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Sky and Bridge’s room.

Space Patrol Delta Academy.

Alone in his room shortly after his walk with Syd, Sky paced back and forth nervously. A bunch of thoughts were running through his mind and he desperately tried to calm himself down. He stopped moving momentarily to glance at the clock that hung above the doorway. The time read 9:21pm. Sky gulped. In exactly thirty-nine minutes his night shift would start and Syd would be joining him. For a guy who usually knew what to do, the blue ranger was at a loss.

Sky had never had any problems when it came to dealing with the opposite sex. Back in his high school days, he had been able to get dates without trying – whether he wanted to or not. It was his determination that had appeal to the girls, but it was also his downfall when it came to relationships. All his life he had wanted to be the red ranger, just like his father had been. He had been so consumed with his goal, so focused and determined that whom ever his current girlfriend was at the time would get frustrated and leave him. In the end, the girls couldn’t deal with being second best. But that was the way Sky was. Everything he did, he gave it his all. It was the way he was, and it might have appealed to the girls on a first impression basis, but in the end it wouldn’t work out.

Now Sky wished he had paid more attention. Girls he could handle. But Sydney was a young woman, and a beautiful one at that. He had never been in a serious relationship before. What was he supposed to do about these unexpected feelings? Letting out a sigh, the blue ranger resumed pacing back and forth, not noticing that another person had entered the room.

Bridge stood in the doorway, watching his roommate with amusement. With his psychic abilities, he could feel the all the raw emotions that the blue ranger was emitting.

Nervousness. Confusion. Nausea. Unconfident. Fear.


Bridge fought back a chuckle; Sky was more excited than anything, even if he didn’t know it.

“You know,” the green ranger remarked, “I think you’re going to carve a hole in the floor with all your pacing.”

Sky jumped at the sudden voice. The blue ranger whirled around to see his teammate smirking at him from the doorway. “Uh, how long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough.” Bridge walked to his side of the room and threw himself onto his bed. “What’s gotten you so jumpy?” he asked, though he already knew the answer.

“It’s nothing.”

I’ll bet,’ Bridge thought, ‘No way am I letting you go back into your shell buddy, you’re just starting to open up to us!’ “Didn’t look like nothing to me. You don’t usually pace back and forth for no reason.”

Sky said nothing as he crossed over to his closet and pulled out a newly cleaned uniform. As the blue ranger struggled out of his shirt, Bridge slyly asked, “Does your little walk-a-thon have anything to do with the fact that Syd’s going to join you for your night shift?”

Bridge snickered as Sky struggled even harder to get out of his shirt. After a few moments, the blue ranger succeeded in yanking off his shirt and regarded the green ranger with an unreadable expression. “What?” he breathed heavily.

Bridge leaned back on his right elbow and with his left hand began tossing a stuffed football in the air. “That got your attention didn’t it?”

Sky reached out and grabbed the football. “How did you find out about that?”

Bridge gave him a look. “Syd’s been all happy since you guys returned from your walk. She told me.”

Without a word, Sky sat down next to the green ranger, putting the football on the nightstand. Before he could help himself, the blue ranger blurted out, “Did she say anything about me?”

Bridge raised an eyebrow and for the first time, he saw Sky blush. “Something you wanna tell me?”

“It’s nothing,” Sky mumbled before getting off the Bridge’s bed. He resumed getting ready.

“Come on,” the green ranger coaxed.

Sky let out a sigh and glanced at the clock. 9:30pm. Only nine minutes had passed! Pullingon his uniform jacket, he let out another frustrated sigh. “I just don’t know what to do.”

Bridge smiled triumphed, but quickly wiped the grin off his face as Sky turned to face him. “Don’t know what to do about what?” he carefully asked.

Sky stared at Bridge, wondering whether or not to confide in his roommate. “Well….”

Bridge sat up and leaned forward eagerly. “Well?”

Glancing up at the clock, the time read 9:45pm. Sky shrugged. It wouldn’t hurt to be a few minutes early. “Well, I gotta go do my night duties. Later Bridge.” With those words, Sky turned and left the room before the green ranger could have a chance to comment.

Now alone, Bridge let out a sigh and shook his head. “Humph. Next time Sky, I won’t let you off the hook. I’ll get it out of you one way or another.”


Syd and Z’s room.

Space Patrol Delta Academy.

Sydney stood in front of her closet trying to figure out what to wear. Pulling out outfit after outfit, she held the clothes up in front of her mirror and wrinkled her nose in distaste at what she saw every time. Letting out a sigh in frustration, Syd tossed the clothes she was holding on to her bed and began searching through her closet once more.

Z walked into the room, only to see Syd’s backside, while the upper half of her body was hidden by her closet door. “Whoa,” she commented, “looks like a tornado flew through your half of the room.”

Startled by Z’s sudden voice, Syd bumped her head and she turned to face the yellow ranger. “Oh thank goodness you’re here, you have to help me!”

Raising an eyebrow, Z commented, “I’m not sure if I should stay, or run.”


“I’m just kidding. What’s up?” Z sat on her bed and watched as Syd began pulling out more clothes.

“I don’t know what to wear tonight!” the pink ranger whined.

The yellow ranger stared. “That’s it? No offense Syd, but fashion isn’t really my thing.”

“Still,” Syd pouted, “You’re a girl; you can still tell me what looks good and what looks bad right?”

Z sighed. “Fine. Although there’s no point, you know you look good in whatever you wear. What’s the occasion?”

The pink ranger grinned, happiness radiating from her cheerful expression. “I’m doing the night duty shift with Sky tonight.”

“Really? What did you do to get punished into getting the night shift?”

Syd turned to face her mirror once more. “Nothing,” she said, observing her reflection, “I volunteered.”

“You volunteered!” Z sounded incredulous.


“Wow. You must really like the guy to have volunteered to stay up half the night.”

Sydney turned away from her mirror and went to sit down on her own bed. “I really do. And it’s a little scary that I like him so much, but I like the feeling.”

The yellow ranger nodded. “I see.”

“Yeah,” the pink ranger sighed dreamily, but then snapped back to attention. “I still don’t know what to wear!”

Z snorted. She doubt Sky would care either way. “Why don’t you just wear your uniform? Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?”

Syd thought about it. “I could. But he sees me in my uniform everyday. I want him to notice that I’m a girl too, and more than a teammate.”

Snorting once more, Z replied, “I think it’s obvious he knows that you’re a girl.”

Sydney dismissed Z’s comment with a wave of her hand. “Oh, you know what I mean.”

“Actually, no I don’t. But whatever.” Z shrugged. “You have lots of clothes Syd, just pick an outfit. He’ll probably be too tired to notice what you’ll be wearing anyway.”

“Okay, miss negative. What do you think I should wear?”

“Well, if it was me,” Z paused, thinking, “I would probably just show up in my pajamas.”

The pink ranger’s eyes lit up. “That’s it! I’ll wear my pajamas! It’ll be comfy, it’ll let others know that I’m visiting and actually not on night duty so I won’t get orders, AND Sky will see me wearing something different for once!” With those words said, Syd leapt off her bed and ran to her dresser. Pulling out a pair of pink pajamas, she rushed into the bathroom to change, while Z sat on her bed wondering what had just happened in bewilderment.

A few moments later, Syd came out of the bathroom in her pajamas and slippers, her face freshly scrubbed of makeup. Even without all the cosmetics, Syd still looked stunning. The pink ranger crossed over to her dresser and sat down and began brushing her hair.

“Are you putting on more makeup?” Z asked.

“No,” Syd replied, “The point of what I’m wearing is to look comfy and casual. And besides, I want to see how he reacts to me not wearing makeup. I want him to like me for me.”

Z rolled her eyes and shook her head. ‘I don’t think that’ll be a problem there,’ she thought as she watched Sydney braid her hair into two pigtails.

“There,” the pink ranger smiled as she looked over her reflection the mirror, then turned to Z, “What do you think?”

The yellow ranger yawned as she got ready for bed. “I think you’re crazy for wanting to stay up the whole night to monitor nothing happening in the city, when instead you could be sleeping. And I think you’re crazy for wasting your time trying to decide what to wear when I doubt Sky would notice because he’s a guy and guys don’t notice anything. But mainly, I just think you’re crazy.”

Syd rolled her eyes. “Thanks Z.”

Z laughed. “Shouldn’t you get going? It’s almost ten.”

Glancing at her alarm clock, the time read 9:54pm. Sydney squealed. “Ah! I don’t want to be late!” Quickly throwing on her pink bathrobe and stopping to grab a tube of lip gloss, Syd rushed out the door. Seconds later, she came rushing back in to grab Peanuts and flew out the door once more.

A faint “Night Z!” came floating through the door. Z shook her head and laughed and settled under the covers. “Night Syd, have fun.”

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