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Note: A Han Bo is a karate weapon. It’s a short wooden staff.


The room was dark but completely spacious. The only source of light came through the window from the bright glowing round moon. The room had a musky smell and was empty, but yet, full as well. Had any normal person walked into the room, he or she would immediately shiver, feeling the chill of the coldness that the room gave off. In the corner, lay two mattresses, one on top of the other. The thin, ragged blanket was tossed to the side, lying limp and stretched.

A breeze floated through the open window, ruffling the ragged curtains slightly. His heavy breathing came out in little visible puffs of vapor and there was a crispness in the air that indicated the signs of an early winter. Sweat dripped down his firm chest as he paused from his strenuous exercise. In his right hand, he clutched a Han Bo. He had found the worn wooden staff in the corner of an alley. It was old, but it served its purpose.

Most of his days were now spent training and studying the layout of the SPD Academy. His time in prison had done nothing to his appearance and he was satisfied that he was still able to install fear within people with just one look, but he figured that it wouldn’t hurt to train some more. It was easy to manipulate people if you had the right attributes, and he knew he had the right attributes.

Giovanni was a man of extreme patience and he was also a man with excellent timing. He liked things planned down to the very last detail and knew how to execute them perfectly. He grinned maliciously at the thought of his former ‘children’ waiting for him to strike at any given moment. They were probably living in fear, staying inside the building and taking comfort in the safety that SPD provided. It was pointless, he knew. He would get to them sooner or later. They could have their cold comfort; it wouldn’t last much longer anyway.

He had been on Earth for a little over two months now. Using the darkness to his advantage, he went hunting for things almost every night. He had memorized his way around Newtech City within days of his arrival and made himself at home. Mainly, he broke into places that sold food and weapons. During this time, he had managed to make contacts whether it was willingly or unwillingly. So far, they had all been useless except for one.


The strange looking pig-like alien was more useful than any other person he had encountered so far on Earth. He had been supplied with maps and layouts of the SPD Academy. Hours upon hours of sitting and watching from treetops helped determined exactly which rooms everyone was in. They made it all too easy to locate them. All their rooms were in the same facility. He wasn’t concerned about Jack or Caleb or even Ian and Keegan. He was more intent on studying the women. They had all certainly grown up to be beautiful women. Elizabeth and Kathleen were all grown up and no longer little girls. Giovanni licked his lips, imagining how their confrontation would go when they would finally come face to face. Perhaps they would have a little fun before they all met their demise... He studied their habits and their weaknesses, memorizing them so he could use it to his advantage. He had also begun studying the people surrounding them.

Sky, Sydney and Bridge.

They were an interesting group of people and he spent hours studying them as well. Each of them had a sense of goodness and nobility that he greatly despised. They cared about Z and Jack deeply and extended their kindness onto the others. They were formidable opponents and Giovanni knew they were fiercely loyal and would defend everyone to their last breath. They believed in kindness, and in love. They cared and made sure to protect everyone they could, always lending a helping hand to anyone.

Giovanni snorted.

There was no such thing as love and kindness got you no where.

There was only power and money.

Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted shadows moving toward him. Within one swift moment, he reached out and had the figure pinned to the wall, his hand groping the person’s neck. “Who are you?” His voice came out sounding low.

“I- its m-me,” the voice squeaked.

Even in the darkness, Giovanni could smell fear. “Well, well, well,” he slurred. “Piggy. What a nice surprise.”

Piggy felt himself begin to shake and panic rising within him. He was still pinned to the wall and Giovanni’s hand was still clutching his neck and his feet were dangling an inch from the ground. His arm trembling, he lifted the scroll he had been holding for Giovanni to see. “I- b-brought another l-layout of SPD for you.” Instantly, he felt himself being dropped to the ground and he stumbled slightly before gaining his balance.

Giovanni’s scarred features twisted into a malicious smile. “Ah, did you? Excellent Piggy.” Once the blue prints were in his hands, he pinned Piggy with his coldest stare. “Remember Piggy, tell anyone of our meeting and you will cease to exist.”

Piggy gulped, remembering the way Giovanni had ruthlessly murdered some of his customers in front of his restaurant. The pig-like alien nodded and rushed out of the house, leaving Giovanni alone with his thoughts once more.

Giovanni turned to the window, the bright full moon was now hidden behind dark grey clouds. His hand clenched and his eyes darkened.

It was almost time.

Only six more days.


Note: I apologize for the pretty short chapter, but I really don’t want to give anything away concerning Giovanni. I think he’s turning out to be one of my favorite characters for this story! Anyway, more of his story will come later on during this fic. Thanks to everyone who reviewed the last chapter! They all made me smile :D