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Monday morning dawned rainy and miserable. Sky couldn’t help but think it matched his mood perfectly. His confrontation on Saturday with Sydney followed by the revelations in his journal had left him in a daze. He’d tried, unsuccessfully, all day Sunday to reach her – she hadn’t answered her phone, her morpher, hadn’t come to the door, and worse, construction on the children’s home had to be halted due to the severe thunderstorm that was still raging over the city, so he hadn’t gotten a chance to corner her there either. All in all, Sky was praying for Gruumm to send down one of his goons so he could take his frustrations out on them.

How in the world could he have forgotten?

One of the emotions Sky hated most in the world was feeling guilty. And at the moment, he was feeling that particular emotion in spades. His journal entry had gone on to detail his and Sydney’s fight exactly. They had been goofing off, as little kids tended to do and Sydney had wandered into the simulation room out of curiosity. As a joke, he had shut the door and tried to scare her – he had no idea his joke had turned out so well.

So well, in fact, that he had caused the pink ranger to have arachnophobia.

Cadets jumped out of the way as he strode through the hallways of the Deltabase, a look of irritation on his face. There were whispers about why he was in such a black mood, ranging from it being normal Sky behavior to his lover had dumped him. Most of the comments though were that Sydney and he had had another one of their infamous fights.

“Hey Sky,” Jack grinned when the Blue Ranger strode into the Common Room.

“What do you want?” Sky barked, his eyes blue eyes blazing.

“A favor, actually.”

Sky’s eyes narrowed. The blue ranger glared icy daggers at the red ranger. “What kind of favor?” His voice took on a frosty kind of tone. He had a feeling that he wasn’t going to like what his teammate was going to ask.

“Well, you see, I want to ask Syd on a date, but I’ve got night duty for the week. Think you could trade a shift or two with me?” Jack asked, paying more attention to his comic book until he looked up at Sky. The Red Ranger swallowed, suddenly rethinking his comments as Sky prowled over to him. The Blue Ranger looked like he was going to kill any minute.

“You want to do what?”

“Ask Syd on a date.”

“Why the hell would you want to ask Syd out on a date?”

“Well, besides the obvious,” Jack rolled his eyes, though inwardly he was starting to feel a little scared. He wished he had thought his plan through a little more. “Because she’s a beautiful woman and I like beautiful women. Plus, I think we have some serious chemistry going on. Please, all I’m asking is for you to switch a couple shifts with me.”

“FINE! I’LL SWITCH WITH YOU! TAKE THE WHOLE WEEK!” Sky snarled before promptly storming out of the Common Room past Z and Bridge, who had to jump out of the way lest they get run over by hurricane Sky.

Bridge frowned at Sky’s back while Z started over to Jack, an unreadable look on her face. “What now?”

“I just talked Sky into switching shifts with me.”

Z considered Jack’s comments while Bridge blinked in confusion. “Aren’t you working night shifts with Syd all this week?” Bridge asked.

“Yes, I was. Now Sky is. They can’t avoid each other forever. Remember what Dana said in her phone call yesterday? They’ve been avoiding each other since Saturday’s argument.”

The Yellow and Green Rangers shared a look. “I hope to God you know what you’re doing,” Z muttered. “Cruger is going to skin you alive if we end up with two dead teammates.”

“It can’t be worse than it already is,” Jack grinned, leaning back on the couch, hands behind his head and his legs stretched out, ankles crossed.

Bridge sighed. “Somehow, I think you’re going to regret saying that.”


He was certain that he had never been so pissed off at Jack in his entire life.

Well, besides the time that Jack had received the red morpher instead of him. But that particular issue had been laid to rest for sometime now and he couldn’t exactly use that against the red ranger anymore. Sky paced around his bedroom in a fit of rage. Had he somehow missed something? He never had a clue that Jack had liked the pink ranger!

Well, they had seemed pretty close at Syd’s birthday party a few months back…

Sky shook his head. It couldn’t be true! Not after everything that had happened between him and Syd… Jack just couldn’t come in on his high horse and try to sweep the pink ranger off her feet! The blue ranger resolved to find a way to have Syd forgive him. There was just no way he was going to lose to Jack this time.

No, this time Sky was going to get what he wanted.

And he finally realized that he wanted Sydney.


Sky stopped dead in his tracks when he entered the Command Center to report in for night duty and found Sydney and Kat going over something at the center console. “Hello Sky,” Kat greeted. “I thought Jack was working night shift?”

“We traded.”

Kat nodded. “I’ve already briefed Sydney, I’m sure she can fill you in. Goodnight.”

“Night,” Sky murmured, his eyes on Sydney.

Kat caught the looks and felt the tension, but had to admit it wasn’t as bad as it had been before. The tensions between the two were more sexual now than angry – though there was still some anger. Grinning, Kat strode from the room, leaving the Pink and Blue Rangers staring at one another.

Sydney shook her head and turned her attention back to the computer. Sky sighed heavily, knowing they needed to clear the air. Moving over to her, Sky bent his head closer to hers. “Sydney.”


“We need to talk,” Sky spoke to her in as calm a voice as he could muster. Being so close to her was wrecking havoc on his senses.

“I think we said all that could be said Saturday.”

Burying his pride, Sky took a leap of faith. “I am so sorry,” he whispered, watching her stiffen in surprise. “I went home and found my journal from that summer. I don’t know how many times you want me to say it, but tell me and I will, because I am so sorry. I didn’t lock you in there on purpose. It was supposed to be a joke.”

Sydney whirled around to face him, and found him right next to her. Her face was red and there were already tears forming in her eyes. “It wasn’t a funny joke, Sky! I was a little girl! I looked up to you! You have no idea what that did to me!”

The Blue Ranger reached out and pulled her into a hug when he saw the tears make their way down her cheeks. It broke his heart, knowing now, with the insight of an adult, what it had done to the little girl with blonde curls, big blue eyes, and a huge smile. “I do, now. God, Sydney, you’ve got to believe me. It was an accident that it got turned on. I was trying to unlock it.”

Sydney struggled against the hug. She wanted to believe him, but couldn’t. He’d been her only friend as a child, and then he’d hurt her. The Pink Ranger cried harder when Sky tightened his arms around her.

“I’m sorry, so, so sorry,” he whispered into her hair. “I wish I could take it back, but I can’t.”

Finally, Syd stopped struggling. She didn’t have the strength to keep fighting. “Just let me go and leave me alone, please,” she started, sounding a lot more tired than Sky had ever heard her before.

“Sydney,” Sky spoke, unsure what to say to her.

Blue met blue when Sky let her step back and she raised her head up to look at him. Sky felt a searing guilt coil in his chest and a sense of dread dance around in his stomach when he saw the look on her face.

“Sky,” she whispered, closing her eyes.

Tentatively, the Blue Ranger reached out and touched her cheek. He was only marginally surprised when she leaned into his hand. “I am truly sorry, Sydney. You’ve got to believe me.”

A wistful smile graced her lips. “I know you are, I can see it in your eyes. Apology accepted, but it’s going to take me a while to trust you and to get over what happened.”

Sky nodded, understanding that it took time to build trust, especially trust like that. He could only hope that the more time they spent together, the more she’d trust him. “Friends?”

The Pink Ranger looked startled. She hadn’t ever thought she’d hear Sky suggest that they put their differences aside and try to make peace with their past. Smiling, Syd ducked her head. “I’d like that.”

Sky was biting his lip but when she looked up, he smiled. Grinning impishly, he pulled her into another hug.


Syd and Sky jumped apart at the sound of Commander Cruger’s voice. They both looked sheepish when Anubis raised an eyebrow at them pulling apart.

“Yes sir?” Sky responded, the pair saluting in unison.

“Miss Manx informed me that you had switched shifts with Cadet Landors, Sky. I just wanted to check on you two before I retire for the evening.”

The two Rangers shared a look. “Everything’s fine, Sir,” Syd told him truthfully.

“So I see. Try not to kill each other tonight, please.”

“Yes sir!” they answered.

Anubis nodded and left the room, leaving the two to grin at each other. “Come on, we’ve got work to do,” Sky chuckled, motioning for them to turn back to the computers.


The next morning proved to be a surprise for the whole Academy.

It all started when a D-level cadet woke up much earlier than he usually would. Melvin Gibbons had been at the SPD Academy for many years, training to someday become a power ranger. He tiredly threw on his uniform and decided that since he was up, he might as well get some breakfast and get all his morning training done before everyone else. He slowly walked toward the recreation area and when he entered through the doors, what he saw made him stop in his tracks.

The blue and pink rangers were sitting together.

And talking quietly.

And… getting along?

Melvin blinked and stared at the sight in front of him.

He shook his head and pinched himself and looked at the scene in front of him once more.

The blue and pink rangers were still in the same position, except now they were laughing.


“Whoa,” the D-level cadet turned and ran out of the room. “The others are never going to believe this!”


Hey did you hear - ?”

No, what’s going - ?”

Oh my god, you’ll never guess what happened!”

Does that mean he got laid?”

I don’t know. I hope he did, maybe then he won’t be such a hard ass in training.”

I heard that one of them is possessed and that’s why they’re friends now!”

Really? I heard that they both got hit in the head during a battle and now they both have amnesia.”

Are you serious?”

Whispers and rumors flew all around her as the yellow ranger made her way towards her room. Z glanced around curiously, noticing all the looks of pure glee as groups of cadets exchanged tidbits of gossip with one another. She was normally not one to listen to rumors and gossiping, but this one had her mystified. What was so interesting that had everyone all excited, especially this early in the morning?

Up ahead, she spotted Jack just coming out of the Command Centre doors and ran towards him. “Have you been hearing the crazy rumors flying around?” She demanded as she reached the red ranger. “Do you know what’s going on?”

Jack shrugged. “No clue. I was just coming to find you guys. I was hoping one of you would tell me. Everyone is going nuts over this latest rumor. Wish I knew what it was.”

“You and me both!”

“Hey guys!” Both rangers turned at the sound of Bridge’s voice. The green ranger was running towards them and once he came to a stop in front of them, waved his arms excitedly. “You’ll never guess what happened! Everyone is calling it a miracle and personally, I even think it’s a miracle! I couldn’t believe all the rumors at first… but then I actually saw it with my own eyes! Our very own miracle, you guys! It’s fantastic! It’s amazing! It’s completely unreal! It’s – “

“A miracle?” Jack said dryly, effectively cutting the green ranger off.

Bridge pointed a gloved hand at the red ranger. “Exactly.”

“Mind telling us what this so-called miracle is?” Z asked. Her curiosity was reaching a breaking point and she really wanted to know what was going on. She hated being out of the loop.

“It’s kind of heard to explain,” Bridge shrugged. “Come on, you’ll have to see it for yourself!”

They followed Bridge down the hallway and exchanged puzzled glances as they entered the Recreation Room. And as soon as they walked through the doors, their confusion became ten times worse.

There was Sky and Syd sitting at the table eating peacefully.

Eating peacefully and laughing together!

It was as if the two had never been mortal enemies.

“I think hell just froze over,” Jack muttered under his breath.

The yellow ranger could only agree. Z stared at her friends like they had suddenly grown alien heads. It was a strange sight to behold, to see the blue and pink rangers getting along. It was funny – this was something that everyone had wanted since the beginning, but now that it seemed their wish was being granted, she couldn’t help but think that this was only the calm before the storm.

She shook her head.

It was a little too much to hope that the blue and pink rangers would suddenly become best friends in a day.

By now, Bridge had already joined their teammates and was hungrily eating his breakfast, all the while talking excitedly about their new found friendship and all the things they could do as a team now that Sky and Syd were getting along. “…And we can go to that new cyber space museum that just opened! And you guys can come help me fix my toasters without fighting! And…”

“Bridge,” Syd cut in. “What makes you think that I would willingly fix a toaster? I don’t even know the first thing about it!”

“Syd would probably cry over breaking her nails,” Sky muttered.

The pink ranger turned her attention from Bridge and turned to give Sky a mock glare. “I resent that,” she said as she stuck her tongue out at him and the two rangers laughed.

“This is so eerie,” Z told Jack as the two rangers approached the table. “I mean, just yesterday they were still fighting. How can it all change in twenty four hours?”

“I still say that hell froze over,” the red ranger responded, then shrugged. “Maybe they decided to call a truce? I mean, it is possible right?”

“It wouldn’t be so weird if it hadn’t been a complete one-eighty.”

“Let’s just leave it be for now,” Jack said as he grabbed a breakfast tray. “We might not have another chance to enjoy the peace and quiet.”

Z followed him. “Ditto.”


Sky and Syd’s new found friendship seemed to last the rest of the morning. A couple of hours had gone by and it seemed that everyone was starting to get used to the idea that the infamous fights that the blue and pink rangers were so well known for, were done and over with. Cruger in particular, seemed especially pleased and as a reward, had given the entire team the afternoon off once they were done their morning sparring session and simulation training.

It was kind of fascinating (and shocking) to see just how well the blue and pink rangers worked together once their hatred had been laid to rest. There was no stopping the team as they tackled monster after monster in the simulation room. Never before had training gone so smoothly and as proof of their efforts, their score was the highest it had ever been since they began working together on B-squad. Bridge had discreetly done a reading on their auras earlier that morning and had confirmed that the blackness in their demeanor towards each other had definitely lessened. All morning long, they had witnessed smiles and slight touches being exchanged between the two. Z had been dying to ask what had made them change their minds about each other and decide to get along. But no one wanted to bring the subject up for fear of the new found alliance between their teammates being disintegrated. Everyone wanted the peace to last as long as it could.

Unfortunately, the peace didn’t seem to last that long.

It was one of those things that happened way to fast for anyone to see what happened.

One minute Sky and Syd were fine, and the next, they were up in each other’s faces with looks of fury.

“You totally did that on purpose!” Syd accused as she stood up from her position on the ground, rubbing her elbow.

Sky scoffed. “You just weren’t watching where you were going!”

The red, green and yellow rangers immediately stood up, their instincts kicking in, ready to try and defuse the situation. But to their surprise, the pink and blue rangers managed to solve things on their own. After a minute, both of them relaxed.

They grinned at one another.

“I’m sorry,” Sky remarked. “Are you alright? I guess I should’ve been watching what I was doing.”

The pink ranger shook her head. “No, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have yelled at you.”

Bridge, Z and Jack just stared.

“What just happened here?” Bridge asked, rubbing his head. Beside him, Z just shrugged.

Jack sighed. “Man, this day is turning out to be the weirdest day. I say we quit and go relax.”

Both the yellow and green rangers perked up at Jack’s statement. “Why don’t we all spend the day doing our own thing, and then meet up for dinner later?” Z suggested. It would be nice to just spend the day away from the Academy for once and away from the people she was normally with. Sometimes one just needed a break.

“Sounds like a plan,” Jack nodded. “See you guys later!”


The five rangers met up for dinner later that night at a restaurant located about five minutes away from the Academy. It was amazing how therapeutic a few hours of alone time could do to a person. Z was grinned happily as she spotted Bridge already sitting at booth. She slid into the seat next to him and flashed him a bright smile.

“Looks like you had a good day,” the green ranger remarked.

“Oh, the best.”

“And what did you do today?”

“Went to the theatre and watched a couple of movies.”

“By yourself?”

“It was fun! The films were awful but I loved the fact that I was by myself. What did you do all day?”

“Hung out with Boom. We did a bunch of alterations to our toasters. I really think it’ll make my toast more buttery,” at the word ‘buttery’, Bridge wiggled his fingers causing Z to laugh.

“Hey people, what’s happening?”

Jack slid into the booth next to Z as Sky and Syd piled into the seat in front of them. Their teammates looked to be in a good mood, judging by the large grins on their faces. Was it her imagination, or did Sky actually have his arm around Syd’s shoulders for a nanosecond? Another glance told her that she had to have been imagining things. Briefly, the yellow ranger wondered if the blue and pink rangers were even aware of the fact that they were sitting pretty close together. She decided not to mention it.

“So, how was everyone’s day?” she asked. “What did you guys end up doing?”

“Sleep,” the red ranger opened up the menu that was placed in front of them. “And it was a damn good nap too. We should have days like today more often.”

“Sky and I had lunch and hung out at the mall,” Syd added.

There was a brief silence and –

“What?” Z asked. “You guys hung out together?”

“Yep,” Sky replied.

“Seriously?” Jack stared. “Did you guys kill each other?”

“Nope,” the pink ranger shook her head. “It was fun. We played arcade games.”

Bridge grinned. The green ranger seemed to be the only one to accept their new friendship easily. “I think that’s great.”

But Z had seen enough. All day she had wondered what was up with her teammates. “Did you guys have personality transplants or something? Why are you two friends all of a sudden? I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m thrilled that you two are getting along. But, what gives?”

“Yeah,” Jack added. “What she said.”

“We decided that enough was enough,” Sky answered, after exchanging a glance with the pink ranger. “We’re making an effort not to fight anymore.”

“It’s not as hard as I thought it would be,” Syd remarked.

Jack and Z exchanged puzzled glances. Jack shrugged his shoulders. “I guess they don’t want to tell us the reason they became friends. We’ll probably find out eventually.”

Z sighed. “I wish we knew the reason right now though.”

“Does it really matter?” Bridge asked. “Right now they’re getting along. It’s more than we could’ve ever hoped for.”

“True,” the yellow ranger nodded.

“Ah, who cares?” Jack grinned. “Let’s eat!”


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