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The song 'Flying without Wings' belongs to Ruben Studdard


Sydney, how could you be so irresponsible?”

“Mother, it wasn’t like we were doing anything wrong!”

Nonsense. Your father and I raised you to be better than that. Associating with a middle class society is completely unacceptable! I don’t know what’s gotten into you.”

“Mom, you just don’t understand!”

You’re right, I don’t understand! Why settle for some middle class man when you could marry someone from our society? You’ll be taken care of and would never have to lift a finger. You could have anything and everything you desire! Sydney, you need to stay away from that boy, he doesn’t look like he’s financially stable.”

“Who said I was going to get married anytime soon? I’m only nineteen! Mother, not everything is about money and image!” Syd shrieked.

It had been the same argument over and over for the last hour. Sydney’s mother had seen the newspaper that morning and had been furious. Demanding an explanation, Melanie Drew had called the Academy to listen to what her daughter had to say.

Honestly Sydney, your father and I just have your best interests at heart. We’re not getting any younger you know. We want to make sure you’re taken care of in the future.”

“By throwing me at strangers? Mom, I can take care of myself!”

You shouldn’t have too.”

“Mother, for heaven’s sake, I’m not a little girl anymore!”

You certainly are acting like one. You listen to me Sydney Drew! I want you to stay away from that boy! For all you know, he could be a scam artist.”

Syd felt like throwing her phone against the wall. “How dare you accuse Sky of trying to come after our money! You don’t even know him!”

I know enough.”

“You can’t judge by a picture mother! Sky is not like that! Not only is he my teammate, he is also my friend! I’m not going to let you talk trash about him like that, he’s a good person!” Syd bit back a scream, she was tired of arguing with her mother. “And I’m not going to ignore him either!”

Alright fine.”

Syd gave a sigh of relief as she heard her mother give up. She had won this round.

-But I’m not going to forget about this. Your father and I met a nice young man a few nights ago. I want you to have dinner with him on Thursday night.”

Syd bit back another scream of frustration. “Mother! Another blind date?”


The pink ranger rolled her eyes at her mother’s tone. “Fine mother, but don’t get your hopes up.”

Syd hung up the phone fuming. Z exited the bathroom and gave a soft whistle. The yellow ranger didn’t even bother disguising the fact that she had been listening to Sydney’s argument with her mother. Probably all of China had heard the whole conversation. “That was a pretty intense argument.”

“She always does this!” Syd walked over to her bed and flopped on it angrily. Reaching over to grab Peanuts, the pink ranger hugged the stuffed animal to her chest. “All she cares about is our image! She doesn’t care about what I say or think.”

You going to be okay?”

Syd gave Z a tired smile. “I’ll be okay. I’m just tired of having the same argument every time we speak. My mom just doesn’t understand that what she wants for me isn’t what I want.”

“Sounds like you’re holding out on your own pretty well though.”

The pink ranger paused. “Yeah well, I’m pretty stubborn when I want to be. And I refuse to give up my life just because of how she wants me to live it.”

Z nodded and gave her a smile, letting Syd know that she supported her all the way. “That’s the way to do it Syd. Remember, you’ve got the team behind you.”

“I know,” Syd smiled, and then wrinkled her nose. “Can you believe I have another blind date this Thursday? It’s going to be a total bore!”

Z shot her friend a sympathetic glance. “Tough luck. I don’t envy you at all!”


Adrian Drew looked at his wife with concern written all over his features. Sydney may have gotten her looks from her mother, but he was thankful that she had inherited his stubborn nature. His wife meant well, but sometimes she didn’t have the best judge of character.

Adrian did not feel comfortable with the fact that his only daughter was being forced to date a man he had just met only days before. “Dear, maybe we should let Sydney make her own decisions. She is an adult now.”

“She’s only nineteen!” Melanie snapped. “She doesn’t know anything about the world!”

“She probably knows more than we think.”

“Oh for heaven’s sake Adrian! I’m just trying to keep her safe, prolong her innocence as much as possible.”

“Honey, she’s a Power Ranger. She probably sees more dangers in one day than we do in a lifetime.”

“Precisely!” Melanie threw her hands up in the air. “If she settles down, she’ll be away from all that! She’ll be safe. We won’t have to worry every time we listen to the radio because we would know our little girl is no where near all that destruction! Jake Hemmington is wealthy and stable, he can give her anything her heart desires, but most importantly, she’ll be away from all the dangers!”

Adrian sighed. There was no convincing his wife when her mind was made up.

It seemed the Drew family was full of stubborn people when they set their minds to it.


Thursday Night

“Where’s Syd?” Sky questioned later that week.

It was Thursday night and the rangers were relaxing in the Recreation Room after a hard day of training.

“She’s out on a date,” Z replied, looking up from her book.

“She’s on a date?”

Bridge tore his attention way from the video game he was playing with Jack. Was it just his imagination or was that jealousy he detected in Sky’s voice?

“Her mother made her go,” The yellow ranger informed the others before returning to her book.

The green ranger noticed that although Sky relaxed a bit at that statement, he still looked a little on edge. Bridge smirked. Sky was a little more disturbed than he let on.

“When is she coming back?”

“No clue. She left awhile ago.”

Bridge raised an eyebrow. “Why are you so interested Sky?”

The blue ranger shrugged, looking nonchalant. “I need to talk to her about our dinner plans tomorrow.”

“You know, I think it’s unfair that you guys get the whole day off tomorrow and we still have to train,” Jack grumbled.

Sky shrugged once more. “You win some, you lose some.”

“How come you guys get the whole day off anyway?” Bridge asked, “I mean, the dinner I can understand, but what about the afternoon?”

“We’re going to watch the Broadway in the afternoon.”


The doors of the Recreation Room slid open and Syd walked in. Flopping tiredly on the couch next to Z, Syd let out a sigh of relief. “Whew, I’m glad that’s over.”

“How’d it go?” The yellow ranger asked.

The pink ranger stretched her arms and yawned. “It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Compared to the other dates my mom forced me on, this one was actually somewhat enjoyable.”

“Really?” Z asked.

Syd nodded, the others listening closely to the conversation. “Yeah, Jake was a complete gentleman all night. He didn’t try anything and asked lots of questions. It was an interesting conversation.”

Bridge noticed the look in the pink ranger’s eye. “What’s wrong Syd?”

Syd shook her head, unsure of how to respond. “I’m not sure. Jake did everything right and we had a good time…”

Sky frowned. “But?”

The pink ranger shrugged. “I don’t know. Something about him seemed… off.”

Z looked puzzled. “Off?”

“Yeah,” Syd nodded, “It’s one of those instinct feelings you know? I was sort of uneasy throughout the whole date.”

“Maybe you’re just tired,” Jack suggested, “I mean, we’re all on edge lately, what with Gruumm attacking us every second day.”


“Are you going to see him again?” Sky asked.

Syd rubbed her forehead and sighed. “Yeah, I guess. At least once more so my mom would get off my back.”

The blue ranger was still frowning as the others went back to their activities. Sydney’s story had left him feeling uneasy. Why did he suddenly have this feeling that something bad was going to happen?



Friday proved to be a much better day for Sydney. She and Sky headed towards New Tech City Theater to watch ‘Cats’ after having lunch. Syd was looking forward to watching the Broadway; she had heard great reviews about it.

As they were walking along the street, she heard someone call her name.


Both Sky and Syd turned to see a tall man with dark hair and brown eyes walking towards them.

Syd frowned. “Jake?”

Sky’s guard immediately went up. The same Jake that Syd had gone to dinner with the night before? He could definitely see why Sydney’s mother had approved of Jake. Jake Hemmington was very handsome and judging from his business suit, he was also very successful and wealthy. Sky stared. He definitely did not like this guy.

Jake gave Syd a charming smile “Fancy meeting you here.”

The pink ranger looked a bit uncomfortable. “Um, yeah,” she responded, “Where are you headed?”

“Back to work. And you?”

“Heading to a Broadway with my friend Sky,” Syd paused and turned to the blue ranger. “Jake, this is Sky, he’s one of my closest friends. Sky, this is Jake.”

The blue ranger extended his arm and met the other man’s hand in a firm grip. “Nice to meet you,” he said politely.

Jake met his gaze evenly. “Likewise.”

There was an awkward pause.

“Well, it was nice running into you Jake, but we have to get going or we’ll be late for the play,” Syd said, looking at her watch. She was anxious to leave.

“Of course, don’t let me keep you. Have a good time.”

The pink ranger let out a sigh of relief as she and Sky walked away.

“I can see what you meant when you said something was off about him,” Sky commented as they walked along the street, “I got a weird feeling about him.”

“So it wasn’t my imagination huh?”



Eager to get off the subject, Sky shook his head as they saw the New Tech City Theatre in their view. “Let’s just enjoy this play okay? And we still have to have dinner with my parents afterwards.”

Syd perked up, Jake was long forgotten. “I can’t wait to meet them!”

Sky gave another slight shake of his head. “Trust me, they are just as excited to meet you.”


Syd began to feel nervous just as Sky pulled into the driveway of his home. The pink ranger stared in awe, Sky’s house was huge! She stood with Sky as the door opened. The blue ranger smiled warmly as a figure was revealed. “Hi Phillips!”

“Master Sky!”

Sky leaned over and gave the older man a gentle hug. “It’s just Sky, Phillips. No master involved. You know that.”

“My apologies.”

Sky led Syd through the door and into the hallway. “Phillips, this is Sydney Drew.”

The butler gave a little bow. “It’s a pleasure Miss Drew. Welcome!”

“Please, call me Syd,” the pink ranger responded, liking the man immediately. Sky’s house had a cozy feeling to it and already she felt at home.


A woman emerged from one of the many rooms in the house. Dressed in a light pink skirt and a white t-shirt, the shorter woman reached up to hug Sky. There was an obvious affection in her eyes.

“Hi mom.”

The woman then turned to Sydney with a warm smile on her face. “And you must be Sydney!” She shot a meaningful glance at her son. “Sky told us so little about you!”

“It’s so nice to meet you Mrs. Tate.”

“It’s Collins actually,” Sky cut in, “my last name is Collins.”

Syd gave Sky a confused look. “Huh? It is? I thought your last name was Tate.”

“It’s a long story.”

“Tate is his middle name. It’s for his protection,” Sky’s mother smiled at the younger woman’s confusion. “And please, call me Jen.”

Syd returned Jen’s smile. She liked Sky’s mother.

“What’s this, a party? I can’t believe you started without me!” A man with dirty blonde hair and handsome features strolled into the room, a beaming smile on his face.

“Hi dad!”

Wes Collins reached out to hug his only son. “Good to see you son.” Wes pulled back, “I heard you left Jessica at the restaurant,” the former red time force ranger gave an amused chuckle, “she wasn’t very happy about that.”

Sky shrugged, not feeling the least bit guilty.

“You must be Sydney!” The man noticed the pretty blonde and greeted her with a cheerful smile. He held out his hand. “It’s nice to meet you!”

Syd smiled, already charmed by Sky’s father. “It’s nice to meet you too, Mr. Collins.”

“Wes,” Sky’s father corrected. “We don’t do that formal stuff around here. Let’s go eat huh? I’m starving!”

Wes led them into the kitchen where the four of them sat down at the dinner table.

“So Sydney,” Wes began, giving Jen a twinkling glance, “Tell us how you and Sky met.”

The pink ranger grinned. “Call me Syd! Everyone does,” Syd paused, “Sky and I met two years ago when I arrived at SPD to train.”

Wes and Jen exchanged a glance. “Sky failed to mention that,” Jen murmured, shooting her son a glance.

Sky’s ears turned red and the blue ranger gave a simple shrug.

“Do you two train together?” Jen asked.

Sky coughed. “Actually mom, Syd is the B-Squad’s pink ranger.”

Syd was met with surprised looks from Sky’s parents.

Jen looked delighted. “Pink?”

“Mom was a pink ranger too,” Sky informed Syd.

Syd’s eyes widened. “Really?”

Jen nodded.



“She’s a very nice girl Sky,” Jen told her son later that night as Wes gave Syd a tour of the house. The two were standing at the kitchen sink, doing the dishes. “Why aren’t you two dating again?”

“It’s kind of complicated mom,” Sky replied.

“How so?”

“Well, for one thing, we’re both rangers.”

Jen smiled. “That didn’t stop your father from wanting to date me.”

“We’re too different.”

“And your father and I are exactly alike?”

Sky shrugged. “The situation is completely different.”

“Sky, answer this,” Jen paused and looked at her son. “Do you like her?”


“Maybe,” Sky muttered. He looked up at his mother. “I don’t know why I feel this way mom.”

Jen smiled. Her son was falling in love; she could read it in his eyes. “Sky, take my advice. Don’t deny what you’re feeling. Trust it. And whatever you do, always know that your father and I are proud of you.”

Sky smiled softly as Wes and Syd came back into the kitchen. “Thanks mom.”

“So, who wants to go out for dessert?” Wes asked.


The four went to one of New Tech City’s more popular hang outs. Walking inside ‘Sunny Spot’, they were greeted with a happy atmosphere. Customers were laughing and there was chatter all around. Music was playing, and several people were dancing.

“Mr. Collins!”

An elderly man at the counter waved. Wes waved back. “Hi Tom! And it’s Wes! Mr. Collins is my father!”

Moments later they were seated at a table. Opening the menu, Wes read out the selections. “Oreo Cookie Cheesecake with Chocolate Glaze, Strawberry Ice Cream with Whipped Cream and Nuts, White Chocolate Dipped Strawberries,” Wes looked up, “there’s so many choices!”

Jen laughed. “Take it easy Wes.”

Syd smiled and exchanged a look with Sky. Sky’s parents were obviously very much in love.

Suddenly a song began playing through the speakers of the hangout.

Everybody's looking for that something
One thing that makes it all complete

You'll find it in the strangest places
Places you never knew it could be

Jen’s eyes lit up. “Oh I love this song!”

Wes chuckled. “Do you now?”

Some find it in the faces of their children
Some find it in their lovers eyes

Who can deny the joy it brings
When you've found that special thing

Grinning, Wes stood up and held out a hand to his wife. Both Sky and Syd watched with interest.

“Would you like to dance, milady?”

Jen let out a happy laugh, her eyes twinkling. Smiling widely, the former pink time force ranger accepted her husband’s hand. “I would love too.”

You're flying without wings


Syd watched as Wes and Jen headed out to the large area where other various customers were dancing as well. The pink ranger sighed dreamily. “That is so romantic!”

Sky chuckled and continued to watch his parents, a smile on his face.

Some find it sharing every morning
Some in their solitary lives
You'll find it in the words of others
A simple line can make you laugh or cry

“I really like your parents Sky,” Syd told the blue ranger, but then she smiled wistfully. “I really wish my parents, especially my mom, are as carefree as your parents.”

“They’ll come around Syd,” Sky replied, patting the pink ranger’s shoulder.

“I sure hope so.”

The two rangers turned to watch Jen and Wes dance once more.

Syd gave a little giggle. “Now I know where you get your dancing abilities from.”

The blue ranger grinned and shrugged. “You know what they say, like father like son.”

Some find it sharing every morning
Some in their solitary lives
You'll find it in the words of others
A simple line can make you laugh or cry

“I’m really glad I came tonight,” Syd’s blue eyes danced.

Sky smiled. “Me too.”

You'll find it in the deepest friendships
The kind you cherish all your life

And when you know how much that means
You've found that special thing

“I didn’t know your mom was a ranger Sky, it’s so cool how she was pink!”

Sky looked at the blonde with amusement. “You two would get along really well.”

“Your parents still act like they’re teenagers huh?”

The blue ranger laughed and gave a slight shake of his head. “They always act like that, I think it’s because they’ve been through so much together. They even overcame time.”

Syd looked at Sky curiously, wondering what he meant by that last statement. The pink ranger gave a slight shake. There would be another time to ask Sky what he meant. Right now all she wanted to do was enjoy this moment. Just sitting and talking with Sky. “That’s so romantic!”

You're flying without wings

“Sweetie look!”

Jen nodded her head in the direction of their table. Wes turned his head and they watched as Sky stood up and shyly offered his hand to Sydney.

“They are so adorable,” Jen cooed, placing her head on Wes’s shoulder, watching as Sydney accepted Sky’s hand.

Wes chuckled. “What do you think of Sydney?”

“She’s a good girl, and I can tell she’s dedicated. Sky picked well.”

“We always taught our son to have good judgment.”

Jen laughed. “According to Cruger that’s not the case, Sky’s been getting into a bit of trouble lately. Apparently, our son let an assassin into the Academy.”

“I heard,” Wes grinned, “And I’ll have to talk to him about his position as the blue ranger.”

“He wanted to be the red ranger so badly.”

“Being the blue ranger is just as good as being the red ranger. After all, Lucas was an awesome blue ranger.”

“He wanted to take after you.”

Wes laughed. “He did. He’s a power ranger isn’t he?”

But for me it's waking up beside you, yeah
To watch the sun rise on your face
To know that I can say I love you
at any given time or place

“Think Sky will do something about his feelings for Syd?”

“I don’t know,” Wes responded, “he might resist the idea for awhile, he can be pretty stubborn when he wants to be.”

“I hope he doesn’t resist the idea, I really like Sydney.”

Wes gave his wife an adored look. “He gets his stubbornness from you.”

“Very funny.”

“I wasn’t joking!”

It's the little things that only I know
Those are the things that make you mine, all mine
And it's the flying without wings
Cause you're my special thing
I'm flying without wings

Jen smiled. “I’m glad I was able to stay with you.”

He gazed at her, love shining in his eyes. “I love you.”

The former pink ranger snuggled deeper into Wes’s embrace. “I love you too.”

Wes wrapped his arms tighter around Jen’s waist. “I’m flying without wings,” he sang along to the music

You’re the place my life begins
And you'll be where it ends
I'm flying without wings
And that's the joy it brings
I'm flying without wings


“You look tired,” Bridge noted when Sky walked through the doors of their room later that night. Jack was sitting in Bridge’s desk chair tossing a stuffed football in the air. Both rangers looked at Sky as the blue ranger flopped onto his bed.

“I am tired,” the blue ranger responded.

“Did you have fun?” the red ranger asked.

Sky smiled softly. “Tons.”

“So what’s the deal with you and Syd?”

Sky sat up. “What do you mean?”

Jack gave him a bored look. “Dude, it’s so obvious, even a blind man can see it.”

The blue ranger was silent for a moment but then smiled. “I think I like her.”

Bridge grinned. “I knew it!”

Jack snorted. “Just like?”

Bridge sent a warning glance at Jack that said, ‘don’t push your luck.’

“Yeah,” Sky paused. “It’s different.”

“You’re making no sense,” Jack announced before turning to Bridge, “that’s usually the first sign that a man is in love right?”

Bridge grinned and nodded. Sky just ignored the red ranger’s words.

“So what about that Jake guy?”

The blue ranger’s eyebrow furrowed. “What about him?”

“Isn’t Syd going out with him?”

“No,” Sky paused, “I don’t think she has feelings for him.”

“She doesn’t,” Bridge spoke up, “I read her aura.”

Sky smiled and relaxed.

“She does think he’s good looking though.”

Sky’s smile disappeared; a frown was back on his face.

“Man, he’s whipped,” Jack muttered and Bridge grinned.

Sky however, didn’t hear Jack’s comment. His mind was on their pink ranger.


The next day… Syd and Z’s room.

“So you had fun last night?”

The pink ranger nodded. “I had a blast! Sky’s parents are so wonderful!”

The two girls had woken up early that morning and for once Z had decided she wanted to participate in a gossip fest. She was, after all, a girl. She wasn’t as girly as Syd was, but she did like to feel pretty and liked to dress up once in awhile.

And right now she wanted to indulge in gossip.

“So how’d it really go with Jake?”

A look of surprise appeared on the pink ranger’s face. “How did Jake get into this conversation?”

The yellow ranger shrugged. “I brought him into the conversation.”

“Well, our first date went pretty well. But I’m only going to see him once more then break off all contact.”

“I bet your mother isn’t going to be happy about that.”

“Yeah well, she’ll live.”

Z laughed.

Stretching, Syd stood up. “Come on, we have to get to training.”

“You go on ahead,” Z replied as she searched through her closet, “I still have to find my shoes.”

The pink ranger shrugged. “Okay.”

Heading out of her room, Syd walked down the hallway heading towards the Stimulation Room when a voice stopped her.


The blonde stopped and turned. Her blue eyes widened in surprise. “Jake?”

Jake Hemmington was walking towards her.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“I thought I’d drop by to see how you were doing.”

“I’m fine, but I’m kind of busy right now. I’m about to be late for training. Why aren’t you at work?”

“I am. Kind of anyway, I don’t have another meeting till later this afternoon, so I decided to drop by.”

Syd stared. “Just to see me?”

Jake gave a charming smile. “I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do,” the business man paused. “So, did you have a good time Thursday night?”

The pink ranger nodded. “I did.”

“I called you this morning, but I guess you were still sleeping or something.”

“You called? Why?”

“Just wanted to hear your voice. Good memories you know?”


“I was charmed.”

Syd gave a small smile and looked up at Jake. ‘Flattery is such a nice way to start the day,’ she thought.

After a moment, Jake began to tug at his watchband. “Actually, besides wanting to see you, there is another reason why I came by.”

“Oh I get it, now that I’m all buttered up, the truth comes out huh?”

Jake laughed. “Sort of. The truth is I wanted to see if you’d like to go out again this Saturday night.”

The pink ranger hesitated. She knew that she should go out on another date with Jake before breaking things off. But there was a difference between wanting to and should. An image of Sky flashed through her mind. “I can’t, I’m busy. I have plans with some friends.”

It wasn’t the actual truth of course, but Jake didn’t need to know that.

Jake frowned and immediately the pink ranger felt bad for lying. “How about Friday?”

The handsome business man shook his head. “Wish I could, but I have to head for Cleveland this evening and won’t be back until Saturday morning.”

Syd inwardly sighed. So much for blowing him off right away. “Okay, I’ll cancel my plans on Saturday.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah…. I’m sure.”

He met her eyes, staring as if he was seeing her for the first time. “That’s great,” he said, and before she realized what was happening, Jake leaned in and kissed her. It was just a peck, but a kiss nonetheless.

“Thank you", he murmured.

Before she could think of anything to say, Jake turned and started towards the doors. Caught by surprise, all Syd could do was watch him go.


“Did he just kiss her?” Sky asked, his mouth hanging open.

A few minutes earlier, Sky had been heading towards the Stimulation Room himself when he had seen Jake walk in, looking around the Academy. Careful to keep himself hidden, the blue ranger watched as Jake found Syd just down the hallway. Jack had walked up just as Jake was leaning in to kiss her.

“That’s what it looked like to me,” Jack answered.

“They don’t even know each other!”

“They do now.”

“Thanks Jack. You’re making me feel a whole lot better,” the blue ranger muttered.

“What? Do you want me to lie to you instead?”

“Right now, I think I would,” Sky mumbled.

“Alright,” Jack said, thinking about it. “That fellow sure is ugly.”

At Jack’s comment, Sky put his head in his hands.


In the confines of his car, Jake smiled and gave a soft laugh. Sydney was adorable.

Their evening together had been wonderful. He’d enjoyed her company, of course, but what he’d come to admire most was her courage. No other girl he had dated could say that she saved the world literally. It was refreshing, that a girl from a high class society could be so original, different and unique.

She was also very lovely. The look of struggle as she debated whether to break plans with her friends… he felt as if he could watch her for hours and never grow tired of it.

His cell phone rang, and he checked the caller ID.

Jerry Tokins from work.

Instead of answering, he summoned Sydney’s image again. It had to have been fate, meeting her the way he did. He could’ve been at a thousand other places that morning. It was by chance that he had met Adrian and Melanie Drew for a quick business meeting. Once Melanie Drew had shown him a picture of her daughter, Jake had been interested. Very interested.

The cell phone rang again.

Yes, the date had gone well, but there was one thing. Today, towards the end…

Maybe he shouldn’t have kissed her. It wasn’t as if it had been planned, but he had been so happy when she said that she’d see him on Saturday that he couldn’t help himself. It just happened. A surprise for both of them. But was it too much, too soon?

Yes’, he decided, it probably was and he regretted it. After all, they had been only on one date. There was no need to rush. It would be better to take it easy the next time he saw her.

The cell phone rang a third time, but he continued to ignore it. In the back of his mind, he replayed the scene again.

Very adorable.


Note: I apologize ahead of time for any mistakes found in this chapter. I am seriously in need a beta as I’m always writing my stories at night. I’m usually so tired that when I edit my stories, the little things escape me. Anyone interested?