Fleeting Moments: Sky and Syd

Challenge #2 –Things Left Unsaid

Note: For the purpose of this fic, let’s pretend that Sky’s father never died, okay?



Lightning crashed, illuminating the city in flashes of light as thunder boomed from up above. Heavy rain poured down from the clouds, cleansing the city. Sydney Drew sat at the foot of her bed, staring out of the window, her cheek resting on her palm and her elbow on the window ledge. She listened as the wind howled outside and the pit-patter sound of the rain as it hit her window.


She had never liked thunder storms to begin with but tonight she felt differently. She sighed as lightning crashed again. The stormy weather matched her mood exactly.


They had been friends for eight years and for two of those years, they had dated. Then they had broken up. To this day, Sydney still didn’t know the real reason why she and Sky had broken up. All she knew was that one day she and Sky were together and happy, and the next, they were no longer an item. She had thought Sky had been committed to her. She had definitely fallen hard and deep for him. And she had been so sure that they had future together. Her world had stopped spinning when he had spoken the words she had come to hate.


“I think we should see other people.”


First, Sky had become distant. Then, he began making excuses and canceling out on their dates. Shortly after that, he began avoiding her. Then-


Sydney shook her head, trying to not relive the memories of that hurtful day. Her heart had been broken with just seven simple words. She would never be the same again. She had shouted, cried, pleaded, and begged, begged to know the reason why he didn’t want her anymore. He had only replied that it wasn’t her fault and that she was better off without him anyway.


But Sydney disagreed.


How could she be better off without him? He was the love of her life.


She loved him. She loved only him.


For months afterward, she lived in misery. She stayed in bed, crying and eating as much ice cream as she could find. Friends and family all told her that it was unhealthy to live that way, and told her that it was time to move on.  But none of them had understood. They didn’t understand the feeling of being in love, didn’t understand the feelings of hurt and betrayal that she felt. They only saw it as another breakup.


Z had understood though. Thank goodness for Z. Z had been there for her, held her when she cried and ate ice cream with her when she was feeling depressed. She was grateful to Z; their friendship had only grown stronger since their ranger days.


But even though Z tried her best to help her, she couldn’t always be there. Even Z couldn’t understand the pain and loneliness she felt –Z had Bridge. Z had someone to go home to at the end of the night, had someone to wrap his arms around her and tell her she was loved. Sydney had no one.


Eventually, she and Sky had become friends once more. After almost a year of not talking, she somehow found the courage to call him out of the blue. If she couldn’t have him as her boyfriend, she certainly wanted him as her friend.


Things had been awkward at first. There were periods of long silences –neither knew what to say to each other. Gradually, things started becoming the way they used to be –the way they were before they dated, the way they were when they had been rangers.


For awhile, Sydney had been able to push memories of their past relationship to the back of her mind. Their friendship was stronger than ever and she didn’t want anything to ruin it. Her heart still carried a torch for him, but she couldn’t act on her feelings, or rather, she was feeling too cowardly to do so.


But ever since the arrival of Z and Bridge’s new born baby, she had had enough. She was tired of hurting. She was tired of crying herself to sleep every night. She was tired of being lonely. She wanted to move on, but couldn’t do so if she didn’t know the reasons why. She wouldn’t be able to let go, if she didn’t make herself understand.


Sky wouldn’t tell her the reasons, she knew. That man was nothing but stubborn and when he set his mind to it, she knew she wouldn’t get anything out of him. He had never spoken much of his past. Sydney knew that she had been the first serious girlfriend that Sky had ever had. She remembered once asking him about his family, and while he had enthusiastically told her about his father, he almost never mentioned his mother. Over time, Sydney had learned to never mention Mrs. Tate around him.


But enough was enough.


Thunder boomed once more as a lonely tear slipped down Sydney’s cheek. If she couldn’t get the answers from Sky, she would find out from someone else. Someone that would tell her exactly what she wanted to know so she could move on. Lightning crashed again as Sydney stood up from her bed and went to search for her phone book. She was going to find Sky’s father and get the answers she needed.





The next day was sunny and bright. The only remains of the storm from the night before was the nice, fresh smell in the air and the dew on the grass and flowers. As soon as she had woken up and had eaten breakfast, Sydney made a phone call.


Sky’s father had been surprised to hear from her, to say the least. Once she had explained who she was and mentioned that she wanted to talk to him, Mr. Tate had kindly invited her over to his house for their chat. Now, as Sydney approached the white door, she suddenly felt nervous. What if she said something wrong? What would Sky’s father think of her? Would he think she was good enough for his son? Sydney didn’t know, but she would soon find out.


The door opened and an elderly man stepped out and gave her a warm smile. Sydney instantly felt reassured. The man was in his late forties, she guessed.


He held out his hand. “You must be Sydney,” he spoke in a gentle voice.


She nodded. “Thank you for meeting with me, Mr. Tate.”


He held the door open for her and waved her comment away. “Please call me, Scott,” he replied. “Come in, from the sound of your phone call, I’m sure you must have a lot of questions.”


She nodded, and followed him into the living room. He gestured for her to sit on the couch as he stood near the doorway that led to the kitchen. “Would you like something to drink?”


Sydney shook her head. “No thank you, sir. I won’t take up a lot of your time.”


The man nodded and moved to sit down on the couch opposite of her. “Alright then,” he paused, making himself comfortable. “What is it that you wanted to talk to me about? It’s about my son, isn’t it?”


She nodded. For an hour, she explained of her relationship with Sky to his father. She told him how much she loved Sky, how heartbroken she felt and how she wanted them to be together again. Through all this, Scott Tate listened in silence, his eyebrow furrowing every now and then.


Finally, after what seemed like a long period of silence, Scott Tate sighed and rubbed his forehead with his hand. “I should’ve seen this coming.”


“It was hard,” she spoke softly. “Things just ended so suddenly. I really thought he was happy with me.”


“Tell me,” Scott paused and stared at her seriously. “Did you ever mention children or marriage to Sky?”


She nodded. “Only once. But I was just imagining what my future would be like with him. I didn’t initiate that I wanted to get married at that very moment.”


Instead of replying, Scott shot off another question. “What do you know about Sky’s mother?”


Sydney was startled. “Nothing, really. I mean- I asked once, but Sky avoided the topic.”


Scott nodded. “I’m not surprised. He avoids the topic of his mother because he holds some resentment toward her.”


Her curiosity made itself known. “How come?”


“When Sky was seven years old, his mother walked out on us.”


Sydney’s eyes widened and she let out a soft gasp.


“Helen couldn’t handle being the wife of a Power Ranger,” Scott paused and gave Syd a significant look. “I’m sure you know all the dangers that a Power Ranger faces.”


She nodded.


“Helen couldn’t stand all the zord battles and all the people getting constantly hurt. She lived in constant fear that something would happen to me and that she would be left all alone to raise a young child. Helen hated that our time alone was always being interrupted. She wanted family vacations and romance,” Scott’s eyes looked regretful. “I loved Helen and Sky with all my heart. If she had told me of her feelings, I would’ve given up being a ranger just for her. Instead, she decided that she had, had enough and just left, leaving me with divorce papers.”


Sydney had tears in her eyes and Scott stood up and moved closer to where the blonde sat. Sitting down next to her, Scott grabbed Sydney’s hand, patting it gently. “Do you love my son?”


“Absolutely.” She had no hesitations.


Scott nodded. “I thought so,” he gave her a gentle smile. “Keep holding on, Sydney. Don’t do what my ex-wife did. Don’t give up on Sky.”


Sydney stared down at the floor, and she sniffed. “I don’t even know what he feels for me anymore.”


He patted her hand again. “I know my son, Sydney. I know he still loves you.”


She looked up, hope shinning in her eyes. “You think so?”


Scott nodded. “Be patient Sydney. Show him that you’ll wait for him. Sky is afraid of being abandoned, and when you started talking about marriage, it frightened him. It brought back bad memories for him.


“I had no idea,” she said softly.


“Just be patient, Sydney. Sky will come around. Soon enough, he’ll see that he doesn’t have to be afraid.”





Sydney took a deep breath as she stepped out of her car and headed toward the entrance of the Academy. All night long, the former pink ranger had thought long and hard about what Sky’s father had said.


Sky wasn’t afraid of commitment as she had originally thought. He was afraid of being abandoned. A part of her felt angry that Sky hadn’t trusted her enough to tell her his fears. But a larger part wanted to run to Sky and comfort him. She wanted to wrap her arms around him and squeeze him tight; reassuring him that she’d never leave him. To let him know that she wouldn’t hurt him the way his mother had hurt his father.




Her thoughts were broken when a voice suddenly called out her name. She turned and felt her heart beat faster when she saw Sky walked toward her. She stopped walking and smiled, thoughts of her conversation with Sky’s father still running through her mind.


Sky reached her and they continued walking toward the Command Centre.


“Ready to train those new Cadets?” he asked with a smile.


“Of course,” she replied. “The question is, are they ready for us?”


They shared a laugh as they stopped just outside the Command Centre. A silence fell between them.


Sydney stared up into Sky’s eyes and for a moment, time seemed to stop moving. She felt frozen in place and all of a sudden, everything just seemed so clear. She saw all the unspoken words that Sky’s eyes said. Recognized all the meanings in every simple action.


All the things he had left unsaid.


When he smiled at her. You’re beautiful.


When he gave her a high five. I’m proud of you.


Every touch. I miss you.


The way he looked at her. I love you.


All the messages that she had missed. Sky had been telling her things all along. Her heart soared. Looking up into Sky’s eyes reassured her. She wanted to dance with joy.


Sky still loved her. She could see it in his eyes.


How could she have missed all the things left unsaid?


“Just be patient, Sydney. Sky will come around. Soon enough, he’ll see that he doesn’t have to be afraid.”


The words came back to her.


Sydney grinned. All she had to do was wait for Sky to realize that she would always be there.


And wait, she would.