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Syd let out a bored sigh as the man across from her droned on and on. Taking a bite out of her salad, the pink ranger silently cursed her parents for forcing her to go on this date, telling her that it would be ‘good’ for her social image. ‘Like I care about my social image,’ the pink ranger thought. Although he was wealthy, Richard was boring. It was too bad her parents thought highly of him and had often disapproved of the men she chose to go out with. Syd inwardly shrugged. She didn’t care what her parents thought. She didn’t care that other people from their social standing thought that her job as SPD was not suitable for their kind of people. She loved what she did and she loved the feeling of knowing that she was helping the world become a better place. She didn’t care about the money (even though it was nice to have), she didn’t care for the gossip that went around and she certainly didn’t care about the snobbish attitudes that everyone in her neighborhood seemed to have. Sometimes it sucked growing up in a high class society.

Syd was bored out of her mind.

Pushing her food around her plate with her fork, Syd let her mind wander. After she had received the necklace, she had debated whether or not she should wear the piece of jewelry. After much thought, Sydney decided that she would wear the necklace. After all, it was a birthday present wasn’t it? Just because she had received a present from a mysterious person, didn’t mean she had a secret admirer right?

However, she was proved wrong. A couple of days after she started wearing the necklace, she received another package. This time, the gift contained a dainty bracelet to match her necklace. The bracelet had proved to Syd that she indeed had a secret admirer and while she was flattered at the special attention, she refused to wear the bracelet. She didn’t want to encourage her admirer anymore than she had too. There was room for only one person in her heart, and that was Sky.

But if the gifts were from Sky……

Sydney couldn’t even begin to imagine how happy she would be.

“So what do you think?”

“Huh?” Syd was shaken out of her thoughts as Richard looked at her expectantly. He had obviously just asked her a question, problem was, she had no clue what. She decided to take a shot in the dark. “Oh, um… yes?”

Apparently it was the right thing to say.

Richard nodded, delighted at her answer. “Exactly what I thought!”

The pink ranger sighed in relief and nodded, pretending to be interested as he continued on talking. Her mind began wandering again. She couldn’t wait to get back to the Academy… maybe when she got back; she would go looking for her blue ranger to see what he was doing and offer to keep him company…

A loud beeping interrupted her daydream and once again she was pulled out of her thoughts.

Richard reached into his pocket and withdrew a pager. The beefy man frowned. “I’m sorry Sydney,” Richard began, “I’m going to have to end our dinner date early. They are calling me in for an important last minute business meeting.”

Syd tried her best to look disappointed (it was hard when all she wanted to do was jump for joy), “It’s alright.”

Richard gave her an apologetic look. “I’ll make it up to you.”

Panic filled her as she desperately tried to think of an excuse, “Uh, sure… if I’m not busy working or something.”

The man’s mouth wrinkled in distasted at the mention of her job. He clearly thought that women were too weak to be on the police force. “Well… will you make it home alright?”

Syd nodded, anger apparent in her eyes while she tried to keep her voice neutral, “I’m an SPD officer. I can handle it.”

Richard nodded and quickly paid the bill. With a wave, he turned and left. The pink ranger let out a sigh of relief, quickly finishing her salad before gathering up her things to leave. As she was heading towards the door, she unexpectedly collided with someone. A pair of hands reached out to keep her from falling.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” Syd gushed, embarrassed for not being more careful. She looked up, hoping the other person wouldn’t be too annoyed. Her blue eyes widened in shock. “Sky?”


Sky was disgusted. How could someone be so self-absorbed? This was the worst date he had ever been on. And that was saying a lot. ‘This is the LAST time I do any favors for dad!’

The night before, Sky had received a phone call from his father, begging Sky to take out a client’s daughter, so they could do ‘business.’


I know you hate doing this son,” his father pleaded, “and I hate doing this to you, but I can’t think of anything else! Can you please take Jessica out?”

Sky groaned. “Dad, you say this every single time! And every single time, the girls are just mindless bimbos that chatter about nothing but themselves.”

Please? It’ll only be for a couple of hours. And besides, you don’t have a girlfriend. What could it hurt?”

The blue ranger rolled his eyes as he cradled the phone to his shoulder. “My sanity.”

Sky! Please?”

Dad, those girls are annoying, shallow and unintelligent. I don’t even want to sit at a dinner with a mindless bimbo for even a minute. What makes you think I’ll last a couple of hours without blowing my temper? I’ll be bored out of my mind!”

It’ll be three hours tops, I promise!”

Sky hesitated, deciding to help his father out and already regretting the thought. “Three hours?” He could last that long right? ‘Nope,’ Sky decided, ‘I can’t. But I’ll do it for dad.’

Three hours,” his father confirmed.

Alright fine. Three hours. Not a minute more. If it gets to a point where I can’t take it anymore, I’m ditching.”

His father sighed in relief. “I’ll take what I can get. Thank you Schuyler.”

End Flashback

Sky bit back a groan. Sometimes he wished he didn’t idolize his father so much. The blue ranger tried to pay attention to the stream of chatter that Jessica was keeping up.

“And that’s what happened at my senior prom. Of course Linda Manes was SO not happy that I made Prom Queen, but you know how it goes,” the blonde flashed what she thought was a charming smile, “the best always win.”

Sky nodded. Reaching up he rubbed his forehead. Sheesh, this woman could talk a lot, he was beginning to get a headache. She was the usual, typically spoiled, snotty daughter of a successful business man. In a way, Jessica reminded him of Syd. They were both blonde and full of chatter, but that was where the similarities end. While Jessica was superficial and cared about her image and nails, Syd was fun (well, she cared about her image and nails too, but to a certain extent) and Sky knew he would be able to talk about anything with her. He most certainly wouldn’t be bored.

Glancing at his watch, the time read: 7:59pm. Only twenty-nine minutes had passed? The blue ranger bit back another groan. He must’ve lost as least half his brain cells just listening to Jessica’s mindless chatter.

“And that was how I got my nails done…..”

The blue ranger snapped. ‘That’s it! I can’t take this anymore! Even Syd doesn’t go this far!’ Sky cleared his throat and gave a fake smile. The woman in front of him stopped talking and looked at him. “I’m sorry Jessica, but I forgot to finish something for work. I have to leave,” Sky knew he was being rude, but at the moment he just didn’t care. He quickly threw some money on the table and left before Jessica even had a chance to say anything.

He was so focused on getting out of the restaurant that he didn’t notice someone else was also heading towards the doors in a hurry. They crashed. Sky managed to regain his balance and quickly reached out to steady the young woman in front of him. Her blonde hair covered her face as she blurted out, “Oh, I’m so sorry!” Regaining her footing, she looked up. Brown eyes met blue, and surprise filled her voice. “Sky?”

He blinked. “Syd?”

“What are you doing here?” they asked at the same time.

Sky was about to respond but then shook his head. “I’ll tell you later, let’s just get out of here as soon as possible.”

The pink ranger nodded. “I’m with you. Can I get a ride?”



Twenty minutes later, Sky and Syd found themselves walking around the park. A warm breeze was gently blowing, making Syd’s long hair fly softly. There was a comfortable silence as the two came upon a bench, and Syd sat down with Sky following.

“So what were you doing at the restaurant?” Syd asked, breaking the silence. She was half curious and half afraid at his answer.

“I was on a date-“

Syd felt her heart begin to sink and white hot jealousy filled her.

“-and it was the most horrible date I’ve ever been on.”

The jealousy was gone. Syd perked up. “Why?” she asked.

Sky sighed. “It was a favor to my dad. It was one of those business deals. Definitely boring, and I hated it. My father always asks me to take client’s daughters out. I think it’s his way of getting me to settle down or something.” He shrugged.

“Your dad is a business man too?”


“Wow, he accomplished a lot in his life. First being a ranger and then being a business man? Double wow.”

Sky smiled slightly at the awed tone in the pink ranger’s voice. He was feeling much more relaxed now that he was away from Jessica and the stuffy atmosphere of the restaurant.

“So what happened tonight?”

Sky smirked. “She got annoying so I ditched her.”

The pink ranger laughed and nodded with understanding. “So that’s why you were in such a hurry to leave.”

The blue ranger nodded. “Exactly,” he paused, “What about you?”

Sydney rolled her eyes. “Same reason as you. My mom set me up.”

Sky raised an eyebrow. “Didn’t go so well?”

“Nope.” There was a silence and Syd continued. “My parents are starting to throw suitors my way. They want me to quit SPD and move back home and join the Country Club. You know the whole ‘drink tea every afternoon while gossiping about the neighbors kinda thing’. The whole ‘social standing image thing.’ My mom just doesn’t understand the satisfaction of working for yourself. I enjoy what I do at SPD and no one and nothing can make me quit. Plus, the guys my mom sets me up with are completely boring!”

Sky chuckled at the tone in her voice at her last statement.

“It’s not funny Sky! All they care about is money,” Syd rolled her eyes once more, “money is nice, but it doesn’t buy you happiness.”

“Amen to that.”

There was a comfortable silence as the two rangers sat observing the beautiful scenery that the park provided. Suddenly Sky remembered something and reached for his wallet. Pulling out a folded piece of paper, he passed it over to Syd, who took it questioningly.

“You interested in going?” he asked.

Syd unfolded the piece of paper and saw that it was an invitation.

You are herby invited to:

Miss Starshine’s Dance Gala

On Saturday April 23

Bring a partner and enjoy the dinner provided as well spending the evening dancing under the stars! We hope to see you there.


Syd glanced at Sky. “A dance Gala?”

The blue ranger shrugged. “Her name is Kathy Robinson. She was involved in all kinds of dance productions in her time and was very successful. She’s a close friend of the family. She hosts these kinds of parties all the time.”

The pink ranger inspected the invitation carefully. “You want to take me?” she asked, hope filling her voice.

Sky grinned. “Weren’t you the one who said you wanted to go dancing with me?” he teased playfully.

Syd blushed, glad that it was dark, and nodded.

“So you want to go?”

The pink ranger nodded enthusiastically. “Yes!”

The blue ranger chuckled and Syd was blown away by the look of ease on his face. Why couldn’t he show this side of him more often?

Because then he wouldn’t be the Sky you know and love. And it pleases you that he trusts you enough to show this part of himself.

Syd mentally nodded at her inner self. She blew a stray wisp of hair from her face as Sky glanced over at her. “Alright, when we get back to headquarters I’ll tell the Commander that we need Saturday off.”

Nodding her head once more, Syd replied, “Okay.”

Silence was regained and Syd smiled softly to herself. ‘Dancing with Sky,’ she thought, ‘I can’t wait!’

Suddenly she froze as a thought came to her.



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