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The sun was beginning to rise and the Academy was starting to waken with activity but Z took no notice. The yellow ranger had been up since she had woken from her dreams the night before and hadn’t been able to get back to sleep since. It was still really early yet, and Z had been sitting at the breakfast table for the last hour just waiting for anyone to show up.

A steaming cup of coffee was placed in front of her and the yellow ranger glanced up, feeling a little startled. Bridge grinned at her before taking a seat next to her. He gestured at the cup of coffee. “You look like you could use an energy boost.”

Z grasped the cup and took a sip. She smiled gratefully. “Thanks Bridge.”

“It’s no problem,” the green ranger gave her a worried glance. “Are you okay? You look like you didn’t sleep very well last night.”

Z took another sip. “I’m fine.” She flashed another smile at Bridge that made his heart thump wildly.

“Well,” Bridge paused and he blushed a bit. “If you need someone to talk to, you know you can always come to me!”

At that comment, the yellow ranger truly grinned. “I know that Bridge. Thanks.”

The doors to the Common Room opened and Jack walked in. The red ranger grabbed a breakfast tray and sat down in front of the two rangers. “I don’t get why we have to wake up so early,” he grumbled, yawning. “It should be a crime to be awake before 8am.”

Bridge just shrugged. “It’s protocol.”

Jack took a bite of his pancakes and glanced up, taking a closer look at Z. “You alright? You look like the living dead.”

The yellow ranger rolled her eyes. “Thanks Jack,” she replied dryly. “You really know how to flatter a girl. No wonder you don’t have a girlfriend.”

The red ranger didn’t look convinced. “Seriously though, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, just a bit tired that’s all.”

The doors to the Common Room slid open again and this time Sky and Syd walked in, both looking wide awake. “Good morning!” Syd grinned, moving to join the others as she grabbed a breakfast tray, with Sky following.

The other three rangers cringed at Syd’s bright and chipper tone so early in the morning. “Must you be so disgustingly cheerful this early in the morning? It’s not even 6:30 yet,” Jack winced. “Some of us aren’t morning people, if you hadn’t noticed.”

“Sorry,” Syd chirped, grinning.

The blue and pink rangers sat down and began to dig into their breakfast. The rest of the time passed by in comfortable silence as they ate.


The pink ranger hummed happily as she made her way towards the boys’ room after breakfast that very morning. They had split up shortly after they had finished eating to do their various morning activities (cleaning, roll duty with the younger cadets, checking in with the Commander and Kat etc…). Since they didn’t have anything to do that particular morning, Syd had decided to look for Bridge. Pausing briefly to check her image in a nearby glass window, the pink ranger gave a grin at her reflection before knocking on the door. Her smile became wider when she heard her boyfriend’s voice float through the door with a “Come in!” As soon as the doors slid open, she bounced in and flopped onto the edge of Sky’s bed.

Sky looked up from his book and grinned. “Hi.”

The pink ranger leaned forward and gave him a brief kiss. “Hi.” She nodded at the book in his hand. “Why do you always read that?”

Sky gave her a puzzled look. “What’s wrong with this book?”

Syd rolled her eyes. “Only that it’s the most boring book in history. Honestly Sky, don’t you ever get tired of reading the SPD handbook over and over?”

The blue ranger had a mischievous grin as he tossed his book onto his nightstand. He leaned forward and pulled the pink ranger into his arms. “I can think of better things to do,” he wiggled his eyebrows in a suggestive manner.

Syd laughed and the two kissed for several more minutes. Pulling apart, Syd sighed happily and laid her head on Sky’s chest.

“So,” Sky asked, “Did you come here to bug me, or did you have a reason for visiting?”

“I need a reason to visit?” Syd pouted playfully and Sky grinned, shaking his head no. The pink ranger laughed. “Well, actually I was looking for Bridge.”


“He disappeared after breakfast before I could talk to him. He promised that he would come fix our bathroom sink and our shower today. The sink is leaking again and there’s something wrong with the shower. That water either comes out freezing cold or luke warm, it’s like we’re out of hot water or something. I wanted to make sure he didn’t forget, and accidentally make other plans or something like that.”

Sky coughed and shifted slightly, remembering the last time the girls’ bathroom had ran out of hot water. He hadn’t been able to look at Syd the same way since then. “I’m sure Bridge will remember.”

“He better. Last time the faucet leaked, it took forever for the carpet to dry!”


Bridge knocked and frowned when he received no answer. “Syd? Z?” he called out. “I’m here to fix your sink and your shower!”

Again, no answer.

The green ranger shrugged and entered the room. The room was seemingly empty and he concluded that the girls were probably somewhere around the Academy. Perhaps the girls had forgotten that he was supposed to fix their faucet that morning. Bridge stepped toward the bathroom with a tool box in hand, but when he opened the door, he got a bit of a surprise.


“AHHH!” Bridge yelled in response and dropped his toolbox as the very nude yellow ranger quickly covered herself with a fluffy yellow towel. He quickly adverted his eyes to the floor and acting on instinct, he put his right hand over his eyes, shielding her from view. “Z…” he sputtered, “I-I’m sorry… I didn’t think anyone was in here… I was supposed to… to…f-fix your sink… I… I…”

“It’s okay Bridge,” the yellow ranger wrapped the towel tightly around her body. “But… um… can you close the door so I can get dressed?”

“Oh… uh… right… sure… sorry!” pulling the door closed, he heard a “thank you” drift through the other side of the door. Feeling highly embarrassed, Bridge left his toolbox at the side of the bathroom door and ran out of the girls’ room.

He needed something cold to drink.


Both Sky and Syd looked up as Bridge came barreling into the room at full speed.

“Hi Bridgey!” Syd greeted cheerfully from Sky’s arms. “I’m glad you’re here-“

Bridge didn’t answer, he just ran into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. Sky and Syd exchanged puzzled glances as they heard the sound of running water. Syd released herself from Sky’s arms and stood up, walking over to the bathroom door. She knocked. “Bridgey? Are you okay?”

From inside the bathroom, Bridge heard Syd’s questioning but ignored it. He stood in front of the sink and after splashing cold water on his face, he instantly felt better. Sighing, he opened the bathroom door and came face to face with Syd. He avoided the pink ranger’s questions and moved to his side of the room, flopping onto his bed, and face first into his pillow. He groaned.


Now it was Sky’s voice that held a hint of worry. The green ranger sat up and faced his teammates. The both of them looked anxious at his behavior. “I’m okay guys.” Despite trying not too, Bridge blushed. The images of the nude yellow ranger were once again going through his mind.

The blue and pink rangers exchanged glances once again. Syd shrugged. Then suddenly, there was a loud buzzing noise and the pink ranger pulled out her morpher. “Syd here!”

“Syd?” Z’s voice floated through the device and Bridge flinched and turned even redder. Syd noticing this, raised an eyebrow at the green ranger as she replied, “What’s up Z?”

“I need to talk to you, in our room NOW.”

“Okay, I’m coming!” Syd cast another suspicious glance at Bridge before giving Sky a kiss on the cheek and walking out of the room.

Once the doors closed behind the pink ranger, Sky gave his roommate a curious glance. “What’s wrong?”

Bridge didn’t reply. He flopped backward on to his bed and groaned once more.


“So, he saw everything?”

Z nodded.

“Everything?” Syd’s voice held a note of amusement.

Z nodded once more.


“For goodness sake, YES, he saw everything!” Z grabbed her pillow and buried her face into it. “I’ve never been so mortified in my life!”

Syd was far from sympathetic though, and instead burst into hysterical laughter. The pink ranger couldn’t reply to Z’s comment, her whole body was wracked in uncontrollable laughter, the kind that made her sides ache with pain. Bridge was relatively innocent in some senses and she could just imagine the look on the green ranger’s face when he had walked in on Z.

The yellow ranger scowled. “SYD!”

“Sorry,” Syd automatically replied, biting her lip, not sounding apologetic at all. The pink ranger tried to calm down, but a laugh still escaped so she clamped a hand over her mouth, her shoulders still shaking.

Z glared at her roommate. “It’s not funny, Syd.”

“Actually, it is,” the pink ranger giggled. Once Sydney had managed to control her laughter, she cleared her throat. “Well, that explains why he was acting so weird earlier,” she remarked, still grinning. “No offense Z, but why are you so embarrassed? It’s not like you have three nipples or a fat stomach, or a big, ugly, hideous mole on your leg. In fact, you look pretty damn good naked.”

The yellow ranger gave Syd an odd look. “Thanks… I think.”

“It could be worse than it is,” the pink ranger gave Z an amused grin. “So Bridge saw you naked, big deal. It’s not like you have an ugly body. It’s not the end of the world.”

Z shot another glare at Syd, not feeling the least bit consoled. “How would you feel if Sky walked in on you while you were naked?”

Syd gave her a bored look and shrugged. “He already has. I swear, those bathroom doors are like soundproof or something, you can’t hear anything happening on the inside or outside when the door is shut. Remember when you used up all the hot water in our bathroom a few months ago? I went to go use Sky’s shower. He didn’t know I was in there and walked in on me.”

Z looked incredulous. “What did you do?”

The pink ranger looked nonchalant. “Nothing.”

Nothing? How did Sky react?”

“He enjoyed the view. Sputtering and mumbling excuses like an idiot, but he enjoyed the view.”

The yellow ranger stared at Syd before bursting into laughter with the pink ranger joining in. Z shook her head, grinning. Ever since she had gotten together with Sky, Syd was definitely not shy about these kinds of comments anymore. The pink ranger definitely didn’t embarrass easily where Sky was concerned.

“Are you going to be okay now?”

“Yeah,” Z sighed. “I guess you’re right. It could be worse.”

“Of course I’m right. And besides,” Syd grinned cheekily. “Look at it this way, Bridge probably enjoyed the view.”


“What? Even though Bridge is the most innocent of the guys, he’s still a male specimen! It’s only expected. Now let’s go grab some lunch.”

Blushing red, Z swatted the pink ranger. Together they stood up and walked out of their room towards the Recreation Room.


Both Sky and Bridge entered the Recreation Room to a fit of giggles. The pink and yellow rangers were seated on the couch, eating their way through what looked like several cartons of Chinese food. However, as soon as Sydney noticed Bridge, she burst into laughter, which caused Z to slap her on the arm and begin blushing heavily. Out of the corner of his eye, Sky saw that Bridge was starting to turn a heavy shade of red as well.

“Am I missing something?” Sky looked back and forth between the girls and Bridge, confused by the way his girlfriend had reacted to seeing the green ranger.

“NO!” Both the green and yellow rangers yelled at exactly the same time causing Syd to laugh even harder.

If possible, Bridge blushed even harder when his gaze locked with Z’s. Syd was still giggling and was now watching them eagerly with a knowing smile on her face. Sky coughed, still not having any clue what was going on. There was an awkward silence as Bridge and Z stared at one another. The doors to the Recreation Room opened and Jack walked in whistling cheerfully.

“Hey people,” the red ranger greeted, “What’s happening?”

He stopped short as he noticed the underlying tension on the room. His face took on a curious, puzzled expression as he noticed the reactions between Z and Bridge. He became a bit more confused when he saw Syd grinning at the two like she knew what was going on. The red ranger glanced at Sky and the blue ranger shrugged, indicating that he didn’t have any clue to what was going on either. Bridge coughed, casting a meaningful glance at Syd, who pouted because she wanted to see what would happen, but sighed and stood up anyway.

“Sky, I want some ice cream!” Syd walked over to where the blue ranger stood and began tugging on his arm.

Sky frowned. “So go get some. The food replicator is right over there, you know.”

The pink ranger sighed rolling her eyes and began pushing Sky towards the doors, ignoring his protests. “Come on Jack!” She called.

“But I just got here!” Jack looked indignant. He had been looking forward to eating as much food as he possibly could after the training he had just done with Commander Cruger.

“NOW JACK!” The pink ranger’s voice left no room for argument.

Jack sighed. Shaking his head, the red ranger turned and followed his friends out of the room, leaving Bridge and Z alone. There was an awkward silence.

“Uh… I’m sorry… for… you know…” Bridge blushed, not having any idea what to say.

“Ah, don’t worry about it Bridge,” Z dismissed his apology with a wave of her hand. She just wanted everything to go back to normal. “It could’ve happened to anybody.”

The green ranger looked unsure. “So… we’re okay?”

Z smiled at him, “Yeah, we’re okay.”

Within seconds, everything seemed to go back to normal. The green ranger moved to join Z on the couch, picking up an uneaten carton of Chinese food and began to dig in. Bridge’s expression was once again bright and happy. “I never got to tell you guys about my dream last night. Wanna hear it?”

“Sure,” Z grinned as she picked up her own lunch. Everything was back to the way it was.

“Well, I was walking through this forest, when I suddenly meet this talking purple dragon…”


Over on the planet of Xylemar, the man stood at the window of his jail cell. The bars were strong, made of metal, but that wasn’t going to stop him. The ocean was fairly calm at the moment, but later that night, when he made his escape, the waves would be raging. And the wild raging ocean was what he was counting on. He was ready to have it all, and nothing was going to stop him. Damn the consequences.

The salty ocean air made him grin in anticipation. He took a deep breath, willing himself to calm down. It would do no good to get worked up before the time came. He glanced up at the sun. It was mid-afternoon. Just a few more hours and he would be free. Free to take on his revenge and get back his life.

His eyes darkened.

Just a few more hours until nightfall.


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