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Dreams Of You

Chapter 9: Talks of Love

Theresa stood alone in her room, drying her hair with the white fluffy towels in her hands. It had taken at least an hour and a half to rid her hair of all the paint. Satisfied that her hair would dry nicely on its own, she quickly brushed it and threw on her most comfy sweats and headed down towards the kitchen, humming merrily. She was in such a good mood that she completely ignored Rebecca’s snide comments with a large smile on her way to the kitchen.

Pushing the swinging doors open, she was greeted with the heavenly smells of steak, potatoes, and other fine foods being cooked. The sight of Fox standing over the stove, frying the steaks, made her smile. There were just things about Fox that surprised her. His knowledge in cooking was one of those things.

“I didn’t know you could cook.”

Theresa’s sudden voice made Fox jump. He turned around to see the short Latin beauty grinning at him and he smiled back. “Yeah well,” he waved his left arm; for once he didn’t feel like being arrogant, “I figured it was a good skill to have. I mean, I can’t expect someone to cook for me all my life right?”

Theresa nodded, “Well I’m impressed. You sure don’t think like most men.”

“And you Theresa, don’t think like most women.”

She laughed and leaned against the counter. “So what are you cooking up?”

“You’ll have to see. It’s a Fox Crane special!”

“Well hurry up Mr. Crane, I’m starving!”

“Sheesh, haven’t you learned that patience is a virtue?”

“Virtue, smurtue, I’m hungry!”

Theresa leaned back in her chair with a satisfied “Ahhh…” Fox smirked arrogantly from across the table.

“It was good wasn’t it?” he pressed, “well of course it was good, I made it.”

Theresa laughed, not minding his bragging, after all, the meal was yummy. “It was delicious Fox,” she agreed, “you’re going to have to cook for me more often!”

Fox stood up and began piling up the dishes in the dishwasher, turning to her he playfully bowed, “for you milady, anything.”

Smiling at one another, they walked out of the kitchen and headed towards to what Theresa had nicknamed “the movie room.”

Upon walking in, they spotted another couple curled up on the sofa watching a movie. Ethan and Gwen had their arms wrapped around one another, intently watching “Mona Lisa Smile.”

“Yuck, what a boring movie,” Fox remarked crossing over to the shelves where all the movies were kept.

“Fox, this is a very interesting movie,” Gwen responded, no longer minding Theresa now that she felt Theresa was finally moving on.

“Sure it is,” Fox said scanning the movie titles.

Pulling out a DVD, Fox held it up for Theresa to see. “Let’s watch this!”

The petite girl scanned the title, “Exorcist: The Beginning?” She looked at him. “No way in hell! I’ll have nightmares about this for weeks!”

“Aw, come on don’t be a chicken.”

“Well too bad for you I’m being a chicken!”

“Do you two mind?” Ethan said from the couch, secretly being annoyed that Fox was able to spend time with Theresa, “We’re trying to watch a movie here.”

“Sorry Prince Ethan,” Fox mocked, “We’ll pick our movie and get out of your way.”

Theresa pulled out a DVD and held it up for Fox to see. “Let’s watch this instead! Please Fox?”

Looking at the title, Fox made a face. “A Walk to Remember? Aw Theresa, that’s too mushy.”

“It’s romantic!”

“No way.”

“Please? Shane West is hot!”

“Why would you want to watch Shane West when you have a perfectly hot man right beside you?”

“Yeah but Shane West is charming!”

“And I’m not?”

“Well.. you are.. but… he’s romantic!”

Fox shrugged, “I can do all the things he does and more.”

“Here’s an idea,” Ethan spoke up from where he was sitting, “Why don’t you watch both?”

Beside him, Gwen looked slightly amused at the flirting between Fox and Theresa.

Fox turned to Theresa, “That’s a good idea. Want to watch both?”

She pouted, “Not really. I don’t want to have nightmares..”

Fox sighed, but then smiled. “Fine, but you owe me. We’ll watch this romantic movie of yours.”

Seeing the bright smile Theresa gave him, made Fox’s heart skip a beat. ‘She has a beautiful smile,’ he thought.

Theresa hugged him, “Yay!” she cheered. “Let’s go!” And with those words she gave Ethan and Gwen a little wave and bounced out the door. Fox stared after her for a moment, shrugged and followed out. The door slammed shut and Ethan tried his best to keep his emotions in check. Damn Fox. Theresa was his.

You’re my angel.”

Fox rolled his eyes, as Mandy Moore’s character declared her love to Landon Carter. Beside him, Theresa was blubbering away at the sad scene. Tears were rolling down her pretty face. Fox sighed, he was bored. Completely bored. Why did women have to like romance so much? Out of the corner of his eye, he silently observed Theresa. She was like other women he had met – beautiful, sexy, and loved romance. But she was different too. Kind, caring, she liked to take on tasks herself instead of getting a servant to do it. A person could easily see how much she loved her family. Always joking around with Luis and Miguel, looking up to Antonio, always writing letters to Paloma, and making time for her mother.

Fox had always wished for the kind of family love she had. Maybe that was why he found her so intriguing. She had the kind of love he had always wanted? Inwardly Fox shrugged. He had never known what love felt like, so he never had much use for it.

Theresa sighed happily, “Wasn’t that a great movie?” she asked pulling Fox out of his thoughts.

“Uhh… sure..” he responded.

Theresa stretched her arms and leaned back, while Fox looked at her thoughtfully.



“What’s love?”

Theresa looked surprised but nonetheless answered the question. “Well, love is when you care about someone. It’s a passion existing only between two people.”

“How do you know when you’re in love?”

“When you’re in love, just seeing the other person makes you smile. Your heart just starts beating faster, and when you kiss it feels like you are the only two people in the world.”

Fox looked at Theresa. “I wonder if I’ll ever be able to experience that…”

Theresa gave the blonde man another surprised look. “Of course you will. Why ever not? Anyone can experience love Fox, you just have to find the right woman.”

Shrugging, Fox sighed. “Sometimes I wonder if I’m capable of it.”

“Of love?”

Fox nodded.

“Of course you are Fox! Someday, when you find the right woman, you’ll fall in love and get married and have lots of kids.”

He snorted. “Kids?”

“Why not?”

“Yeah, I don’t know if I’d be a good father figure.”

Theresa reached over and patted Fox’s arm. “Don’t worry about it Fox. I bet you’ll make a great father. I know we barely know each other and it’s only been a few days, but I can tell you’re a good person. You’re kind and caring, you’re funny and don’t take things to seriously. I think you’d make a great boyfriend Fox, and you’ll make some girl very lucky.”

Fox was touched. No one had ever described him that way before. It had always been Fox the playboy. Beautiful women left and right. The wild parties. The gambling. Everyone had always assumed that because he was a Crane he would turn out exactly like Alistair and Julian. And Fox couldn’t blame them, after all, he had grown up in the spotlight and he had always caused trouble to get attention.

But Theresa didn’t see him that way. She saw him as a person. She wanted to get to know him as a person. Fox couldn’t believe it. And the way she talked about love made him want to give up his playing ways.

Stretching his arms, he looked at the girl next to him. He had no idea why Theresa intrigued him so much. He had no idea why he noticed all the little things about her.

But he intended to find out.