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Timeline: Set during the last segment of “Stakeout” and a little bit after ;)

Summary: Syd receives a special present for her birthday. The problem is, who sent it?

Note: The idea for this story popped into my head right after I saw the episode “Stakeout” and I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. It’s a little pointless but I think I’ll have tons of fun writing it! Stay tuned for chapter 2!

With that said, readers should also note that most of this story is based on Nicolas Sparks's Book 'The Gaurdian' -it's an excellent book and I will be taking some scenes from this story. What you see here and what you see in the book is just that and I don't own anything concerning The Gaurdian. This story is written out purely for entertainment purposes.



Syd shrieked with happiness as her fellow teammates, and other various SPD members jumped out from behind the white fence.

“Happy Birthday Syd!”

The pink ranger laughed and ran towards Jack, engulfing him in an exuberant hug. Releasing Jack, she quickly turned around and hugged Bridge, whom she noted looked very adorable in a tie. Her eyes lit up with delight as she spotted a two layered cake, cupcakes decorated with pink icing surrounding it. “I love you guys!”

Jack followed her as the pink ranger went to inspect her cake. Stopping next to the table, Jack didn’t hesitate to apologize. “I’m sorry for making you work yesterday. I never knew birthdays were such a big deal. I thought I could make it up to you by throwing you the birthday party you never got to have.”

The pink ranger grinned. “Thanks Jack! Now I have a gift for you.” Syd reached for a cupcake and carefully stuck a candle into it. “Half my birthday. It would make me really happy if you’d share it with me.”

The red ranger was stunned for a moment. “You mean, every year on this day, it’ll be my birthday too?”

Syd nodded. “Yeah, and if you know what you’re doing, you can milk it for a WHOLE week!”

Jack laughed. “Awesome!”

The two rangers shared a smile and another hug before moving to join the party.


An hour later, Syd sat happily on the bench as the she watched everyone having a good time. It was pretty funny watching Commander Cruger dancing with Kat. The big blue dog’s tail kept hitting Kat’s legs every time he turned. Jack was sitting at a table, chatting with Sam and Piggy, while Bridge and Z were dancing as well.

A shadow loomed over her and the pink ranger glanced up to see Sky towering over her. “Hey,” the blue ranger moved and sat down beside her. “Happy Birthday.”

“Thanks Sky!” Syd grinned and playfully pouted. “Do I get a birthday hug?”

Sky gave her an amused glance and held out his arms. Blushing pink, Syd felt her heart pound rapidly as she fell into his arms. She closed her eyes and savored the moment as Sky briefly held her. The moment passed and she was disappointed when Sky released her.

A moment of silence passed before Syd spoke up. “So why are you wearing your uniform at a party?” she asked, and then teased, “Do you wear it to sleep too?”

Sky shrugged, avoiding her question. He then grinned and held out his hand. “Hey, you want to dance?”

A delighted smile graced her lips and she took his hand. “I’d love too!”

Sky stood up and led her over to the grassy area where Bridge and Z and several other cadets were bopping to the music. The pink and blue rangers quickly joined in. A few minutes later, swing music began to play.

Sky looked at Syd. “Do you know how to swing dance?”

Syd nodded, wondering where this conversation was going. “Yeah, my mom-“

She never got to finish her sentence as Sky grabbed her hand and pulled her into the dance sequence. She was more than impressed as Sky began leading her into the complicated dance steps. Syd quickly caught onto his lead and pretty soon they were at the center of attention. Everyone gathered around and watched as Sky and Syd dance with each other. It was astounding to watch, they had not seen such chemistry before.

Once the song was over, both rangers were startled to the sudden applause that had started. They glanced at each other, and Sky shrugged, blushing red. Syd laughed. They both had been having too much fun to notice that people had been watching them.

“I didn’t know you guys could dance like that,” Z remarked, as the small crowd dispersed. Bridge and Jack had joined them as well.

“My mother taught me when I was little,” Syd replied, “I’ve always loved dancing.”

“What about you Sky?” Bridge asked, “You danced totally awesome. I didn’t think you were the type to dance.”

“Totally didn’t see that one coming,” Jack added.

Sky flushed a dark red. “My dad forced me to learn,” the blue ranger muttered, “when I was younger, whenever I would complain about the dance lessons, he would always say, ‘dancing always attracts the ladies, you’ll thank me someday’. I’ve had dance lessons ever since I can remember.”

“Awesome!” Syd piped up excitedly. “We should go dancing sometime Sky! I’ve always wanted to go, but I’ve never been able to find a partner that could dance.”

Bridge, Z, and Jack raised their eyebrows and exchanged glances with one another. Syd’s suggestion had sounded like she was inviting Sky out on a date.

If possible, Sky blushed even redder. “Sure,” he mumbled, “my dad always gets these invitations to parties and stuff, and being a business man, he also has to throw parties of his own. They always involve dancing. I’ll write home and ask for an invitation for the next party okay?”

“Yay! Thanks Sky! This has been my best birthday yet!” Syd cheerfully told the group. “Thanks for the great party you guys, nothing could make this day get any better!”


Syd hummed happily as she stepped out of the shower. Slipping into her bathrobe, Syd wrapped a towel around her damp hair and headed out into the room she shared with Z. She sat down in front of her dresser and began drying her hair, while observing her reflection. Suddenly, she stopped as she spotted something and turned around to face her bed.

There, sitting innocently on her pillow, was a small box wrapped in pink with a white bow, along with the prettiest pink rose she had ever seen. Syd leapt up from her chair, forgetting all about her hair for the moment and quickly ran over to her bed. Picking up the flower first, Syd delicately felt the rose petals. ‘It’s so pretty!’

Syd sat at the edge of her bed, placing the rose back on her pillow and reached for the box. Inspecting it carefully, she found a small label tied to the bow with her name on it. Yup, it was definitely for her. Carefully, she unwrapped the box and lifted the lid, only to see another box lying inside. Taking out that box, she lifted the velvet lid and gasped in surprise at what she found.

A simple, but very beautiful, silver necklace lay in the middle of the box, a small pink gemstone hanging from the silver chain.

Picking up the necklace gently, Syd held it closer to her face. Who could’ve gotten her such a beautiful gift? Lowering her hand, she looked around to see if she had gotten some kind of note. A few seconds later, she spotted a small white piece of paper that must’ve fluttered to the ground when she was unwrapping the gift. Picking it up, she read:

Happy Birthday Sydney!

A beautiful rose for a very beautiful lady and a necklace fit for a princess. I hope you like these gifts gorgeous. Make your birthday a good one.

Beautiful? Gorgeous? Syd was heavily blushing. No one had ever called her those words before. But the main question on her mind was: Who had gotten her such a wonderful gift?


Bridge and Z were sitting on the couch watching Jack and Sky play video games, when Syd came bursting into the room.

“Whoa,” Bridge held up his hands, as Syd took a moment to catch her breath. “Where’s the fire?”

The pink ranger ignored his question as she looked at Z. By now, Jack and Sky had stopped playing their game and watched Syd with interest. “Z, did you see anyone come into our room while I was in the shower?”

The yellow ranger shrugged. “I couldn’t tell ya. I’ve been out here the whole time. Why, what’s up?”

“Someone left this on my bed,” Syd held up the necklace, “with no name on the note. I’m guessing it’s a birthday present because the note did say ‘happy birthday’. I want to thank whoever gave this to me.”

“Wow,” Bridge remarked, taking the necklace from the pink ranger and inspecting it. “This must’ve cost a fortune!”

“Syd has a secret admirer!” Jack teased gleefully.

Syd took the delicate chain back from the green ranger and stared at it as it dangled from her hand. Did she really have a secret admirer? Sydney felt her heart slowly sinking. If she did have a secret admirer, she would have to reject him.

She was already in love with someone else.


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