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It had been a tough battle. The monster had proved to have been too strong, and in the end, it had gotten away. Boy they had been lucky to have escaped with only minor injuries. Hell, they were lucky to even be alive.

Sky sat on his bed, trying to not let the pain get to him. The blue ranger had been the one that was injured the most. Whereas everyone else just had bruises, he had cuts, bruises on top of bruises, a concussion , and had also taken a blow to the head. He held his breath as pain coursed through his body at the lightest touch.

“OUCH! Syd that hurts!” Sky howled in pain as the pink ranger bandaged his arm.

“Well stop squirming and then maybe it wouldn’t hurt so much,” Syd retorted, and then her voice softened."I'm sorry Sky, I'm trying to be as gentle as I can.”

Sky fell silent as the pink ranger continued to treat the cuts and bruises on his arm, cleaning all the blood. ‘At least she wasn’t hurt that badly,’ the blue ranger thought, as he flinched in pain once more.

Syd for her part couldn’t help but feel guilty. It was her fault that Sky was hurt as bad as he was.


The rangers stood along side one another as Commander Cruger regarded them each carefully. The big blue dog had a grave expression and none of the rangers had ever seen him look so serious. “Now that A Squad has been declared as Missing in Action, I must ask all of you to be on your guard. We cannot afford to lose anyone else.”

The rangers all exchanged a worried glance with one another. The situation was serious.

Gruumm has become more and more powerful these last few weeks,” Commander Cruger continued, “We must stop him at all costs.”

Sir,” Sky raised his hand, drawing attention onto himself, “Do you think Gruumm had something to do with A Squad’s disappearance?”

The big blue dog focused his attention on the blue ranger. “There’s no doubt in my mind.”

Sky nodded and Cruger continued. “This is why all of you must be careful. Do not go anywhere alone. As B Squad, I fear Gruumm will be targeting you all next.”

The rangers all nodded.

Suddenly the alarms rang once more. “Someone is stealing from the Jewelry Store downtown,” Kat informed the rangers, “Stop them and be careful rangers.”

Jack took charge, being the first one to pull out his morpher. “Ready?” he asked.

Ready!” The remaining rangers responded, pulling out their own morphers. Swinging their arms into position, all five rangers called out, “SPD Emergency!”

Moments later, five different colored multi suits replaced each rangers’ uniform. Speeding through downtown, alarms blaring from all sides, the rangers arrived at the scene where the spider-like monster called Jarees was busy attacking various citizens.

Stop, I order you to halt!” Syd stepped out of the jeep and held up an SPD badge.

Ahh, just what I was looking for,” Jarees exclaimed, waving his scaly arms about. “The B Squad Power Rangers.”

Oh yeah?” Jack smirked as he jumped off his bike, the other rangers behind him. “Looks like you found us, but guess what? We’re taking you in.”

I don’t think so,” Jarees responded, an evil smirk donned his face. Soon enough a battle ensued. One by one the rangers each tried to take on the monster. But Jarees proved to be too strong for all of them combined, and the rangers all fell to the ground.

Sky struggled to stand as Jarees crackled. “We can’t give up guys.” The blue ranger was panting; he had been hit the hardest of out all of them and was exhausted.

Syd summoned the strength to stand up along side Sky. “Yeah, you’re right. Let’s finish him off.” And with those words, the pink ranger took off running.

“Wait Syd!”

But the pink ranger appeared not to have heard Sky. The blue ranger watched in horror as Jarees threw an attack at Syd. The attack hit the pink ranger hard, and Sydney flew back. Struggling to stand up, the pink ranger noticed to late that another attack coming straight at her. She froze and screamed.

Suddenly she felt a force push her out of harm’s way and she landed on her side with a thud. As she pushed herself back up she saw Sky had taken full blast of the monster’s attack. There was a flash of blue light surrounding the blue ranger’s body and a horrified look crossed her face as Sky demorphed. “Sky!” The pink ranger somehow found the strength to stand up and ran over to where Sky laid still, blood gushing all over his forehead. “Oh my goodness, hang on Sky!”

End Flashback

Syd finished bandaging Sky’s arm and moved to clean his forehead. Gently, with a warm cloth, she wiped away all the dried blood, cleaning his cut carefully. Carefully applying the bandages, she gave a sigh of relief when she finished. Thank goodness Sky hadn't been more hurt than he already was.

Sky leaned back and gave Syd a soft smile as she packed up all the cleaning supplies. "Thanks Syd."

Sydney shook her head. "I should be thanking you," she murmured, "You saved my life Sky."

"It was nothing."

Syd gave Sky a look. "It was not nothing. Sky, you were so brave!"

Sky blushed and adverted his gaze. "I would do it again."

A smile came to the pink ranger's face. "Thanks. But I hope this never happens again,"she gave him a worried glance,"You could've been hurt a lot worse today, and I wouldn't be able to live with the guilt if something happened to you because of me."

Feeling bold, Sky reached out, ignoring the pain he felt when he lifted his arm, and grabbed Syd's hand. "Don't worry, I can take care of myself."

The pink ranger shook her head. "I know you can, but I'd worry anyway."

There was a silence as the blue and pink rangers gazed at one another. After what seemed like an eternity, Syd broke eye contact. Glancing down at their joined hands, she smiled and breathed out a sigh. "Okay," she spoke softly, "You need to get some rest."

Not wanting her to go, Sky pouted, feeling a little childish. "Do I have too?"

Syd flashed him a look. "Yes."

"But I don't want too."

"The more you rest, the faster you recover," she sang.

Sky sighed. "Alright fine."

Sydney flashed him a triumphant smile and began to move towards the door. However, Sky wasn't ready to let her go just yet, and wouldn't let go of her hand. Syd looked back at him questioningly.

"Promise you'll come back?"

Sydney blushed and nodded. "I promise."

He gave her a playful look. "How will I know you'll keep your promise?"

Her eyes took on a thoughtful look. "I'll be right back." And with those words she ran out of the room. A minute later, she returned with Peanuts. Holding out the stuffed animal to the blue ranger, she answered his earlier question. "I will be coming back for this Tate, so don't you dare keep it."

Smiling he took the stuffed elephant. "I'll take good care of him, I promise."

She flashed him a smile. "You better. I'll check up on you later."

The pink ranger waited till Sky slid under the covers before tucking him in. She stood next to the bed as Sky got comfortable, then leaned over and kissed his forehead. Pulling back, she smiled. "Sleep tight, I'll be back later okay?" and with those words, Syd turned and left the room, blushing the whole time.

Sky laid in bed stunned. It had been brief, but it was special all the same. She had actually kissed him. Granted, it was on his forehead, but it was better than nothing. He smiled, but then winced in pain. Once the pain had passed, he yawned, his head pushing deeper into his pillow. Seeing Peanuts in front of him made him grin wider. Pulling the elephant closer to him, he felt his body relax as he drifted. He noted the faint vanilla smell coming from the stuffed elephant that Syd adored so much. He fell asleep thinking of the pink ranger. He smiled, his pink ranger.

Leaving Sky's room, Sydney headed toward the Recreation Room where all the other rangers were currently sitting around. Walking through the doors, she briefly gave Boom a smile before heading over towards where Bridge sat. Sitting down on the couch next to the green ranger with a sigh, Sydney let out a groan.

"Hey," came Jack's voice from the couch across the pink and green rangers, where Z also sat. "How's Sky?"

Syd shook her head. "He's pretty banged up, but he'll live."

"How are you feeling?" Z asked. "The both of you were hit harder than we were."

"Just a couple of bruises," the pink ranger replied, "nothing serious. How about you guys?"

"Same with us."

"What's got you down Syd?" Bridge asked, placing a hand on the pink ranger's shoulder, noticing that she wasn't in her usual cheerful mood.

"It's just that-" Syd paused, looking down at her hands, "It's my fault. He got hurt because of me."

"Come on Syd," Jack leaned foreward, his elbows resting on his knees. "It wasn't your fault. That monster was pretty strong. It could've been any one of us."

"But it wasn't," the pink ranger sighed once more, "it was me. And Sky got hurt saving me."

"He'll be fine in no time Syd," Z said.

Bridge patted her back. "Don't worry, you'll see."

The pink ranger tilted her head. "Yeah, I guess," she spoke softly, then stood up. "I'm going to go for a walk okay guys? I need to think."

"You sure you should do that?" Z asked concerned, "Cruger said not to go anywhere alone. Maybe one of us should come with you."

"No, I'll be fine you guys. I just want to be alone and think about some things. I'll see you guys later." The pink ranger flashed them all a smile before leaving the room.

Back in the Recreation Room, the three remaining rangers looked at one another. Feeling uneasy, fifteen minutes passed before Z voiced her concerns.

"You really think we should've let her go off alone?"she asked her two teammates.

"Yeah," Jack replied, "Syd's a big girl. She can take care of herself."

"But what if something happens to her?" Bridge spoke, concern rapidly appearing on his face as well. "I mean, Commander Cruger did say not to go anywhere alone."

"I'm sure she'll be fine," Jack sounded more assured than he felt, he was also becoming worried.

"Yeah," Z paused, trying to convince herself, "Yeah, I'm sure she'll be fine."

Bridge looked from Jack to Z. Without a word, the three rangers stood up, heading out to search for their pink ranger.

Sydney walked through the park, her thoughts on the battle earlier that day. Poor Sky. How could she have been so stupid? Too have put herself in danger for Sky to come running to her aid? Though she felt guilty, she was also happy in a way. Sky had saved her. It meant he had been worried. It meant he cared enough about her to put his life on the line. It had to be a sign.

Lost in thought, Syd failed to notice that an army of Krybots were coming straight at her. A sudden explosion to her left, caught her attention. Looking up, she saw that she was surrounded, one of the Krybots holding a laser gun, it was obvious which one had tried to attack her. Jarees appeared just as the pink ranger was getting into a fighting stance. "Well, look who we have here," the monster crackled, "it's the little pink princess."

Syd inwardly cursed. She should've listened to Z earlier, should've stayed in her room. But no, she had to be stubborn. Sighing, she regarded the monster with a look of dislike. "I've had enough of you for one day. Can't you just attack us sometime next week?"

"Do I look stupid to you?" Jarees retorted. "I like attacking you rangers when you're weak. It makes my job much easier. And now is the perfect opportunity because the SPD princess is alone. Krybots, attack!"

Syd tried her best to defend herself. Still exhausted from the battle earlier, she wasn't as fast as she usually was. Finally she used her last resort. Grabbing her morpher, she yelled, "SPD Emergency!" Moments later the pink ranger appeared. With the extra power, Sydney was able to fight better, but not as well as she liked.

A blast came from her right, causing the Krybot that had latched onto her, to fall off and break into pieces. Turning, she saw Bridge, Z and Jack (all in ranger form) running towards her. "Thank goodness you guys are here!" The pink ranger cried in relief.

"We thought you might be in trouble," Z replied, "You okay princess?"


"Alright," Jack took charge, "Let's kick some Krybot butt."

Angry red eyes glowed as he watched the scene before him. Emperor Gruumm growled as he saw the yellow, green and red rangers arrive. He slammed a fist down on the arm of his chair. Jarees had the pink ranger cornered before those three showed up. His eyes glowed redder. He really disliked rangers.

Mora sat at her little play table, surrounded by dolls. "Gruumm," she stated in her annoying voice, "Why don't you just have Jarees kidnap one of the rangers and then leave?"

If possible, Gruumm's eyes glowed even redder. "And why would I do that Mora?"

"Think about it. The blue ranger is already injured, he would not be able to participate in battle. If you kidnap one of the rangers, their team will be even further weakened. Then you can wait a day and attack the rangers again. They will be easily defeated with only three of them to fight." The little girl grinned evilly before going back to playing with her dolls.

Gruum crackled an evil laugh, pleased with Mora's plan. "Excellent idea Mora." Picking up his staff, he created a portal that allowed him to contact his best warrior. "Jarees!" He barked.

Down at the park, the spider-like monster responded. "Yes my lord?"

"Kidnap one of the rangers and get back here immediately!"

Gruumm closed the portal and laughed. "Cruger is a fool. Does he honestly think he can stop me? I'm unstoppable!"


Jarees watched as the portal faded away. He couldn't understand Gruumm's way of thinking. He could destroy all four rangers here and now. He was definitely powerful enough. The monster shrugged. "Well, if it's one ranger he wants, it's one ranger he gets," the creature muttered, observing the rangers fight. After a few moments, he decided to target the pink ranger. She seemed to be the weakest one at the moment. Throwing out an attack, he smiled in satisfaction as each ranger fell to the ground. Stretching one of his long scaly arms, he grabbed Sydney before anyone could react.

Syd shrieked as she felt the long arm wrap around her. "Help!" she cried.

Opening his own portal, Jarees waved at the remaining rangers with another scaly arm, while dangling Syd high in the air. "Ta-Ta rangers. Say goodbye to your little friend here."

Bridge, Z and Jack watched in horror as the monster jumped through the portal, taking Syd with it. Bridge somehow found the strength to stand and took off running towards the portal. "Hang on Syd!" However, he was too late. By the time he reached the spot where the portal was, it had already disappeared.

The three remaining rangers demorphed and looked at one another. Finally Bridge sighed and stated the obvious. "This is not good."

Sky woke up feeling well rested and in a good mood. He was still in a lot of pain, but it was an improvement from the intense pain he felt a few hours before. Slowly sitting up, he pulled back the covers got, off the bed, and headed towards the Recreation Room where he was sure everyone would be.

Walking in, he spotted three of his teammates sitting around a table, each one looking solemn. "Hey guys," the blue ranger greeted as he pulled out a chair and sat down in between Jack and Bridge.

"Hey Sky," Z responded, cradling her left arm, "How are you feeling?"

"Better. Still in pain, but a lot better," he replied. Looking around the at his team members' expressions, Sky realized something was wrong. Observing his teammates closely, he commented, "Is it just me, or do you guys look even worse than before?"

No one seemed to want to have any eye contact with him. Finally, Bridge decided to be the one to break the bad news. "There was an attack today, while you were sleeping," the green ranger stated softly.

Sky felt his heart constrict at the words. Fear was beginning to set in. Why was Syd absent from the group? He did not like the sound of Bridge's words one bit.

"Syd was alone in the park when Jarees appeared. She was attacked, but we got there in time," Bridge paused, "The monster was still too strong and we were already weakened from the previous battle."

"What are you trying to say?" Sky was trying to comprehend Bridge's words but found it difficult. Syd had been attacked?

Jack placed a hand on Sky'sshoulder gently. "Jarees kidnapped Syd."

The words sunk in and his chair flew backwards as he stood up, ignoring the sudden pain flowing through him. "WHAT?" he roared.

"We tried to stop him," Z mumbled weakly as she watched Sky. She had never seen the blue ranger so angry before. It was unnerving to say the least.

"You mean to tell me," Sky angrily stated, "that Gruumm has Syd locked up someplace?"

No one dared to say a word.

If it had been a different situation, Bridge would've tried to use the opportunity to get Sky to admit his real feelings on the matter. But not this time. This time, the green ranger was tired and cranky. He could feel all the emotions that everyone was emitting, making him more tense than he already was. Every part of his body was sore and he was sure he was covered in bruises. He was hungry. But most of all, he was worried for his friend. He sighed and rubbed his forehead.

Just as Sky was about to yell some more, Commander Cruger walked in. "Cadet Tate, please sit down. We have urgent matters to attend too."


Sydney groaned as she hit the wall. Struggling to stand up, she protested, "HEY! LET ME OUT OF HERE!"

"Shut it Pinky," Jarees retorted, "I can destroy you with one blast. Don't tempt me."

That remark shut Syd right up. The pink ranger watched silently as the monster strode away, leaving her alone in the semi dark cell, the only lighting was the dimly lit lamp hanging on the wall.

"Eww, this place is so dirty," she softly complained as she inspected her surroundings. "Gross."

"Help me..."

Syd stiffened and quickly turned around, grabbing her Delta Blaster. Holding her weapon out in front of her, she tried her best to disguse the fear in her voice. "Whose there?"

From the shadowy corner of the cell, a gloved hand reached out.

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