Title: Where I Belong
Author: xomidnight/BloomingViolets
Character: Bridge (slight mention of Bridge/Z)
Rating: K
Disclaimer: I don't in any way own Power Rangers.
Summary: Bridge sits back and reminisces.

For the August 'Family' challenge at Live Journal.

Hey everybody! This is just a little one shot fic that I wrote today (a small drabble). Hope you all enjoy!


He glanced at the people all around him and once again felt the feeling of happiness spread through him. He would always be grateful he had found this place.

He had been alone for too long, a stranger isolated in a big world of individuality. He had never belonged because he had been too different and others had been afraid of him because of his special abilities. People had found him strange because of his constant rambling and stayed away from him, leaving him alone to crave of human touch.

But then, a light came shinning through in a deep dark tunnel and soon he was cured from his isolation, from his loneliness. He was befriended by two individuals, both so very different in personality. One was so strict, and the other was so cheerful, but their companionship meant more to him than they would ever know. Then a few years later, they were joined by two more, one with a hard headed personality and the other… words couldn’t even begin to describe her.

Sky Tate, Mr. By the Book, rule follower, guy with the giant stick up his butt, had been the first to approach him. Had been the one to help him with his training and study schedules. Became his roommate, showing him the ropes –what to do and what not to do. Taught him how to defend himself and helped him hone his abilities.

Sydney Drew, spoiled princess but caring friend, befriending him only moments after Sky had introduced himself. She had been the one to help keep them in line, insisting that they play games to relax after a long day of hard work. She had been the glue to hold the trio together, planning events and outings. She had been the one to bring him food, taking care of him when he had gotten sick. She had been the first person to give him a birthday present. She had been his partner in crime when they had played small practical jokes on Sky.

Jack Landors, perhaps just as arrogant as Sky and his leader. Easy going, Jack had learned to give him the benefit of the doubt. Had earned his respect. Jack, the one to lead them in battle, the one to protect them at any cost. He was proud to serve under his leadership.

Elizabeth Delgado. Z. Beautiful, spunky and sassy. Witty. She intrigued him like no other, sprouting up feelings he had never felt before. Outspoken, challenging, always speaking her mind and making things interesting with her sarcastic comments. She appreciated his presence, making him shiver with her beautiful smile.

“Hey Bridge! Why are you sitting alone in that corner? Get your butt over here!”

Broken from his reminiscing, he glanced at the person speaking to him.

Z smiled at him from where she stood. “Come on Bridge!”

He looked around, taking the scene in front of him. There, was Jack sitting on one of the couches, polishing his Delta Blasters in a vigorous manner. His tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth as he focused. Across the room in an unusual display of affection, Sky was engaged in a mini pillow fight with Syd, both of them laughing with glee and joy. He wondered for a brief moment what Syd had done to cause Sky to loosen up like that. And there, walking toward him, was Z.

He stood up and moved further into the room, a smile breaking out on his face. Sky, his best friend. Syd, his almost sister. Jack, his leader. And Z, his object of affection.

He would always be grateful to this place. To SPD. He was home. He belonged.

He found his family.