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Three days later…

She stared blankly at the figure in front of her, tears stinging her eyes. Larissa was confined to a bed, IVs and other things were stuck to her arm. Her forehead was heavily wrapped and so was her stomach. It was a miracle that Larissa was even alive.

Z tore her gaze away from Larissa’s limp form and stared at the corner, choosing to focus on that instead. But no matter what, the image of Larissa lying on the Academy floor stayed with her. In her mind’s eye, she could see the pretty Asian falling onto the ground and the blood everywhere…

Bridge had immediately paged the infirmary once he saw Larissa sprawled out on the ground. She was thankful for Bridge, he had been able to remain calm when she hadn’t been able too. The sight of her friend all injured had made her freeze… the horrific gashes, the bruises, the broken bones… seeing Larissa like that scared her to no end.

Without a doubt, Z knew that Giovanni had done this to her. At the moment, her friend was still alive. But who knew when Giovanni would strike again? To make matters worse, Giovanni had raped Larissa before letting her escape, she shuddered to think what else he would’ve done. She was more frightened than ever, who would be next? Caleb? Rosanna? Herself? Jack? She hated not knowing and all the unanswered questions running through her mind. He had already gotten to Michelle and Oliver.

Tears made their way down her cheeks as she thought of Michelle Brown and Oliver McAden. Michelle had been like the older sister, the one you went to whenever you had a problem. And Oliver had been her partner in crime growing up; they had been the same age so they had often played together. And now they were dead. The yellow ranger squeezed her eyes shut as the truth sunk in even more. They were dead, gone.

Their bodies had been slashed, bent in odd places like those corpses they had found on the street a few weeks ago. She and Jack had thrown up when they had gone to investigate. Seeing Oliver and Michelle that way, it had been too much for her. The tears made their way down her face even faster as she relieved the memories of their time together. Sure, they hadn’t had the best of life, but they had had each other. And now they were gone.

Z brought her gaze back to Larissa. She shifted in her chair; bringing her legs up and resting her chin on her knees, her arms wrapped around her legs. ‘Please wake up soon, Larissa. I don’t know if I can stand to lose another member of my family.’


He rubbed a gloved hand to his forehead, trying his best to block off all the negative feelings surrounding him. He tried, but he knew it was impossible. Jack was angry beyond belief, but under all that anger, there was a sense of sorrow. Caleb and Rosanna were mourning for their friends and so were the various people with them. Sky and Syd had disappeared off to who knew where, leaving Bridge alone to deal with everything.

Well, at least that was what it felt like.

Bridge sighed softly, rubbing his forehead. For the past three days, things had been in chaos. Everyone had been so emotional, and even though they had a right to be, it was starting to take a toll on him. After Larissa had been admitted into the infirmary, he and the other rangers had gone directly to where Michelle and Larissa had lived.

And the sight they had found had not been pretty. Z and Jack hadn’t been prepared to see the brutal attack on their friends and had promptly gotten sick. And rightly so. Bridge couldn’t even begin to imagine the pain they were going through. It was obvious that all of Jack and Z’s street friends were a wreck. He hadn’t been introduced to all of them yet, but Jack had briefly introduced him to Caleb and Rosanna.

Grief. Anger. Sorrow. Confusion.

He felt helpless. Usually, he’d be able to cheer a person up, but this time he couldn’t. He couldn’t do anything to help ease everyone’s pain. His head was pounding.

The doors to the common room slid open and Sky and Syd walked with Commander Cruger. Syd took one look at the green ranger and immediately took action. She headed over to where he sat, Sky following. She sat down next to him and gently laid a hand on his shoulder. “Bridge, go get some rest okay?”

“But…” he protested feebly.

Syd shook her head. “No, everything is becoming too much for you. Go rest okay? We’ll take care of everything.”

“Yeah,” Sky interjected. “You need a break.”

Bridge nodded. His head was pounding way too much from all the negative energy in the room. He smiled gratefully at his friends and stood up. “Thanks guys.” He made his way towards the doors and as soon as they slid shut behind him, his headache began to lessen. He breathed a sigh of relief.

He made his way to his room, and flopped down onto his bed. The green ranger stared at the ceiling for a minute or two before rolling over to his side. His gaze caught sight of a framed photo on his nightstand and he sat up and reached for it. The gold frame lay in his hands, and he smiled, the memory of the day coming back to him.

He was positioned right in the middle. Syd and Sky were on his right and Z and Jack were on his left. They all had their arms around each other and were grinning widely for the camera. The picture had been taken on a day that had been one of celebration. They had, had a picnic in the park, with Sky’s and Sydney’s parents around and it had been a day filled with fun. Bridge would never forget that day.

It had been the day he had discovered he was in love with Z.

Bridge placed the photo back on his nightstand and stared down at his hands. These gloves… these gloves were his prison. He would never be free from them. Would he ever be able to feel someone else’s soft skin in his hand? Sometimes he hated being a psychic. Being a psychic had brought him lots of pain, and lots of loneliness. And yet, being a psychic had brought him lots of joy as well. His gift had brought him friends, gave him the joy of helping people. But the downside was that he was still isolated. He would never truly belong.

He stared at the photo and his eyes landed on the smiling faces of Syd and Sky. His best friends. The two people in the world that knew him the most. They had been the first to not run away at the sight of his powers. His eyes landed on another photo. This time it was one of himself and Z. Syd had taken the photo at the picnic. The green ranger grinned. He and Z had potato salad on their faces from their little mini food fight. It was his favorite picture of all time. His eyes reverted back to the group photo, back to Syd and Sky’s smiling faces. Would he ever be able to hold Z’s hand the way Sky held Syd’s? Would he ever be able to just pop up out of no where and kiss Z’s cheek like Sky did with Syd? Would he ever be able to do anything normal?

The questions were pointless, he knew. He stared down at his gloved hands once more. These leather gloves were his prison and he knew that. He would never be normal; he would never be able to hold Z’s hand. As long as he had these powers… he wouldn’t be able to experience all the wonderful things that Sky and Syd were experiencing. Sighing sadly, he laid back down and slowly fell into a wistful sleep.


He set his pen down and yawned. Glancing at the clock off to the side, he saw that it was a little over past midnight. It had been a long day and he was tired. Sky stretched and glanced at his girlfriend sitting on his left. Syd was still writing furiously in her notebook as she had an hour ago. The blue ranger shook his head. He stood and moved to where she sat and gently snatched her pen away from her.

“Hey!” she protested.

“It’s time to take a break now, Sydney,” Sky ignored his girlfriend’s protests. “We’ve been working all day.”

“But Sky, we’re so close!”

“I know, but we need a break. We’ve barely had any sleep the last three days, what with Giovanni attacking Z’s friends, Grumm and our regular duties. We need our rest too.”

Syd sighed and nodded. “You’re right.” The pink ranger stood up and began gathering their things together. “It’s just that we’re so close, I can practically see the look on Bridge’s face when we tell him!”

“I just hope all our researching is going to pay off,” Sky sighed as they began walking back to their rooms. “I’d like to see Bridge truly happy for once.”

“Me too.”

They stopped right outside Syd’s bedroom doors. Sky smiled softly and pulled Syd close. Leaning down, he kissed her lips softly. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Casting one last glance at each other, Syd turned and headed inside her room. The pink ranger gave a happy sigh and then yawned, the past few days’ events were finally catching up to her. Her room was semi dark, and a quick glance at the other side of the room told her that her roommate was asleep. Syd sighed softly and shook her head. Poor Z. That girl had been through so much the past few days and it was starting to take its toll on her. Syd smiled softly, knowing that Bridge would do everything he could to cheer the yellow ranger up. The pink ranger changed into her pajamas and climbed into her bed. She turned off the remaining lights and slowly fell asleep.


Giovanni grinned with delight as he sat down. Three down, a couple more to go. Larissa wouldn’t survive the night, he knew. He stared at the wall, his next plan forming deviously in his mind.

Michelle was gone. Oliver was gone. Larissa wouldn’t survive much longer. Mentally he went down the list.

Ian and Kathleen Corgan.

Keegan Wallace.

Caleb Welling.

Rosanna Thompson.

Elizabeth Delgado.

And Jack Landors.

His eyes narrowed and he licked his lips in anticipation. Ian and Kathleen Corgan would be next.