When Sky woke up that morning, the first thing he saw was sunlight pouring in through the window of his bedroom. The sunlight lit up his room, giving it a cheery feeling. He shifted, rolling over to his side and groaned when he saw what time it was. The glowing red numbers were flashing 10:01am on his alarm clock. He let out a yawn, and stretched across his bed, rubbing his forehead. 10:01am? He never slept that late.


For some reason, he didn’t really care about the fact that he had woken up late that morning. Usually, he would be up at 7:30am, refreshed, energized and ready to go.  But this morning felt different. He stretched across his bed, unknown feelings washing over him. He laid there for a moment, trying to pinpoint exactly what the feelings were and was unsuccessful. Sighing, he sat up and pulled back the covers before heading towards his bathroom. Standing over the edge of the sink, he stared up into the mirror, his thoughts still trying to figure out the nagging feeling.


He quickly brushed his teeth and exited the bathroom and headed towards his kitchen. He made a beeline toward the fridge, pulling the door open and grimaced once he saw what was inside.


Old rotten cheese.


His fridge was completely empty with the exception of the cheese. Sky groaned, quickly removing the rotten cheese and threw it into his trash can before slamming the refrigerator shut. Why did he keep forgetting to restock his fridge? Was he always that busy?


His stomach growled and he let out a sigh. Looks like I’m going to be eating out for breakfast. Again.


As he headed back toward his bedroom for a change of clothes, the phone in his kitchen rang. The blue ranger let out another groan. He wasn’t in the mood to play nice with anyone that morning… he just wanted some food!


He debated for a moment whether or not to pick up or let the answering machine get it and finally decided to answer. The shrill ring of the telephone was beginning to give him a headache. Whoever was calling him better have a good reason Gingerly, he reached out and picked up the receiver and held it to his ear. “Hello?”


“Oh, good! You’re finally at home. I was beginning to lose hope of ever finding you this morning.”


The voice on the other end instantly drove away his bad mood and he perked up a bit more. Without being aware of it, a smile floated onto his face and he cradled the phone closer to his ear. “Hey Syd, what’s up?”


“Other than wondering where you were this morning, nothing much.”


Sky glanced up at the clock hanging on his kitchen wall. “It’s only 10:30am.”


“I know that, and now I’m wondering what you did with the real Sky. Because the Sky I know would be answering his phone when someone calls it.”


“Ah,” Sky paused. “Sorry about that. I just woke up about a half hour ago.”


“What? Really?” Syd’s voiced floated over the phone, sounding concerned. There were shuffling noises in the background that made him think she was in a hurry to get somewhere. “Are you feeling okay?”


“I’m fine, it’s just one of those days where I feel like being lazy, you know?”


“Okay, who are you and what have you done with the real Sky? You’re never lazy.”


“Haha, very funny,” he retorted sarcastically. “So, did you need something?”


“Not really,” Now Syd sounded amused. “But I hope you’re up for a visitor, because I’m bored and I’m coming over, okay? Bye!”


The line went dead before Sky could answer.


Sky pulled the phone away from his ear, and stared at the receiver. Grinning, he shook his head and hung up the phone. He started to head back to his bedroom once more, hoping to change clothes before Syd would get there, but the sudden ringing of his doorbell stopped him. Frowning, he headed toward his front door and cracked it open.


“Hey you!” Sydney grinned and breezed past him like nothing had happened. The short blonde waltzed into the kitchen, carrying two large paper bags. She set the bags on the counter and began moving around the kitchen, pulling out plates and other things.


“Yes, please come in,” Sky said sarcastically as he shut the front door. “What, you don’t wait for an invitation to come in anymore?”


Sydney grinned, looking amused as she stared at him from the kitchen. “Are you kidding?” she laughed. “I never needed an invitation before, why start now?”


Sky rolled his eyes and shook his head, grinning as he did so. He headed toward her. “So, what did you bring me?”


“Well, I knew your fridge was bare, so I went grocery shopping this morning. Why else would I be frantically calling you nonstop, huh? I needed to get into your house,” Syd winked at him. “Can’t have you eating out all the time, it’s unhealthy.” The pink ranger turned her attention back towards the bags that she had carried in. She pulled out packages of food and waved it at him. “You hungry?”


“You are a goddess!” Sky exclaimed, racing toward the petite blonde. “I’m starving!”


“Good,” the pink ranger giggled, before turning to the stove. “Pancakes sound good?”


“Pancakes sound great,” Sky answered. “I’m going to go and change clothes.”


“Take your time,” Syd replied, as the blue ranger headed towards his room. “Hey Sky!”


Sky turned abruptly and looked at the pink ranger questioningly.


Syd winked at him. “Nice boxers.”


She laughed as Sky turned bright red.





Sky let out a contented sigh and grinned as he waved goodbye to Sydney from the doorway of his house. Breakfast with the pink ranger had been fun and he had felt totally at ease. For a moment, he felt a pang of sadness as he watched her car speed away and was reminded of a time in his childhood when something similar had happened…


The phone rang, effectively breaking his thoughts and reminiscing. He quickly reached for the receiver, glad for the distraction. “Hello,” he answered.


“Hey son.”


“Oh, hey dad. How is everything?”


“Everything’s fine. I was just wondering if you’d like to stop by the house later for lunch.”




“Alright, son. I’ll see you then.” 


 Sky hung up the phone, feeling confused. His father often called to check up on him, but this time he had a strange feeling about their lunch date. He couldn’t shake off the feeling that his father wanted to talk to him about something.






Lunch had been an enjoyable affair. He and his father had joked around and caught each other up with the events in each other’s lives. Scott Tate spoke of the latest activities he had done and Sky told his father of all the trainings he had done with the cadets at the Academy. They had settled onto the couch in the living room and a comfortable silence ensued.   


Scott Tate looked at his son. Sky was an adult now and he was extremely proud of him. What he had to say next was not going to be easy…


“Son, we need to talk.”


Sky’s good mood suddenly faded away and he sat up straighter, giving his father his full attention. “About what?” he asked carefully.


Scott stared at him for a moment, before asking, “Why haven’t you settled down and gotten married yet?”


Sky was sure his face had a pained expression. “Can we not talk about this?”


“No Sky, I want to discuss this.”




“No Sky! You’re twenty-six years old for goodness sake. You have to settle down sometime!”


The blue ranger fell silent and Scott Tate sighed. This was not the way he had imagined the conversation to have started out.


“Dad,” Sky spoke quietly. “Relationships… they aren’t… well, they aren’t for me.”


Scott raised an eyebrow. “Give me a good reason why they aren’t.”


“Because… my life is SPD,” Sky’s eyes strayed to the floor. “I’m alone because I chose to be. Relationships just don’t work for me dad.”




Sky looked up, shocked by the sudden tone in his father’s voice.


“Don’t look at me like that, Sky,” his father said sharply. “What you just said was complete and utter bullshit.”


Sky’s eyes narrowed. “How is that bullshit?”


“It wasn’t your decision to be alone. You’re alone because you’re afraid of your own emotions.”


“That’s not true!”


Scott looked weary and he sighed. “Sky,” his voice was soft once more. “It’s okay to love. You don’t have to be afraid.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about dad. I’ve never been in love.”


“No? Then tell me about Sydney.”


His father’s words effectively shut Sky up. He stared at his father, eyes wide and his heart beating faster. Scott looked at his son and smiled softly. “You’re not denying it. I guess it must be true.”


Sky sucked in a deep breath. “How do you know about Sydney?”


“You think I’m blind, Sky? I may be old, but I’m certainly not stupid. You were floating on cloud nine for two years. You think I wouldn’t notice?”


Sky could only shrug.


“Why did you and Sydney break up?”


The blue ranger stared at his father, not sure of what to say, but knowing he had to answer. He looked away. “I don’t know.”


Scott gave his son a knowing look. “I think you do know, you just don’t want to admit it to me.” He moved closer to Sky. “Does it have to do with your mother?” he asked gently. There was a long silence and Scott knew his suspicions were correct. Sky had never fully healed from the impact his mother had made by leaving. He sighed.


“Sky,” he said gently. “Trust me, its okay to love.”


“No dad,” Sky finally burst out. “It’s not okay! Was all the pain and suffering really worth it? Mom was supposed to love you, dad! She was supposed to stick by you in sickness and in health. You guys were supposed to be together forever! And she just left!” He was breathing hard, and he clenched a fist, trying to calm down. He sank lower into his seat. “She just left us,” he spoke more quietly.


Scott sighed, wishing that he had had this talk with Sky years ago. “Son,” he began quietly. “What your mother did was wrong, but you can’t let her actions ruin your happiness.”


“I just don’t want anyone to leave me, like mom left us,” Sky mumbled. “It hurts too much.”


“Sky, answer this question for me. Do you still love Sydney?”


The answer came immediately to Sky’s mind, but it took a moment to answer his father’s question. “Yes.”


“Are you afraid that she’ll leave you like your mother left us?”


There was no hesitation this time around. “Yes. I wouldn’t be able to take it if Sydney left me.”


“So, you left her first.”


Sky didn’t reply and the silence said enough. Scott let out another sigh. “Sky, Sydney is not your mother. Your mother couldn’t understand all the expectations that being a power ranger has. She didn’t like the battles that power rangers go through and she hated being the wife of a power ranger. She didn’t love me enough to overcome it.”


Sky stared at the floor, saying nothing.


“However,” Scott continued. “Sydney is different.”


Sky looked up, confusion swirling in his eyes.


“Son, Sydney is also a Power Ranger. She understands each and every feeling you get. She understands the feeling you get when you lose a life, she understands the joy of saving the world and saving lives,” Scott paused and gave his son a meaningful glance. “Most importantly, she understands because she was there for every moment and every step of the way, fighting right by your side. And that is the difference between Sydney and your mother.”


Scott looked at Sky. “I’m proud of everything that you have accomplished in your life, son. But trust me on this, life is too short to live alone. Go find Sydney. Tell her you love her and get married. Buy a house, have children and grow old together. I know you, Sky. You’re my son, I know what you’re like and I know the man you’ve become. I know that you don’t want to be alone for the rest of your life. It’s time to stop hiding behind those walls you built up.”


“What if you’re wrong?” Sky’s voice sound small. “What if I do all those things and she leaves me?”


“It’s called trust, Sky,” he spoke gently. “You have to trust her.”


Slowly, Scott stood up from the couch and headed back into the kitchen, leaving Sky alone with his thoughts.






The sky was cloudy and gray and the air was moist as the former blue ranger walked through the park. His earlier conversation with his father had left many questions in his mind. Was his father right? Would he really be okay? Could he trust Sydney not to break his heart?


As he walked along the path, memories, both good and bad, began swarming through his brain. The bad memories were mostly of his mother, but the good memories were mostly of Syd. Good memories that they had made in the very same park that he was currently walking through. And without realizing it, he began taking a trip down memory lane…



He felt cold. He had been sick for the past twenty-four hours and his illness showed no signs of leaving anytime soon. Coughs wracked his body and he sniffed, desperately trying to get some air through his stuffed up nasal passage. Without warning, he sneezed three times in a row. Leaning back into his pillows, he groaned. He hated being sick. He coughed again.


“Boy, you don’t sound so good.”


His head turned at the sound of Sydney’s voice. The petite blonde came into the room, carrying a tray of food, which she set down on his night stand before moving to sit next to him at the edge of the bed. She placed a hand on his forehead and frowned. “You don’t look so good either. You must have a serious case of the flu.”


Sky could only groan.


Sydney smiled. “Don’t worry, Sky. I’ll take care of you.”


Sydney had stayed that whole week, Sky remembered. In fact, now that Sky thought about it, Sydney had been there for every important part in his life. When he had been promoted to red ranger. When he had became Lieutenant Tate at the Academy. She had been there was he was feeling down, doing her best to cheer him up. She had been there.


Suddenly, his heart felt lighter and he wanted to dance with joy. The clouds above began to darken and there was a low rumble. Slowly, raindrops began to fall, damping his clothes. Sydney had always loved the rain, he remembered. He grinned and let out a laugh, causing onlookers to stare at him strangely. He loved Sydney. Loved her so much that he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. He trusted her not to break his heart.


Sky’s grin became wider as he felt the raindrops against his face.


Now all he had to do was find her and tell her so.