised his arm to wipe the paint off his cheek as Fox and Theresa stoodstarring at him. Pilar and Gwen headed into the room to see what the commotion was all about, as two voices of laughter rang out. Gwen and Pilar just stared at the laughing Theresa and Fox in shock. They were certainly a sight to look at. Fox’s usual blonde hair was coated in brown and green paint, his face and neck were a mix of purple and orange, his arms were red and grey, his clothes were a mix of multiple colors. Theresa on the other hand was a lot more covered in paint than Fox was, due to him being taller and having the advantage of looming over her – she was the easier target. Her long brown hair was coated in red paint, her face and neck were a mix of all sorts of different colors, green, red, white, yellow, orange. Her clothes were colored blue, grey and brown. Together they looked like a rainbow, and were a funny sight to look at – each holding a bucket of paint, standing next to each other and were both still laughing very hard at Ethan.

Pilar covered her mouth with her hand to smother her laughter. Amused, she composed herself and tried to look stern and disapproving, though it was proving very difficult when the atmosphere in Fox’s room was happy and full of laughter. Theresa and Fox’s good moods were beginning to rub off on her. “Just what is going on here?”

“Hi mama,” Theresa replied at the same time Fox said “Hi, Pilar.”

They gave each other a look before Theresa responded, “We were just having some fun.”

“Fun?” Amusement was evident in Pilar’s voice, “throwing paint around is considered fun?”

“Well-“Theresa started to say when Fox cut into the conversation.

“We’re sorry Pilar. The original plan was to re-paint and redecorate my room, but Theresa started our paint war by throwing it at me first, and I couldn’t just stand there and take it-“

Pilar held up a hand, “I understand. Just try not to let it get out of control okay?”

“Okay mama.”

“Theresa started it.” Fox smirked as Theresa stuck out her tongue at him.

Laughing slightly, Pilar turned and left the room, heading back to finish her duties around the mansion.

Ethan looked at the pair in front of him and shook his head, a little jealous that Fox was the one that was sharing this amusing time with Theresa. “You two are adults, not children.”

Gwen kept quiet, looking a little envious as Theresa and Fox laughed off Ethan’s lecture. ‘When was the last time I ever had any fun like that?’

“Oh Ethan,” Theresa laughed, scooping up a handful of pink paint from the bucket she was holding, “lighten up!” And with those words, she turned to Fox and smeared the paint all over his front side, adding a pink color to his already rainbowed shirt. In return, Fox grabbed some more blue paint and dumped a large portion over Theresa’s head.

“Yeah Ethan,” he chimed, “We were just having some fun. No need to lecture us.”

“And besides,” Theresa continued cheerfully, “We didn’t totally waste the paint. A lot of it went on the walls!”

“My room looks so cool,” Fox noted looking around the room, turning towards Theresa, he asked, “Was this what you had in mind when you said you wanted to repaint my room?”

“Not exactly. But it still looks cool.”

Fox nodded in agreement. “That it does.”

Ethan just shook his head. “You two are so immature.” And with that he walked out of the room. Gwen gave them a glance before following Ethan out the door.

Alone in the room, Fox and Theresa glanced at each other before bursting out into laughter once again. The laughter continued for several moments before it died down. Theresa gave a happy sigh and looked around the room.

“Satisfied with the way it looks?” she asked.

Fox glanced around at his splattered walls and grinned. “More than satisfied.”

Theresa nodded, all the while smiling. “Good. I’m going to take a shower. It’s going to take forever to get all this paint out of my hair.”

“Good luck with that,” he smirked.

She headed towards the door, pausing for a moment before leaving, she said, “Hey Fox? Want to watch a movie later?”

Fox smiled, a little bit surprised but delighted all the same. “Sure Theresa. After dinner?”

Theresa nodded. “Okay after dinner.”

And with that she left.

Alone in his room, Fox grinned. The day had been the absolute best! ‘She sure is something special that’s for sure!’ he thought before heading towards his bathroom to take a much needed shower.

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