Fleeting Moments: Sky and Syd

Challenge - Watching


Following her with his eyes had become an addiction. He learned a lot about her from just observing her on a daily basis. The way her long, graceful hands moved when she spoke, the way her eyes sparkled when she was amused, the way those same eyes snapped with fire when she was angry... or annoyed.

The way she hid behind the curtain of long blonde hair when she knew that her reaction would cause hurt... or anger. Her eyes would flash with annoyance whenever she felt that someone would hurt her family and she would jump to defend the people she loved most. He especially loved her eyes.

The way her eyes softened when she looked at James, Bridge and Zís brand new son.

As much as he watched her, the first time he'd seen that, he had been unable to look away. Her face had become more beautiful than he'd ever seen it, and he'd watched her, tenderly holding the newborn in her arms for the first time, completely in awe. When tears had sparkled in her lovely blue eyes, tears of happiness and joy at meeting this new addition to the Carson family, his heart had flipped over in his chest, and he'd realized, on some level, that Sydney Drew with a child in her arms was somehow exactly right, and an image that he'd carry with him always.

She had looked up at him then, caught him watching her, his heart in his eyes, and still he'd been unable to look away.

He loved her, that much he knew. But for some reason, he was unable to open his heart, unable to beak down his walls and let her in. He had tried though. There had been a period of time in the past, when they had been together and he had been so deliriously happy. As long as they werenít talking about the past or the future, he would be fine. Then his insecurities had set in.

Memories of his own mother walking out on their family still haunted him, still scarred him. She had been unable to handle being a Power Rangerís wife, and take care of a seven-year-old child. His father had been so heartbroken when she had left. He had barely been able to go on living. Sky had vowed to never let anyone hurt him the way his mother had hurt his father. His father had loved his mother more than anything and he had never recovered.

So when Sydney had brought up the subject of marriage, children and the future, it had scared him to no end. A few weeks later, he ended their relationship.

Things had been awkward between them for awhile, but eventually their friendship had been restored. Even though they were friends, he still missed her. Missed the way she felt in his arms, the way she would smile at him with a smile that was reserved just for him. He missed being with her.

At the thought of her, he looked up, quickly, instinctively needing to see her smile, her hair, and was startled when he caught blue eyes skimming over him, coming to rest as they met his. Sydney Drew was watching him, and she wasn't looking away.