Sky’s jaw clenched and he tried to keep his cool. His hand gripped the book in front of him. He would not lose it. She was just trying to be annoying. She was just trying to get under his skin, that’s all.



And it was working.


The blue ranger whirled around, pinning his teammate with his best glare. From behind the counter, Sydney grinned smugly at him as she reached into her bag and pulled out another tiny pellet and took aim. Before Sky could avoid getting hit again, she sent the pellet flying.  The pellet hit the side of his cheek.


“Bull’s-eye! Eight in a row!” She squealed.


Sky rubbed the spot where the pellet had hit him with annoyance. He shot another glare towards the pink ranger. “Can you answer one question for me, Syd?”


“Sure!” the blonde chirped in a cheerful tone. .


“Why are you pelting me with chocolates?”


She giggled and threw another one at him. This time the chocolate hit his shoulder. “I’m kissing you!”




She threw another and hit the shocked man’s forehead. Syd giggled harder as she watched Sky’s expression. “I just kissed you again!”


“I-I don’t understand…”


“They’re chocolate kisses! Every time I hit you, it means you’re being kissed!”


He raised an eyebrow at this and then an idea came to him.


He scooped up all the kisses he had accumulated and walked over to her. Sydney’s smile melted into a look of nervous fear. What if he was angry?


Sky stood towering above her and dumped the chocolate all over her head. The blue ranger grinned, seeing Sydney’s expression. “I just showered you with kisses.”


He then leaned over, brushed his lips over her forehead and walked out of the common room, leaving a very shocked, and yet, very happy pink ranger behind.