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Syd silently took a step back, as the figure fell forward. In the dimmed lighting she could faintly make out a pink mask. Her eyes widened in shock as she recognized the person. Kneeling down next to the figure, she put her Delta Blaster aside. “Oh my goodness!” she whispered, “Squad A pink ranger!” To her left, Syd heard another groan. Looking around, she could faintly make out the other members of A Squad. “What happened to you guys?”

“Who are you?” The voice was weak but Syd saw that it had been the yellow ranger that had spoken.

“I’m Syd. Sydney Drew. I’m on B Squad.”

“Will there be people coming for us?” This time it was the green ranger who had spoken. There was hope laced in his voice.

An image of Sky flashed in Syd’s mind, followed by an image of the rest of the team. “Yes,” she answered, her voice filled with confidence. “There will be people coming for us.”

2 days later….

Sky sat on his bed, lost in thought, his mind still reeling from the events of the meeting 2 days before. He was almost fully recovered by now.


Sit down Cadet Tate,” Commander Cruger walked into the room. “We have important matters to attend too.”

But Sir, Syd’s been taken!” the blue ranger protested.

I’m well aware of that Cadet Tate,” Commander Cruger looked serious, but his voice held a note of amusement. “Do not worry about Cadet Drew. She is safe for the moment.”

Sky relaxed a tiny bit after hearing that piece of news. But it was still easier said than done. He would worry anyway. Picking up his chair, he sat down, ready to hear what the commander had to say.

Listen carefully rangers,” Cruger pressed a button on the control panel and a hologram showed up. “Each one of your morphers has a tracking device. Miss Manx and Boom have been monitoring Cadet Drew’s morpher. Scans have shown that Syd is not alone where she is being held captive.”

Sky’s pulse raced at those words. “She’s in danger?”

No,” the commander responded, “We think that Syd is being held captive with A Squad. From the scans, there are five power sources surrounding Syd. The power sources are similar to A Squad’s.”

All four rangers looked at one another. No one knew what to say.

You four must be ready,” Cruger continued after a moment’s silence, “get as much rest as you can. We will attack in two days time.”

Sir,” Bridge raised a hand, “how will we be getting there?”

Miss Manx and Boom are working on creating a portal that will enable you to get there undetected. Now go get some rest, you’re dismissed.”

End Flashback

The last two days had passed by slowly. Sky had been restless and filled with worry for Sydney. Was she alright? Was she frightened? Was she still alive? There was no telling what Gruumm would do. Sighing, the blue ranger stood up and began to get ready. Grabbing his uniform, he was halfway done pulling on his jacket when something fell out of one of the pockets. Picking it up, he saw that it was a very small diamond. Looking down at the small rock, he gave a small smile, remembering one of the first few signs of his attraction towards her.


Sky was not happy. He placed a handful of diamonds to the already growing pile on the ground, “This is ridiculous,” he complained as he stalked over to his motorbike and grabbed a bottle of water. “I should be debriefing Cruger, not babysitting a bunch of reflective rocks.”

Try millions of dollars worth of reflective rocks,” Syd responded, carefully handling the diamonds.

Whatever,” Sky shrugged as he sat down on a nearby crate, taking a sip of water. “It’s obvious Jack wants to keep me as far away from the action as possible. He feels threatened by me, cause he knows I should’ve been the red ranger.”

Syd looked up from the pile of diamonds, concern and sympathy written all over her face. “Come on Sky, Jack had nothing to do with that.”

Sky shook his head, taking another sip of water. “Whatever Syd.”

Syd picked up a diamond from the pile and threw it at her teammate. “Whatever Syd,” she mocked.

The rock landed on Sky’s stomach. The blue ranger picked it up and tossed it back onto the pile. “Knock it off.”

Grabbing a few more diamonds, Syd stood up and lobbed another one at him. “Or what? You’re gonna call my parents?” she teased.

By now the blue ranger was annoyed. He gave Sydney a look as the diamond bounced off his shoulder. “Seriously, don’t test me, or you’ll be sorry.”

Syd paid no attention to his words and threw another diamond at him, smirking all the while.

The diamond hit his shoulder once more and Sky stood up, walking over to where the pink ranger stood. Opening his water bottle, he poured the water all over his short companion.

Heeeeey,” Syd gasped and Sky doubled over in laughter. In his opinion, she looked totally adorable.

Sydney looked at him with a smile on her face. “It took me looking like this to get a smile out of you?”

Sky immediately stopped laughing and turned away, clearing his throat. “Very funny.”

No,” she protested, “it looks good on you! You know, if you spent a little more time with the team, you would not be such a loner.”

Tired of listening to her, Sky created a force field to drown out her voice. As Syd walked back to the pile of diamonds, he watched her with a small smile on his face.

End Flashback

Clutching the diamond in his hand, Sky felt more determined than ever. “I’m coming Sydney. I’m coming.”

She was hungry. She was filthy. Her outfit was completely ruined. And she was in so much pain. Her Delta Blaster was destroyed, and she didn’t think she could keep up her morphed form any longer. For the past two days, Gruumm had tried every possible way to get her to reveal any SPD secret, (not that she knew any of course) but she wasn’t going to give the emperor any satisfaction. Sydney let out a groan as she tried to sit up. Now she knew why the A Squad power rangers were so banged up when she first found them.

“Try not to move so much, it hurts less that way,” came a soothing voice. Syd looked to her left, where A Squad’s pink ranger, Allison, was watching her. Syd mustered a weak smile, for the last two days, the two pink rangers had bonded. “I can’t take this anymore.”

“You must stay strong,” Allison spoke once more, “Your teammates will come for you.”

“I know they will,” Sydney used all her efforts to drag herself over to where Allison was sitting. She leaned against the wall, breathing heavily. “Sky and Bridge won’t leave me like this. Jack and Z haven’t been part of our team for long, but they wouldn’t leave me here either.”

Allison nodded. It was a few minutes before she spoke again. “You have great affection for your teammates.”

Syd smiled. “I do,” she responded softly.

“That’s wonderful Sydney. I’m very fond of my teammates as well.”

Syd took on a thoughtful look. “You know, no one really calls me Sydney. Everyone just calls me Syd. In fact, the only people who call me Sydney are my parents and… and… Sky.”

“Would you like me to call you Syd instead?”

Syd shrugged, then winced. “Whatever makes you feel comfortable.”

“I will call you Syd then.”

Syd gave a little laugh. “You know what I just realized? I like how Sky calls me Sydney.”

Allison looked a little puzzled. “Sydney is your name isn’t it?”

“Yes,” she paused, “yes it is. But when Sky says it, it just sounds right.”

Allison smiled as if she knew something that Syd didn’t. “You love him.”

Syd looked startled at that remark. “Love him?” she gave a little laugh, “Don’t be silly, I don’t love him.”

The A Squad Pink Ranger raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”

“I mean sure, I like him and I’m attracted to him, but that doesn’t mean I love him. And of course, I have deep feelings for him, but that doesn’t mean I love him. If I loved him, it would mean that I think about him and talk about him all the time. And if I was in love with him, I would notice little things about him. Like the fact that he likes vanilla pudding and how he always does ten back flips when he wakes up in the morning. And I would notice how he wrinkles his nose when he’s deep in thought or how he grunts when he’s tired and not in the mood to talk. Or how his favorite movie of all time is Finding Nemo, when he claims he loves The Terminator. Or how I….” Sydney stopped talking as a realization came to her.

Allison grinned and waited.

“Oh my goodness!” Syd was so occupied with her sudden discovery that she barely noticed the pain as she stood up. “I love him!” Then a panicked look crossed her face. “Oh my gosh, what do I do now?”

Allison gave the pink ranger an amused glance. “First of all, sit down before you injure yourself even further. Second of all, you wait till your teammates rescue you and when you’re all safe and sound, you tell him.”

“I can’t tell him!”

“Why not?”

“Because… just because!”

“I don’t see you as someone who is afraid to go after what they want,” Allison remarked.

Syd fell silent after hearing that comment. What Allison said was true. She was usually never afraid of going after what she wanted. Should she tell Sky?

More importantly, how would he react?


Blasts sounded from everywhere, as Syd drifted in and out of consciousness. At first Syd thought she had been dreaming, but when she faintly heard someone yelling her name, she knew it was no dream. With renewed energy, she pulled herself up and hobbled over to the bars of the cell, wincing along the way. Her ankle hurt like hell. The A Squad rangers perked up as well when they heard all the noises.

Sydney strained her ears. Faintly she could hear voices calling her name. “SYD! SYD CAN YOU HEAR ME?”

Syd felt a genuine smile come to her face for the first time in two days. “SKY! BRIDGE! Z! JACK!” she hollered as loud as she could, “GUYS, I’M DOWN HERE!”

She fell silent again as she heard Sky respond. “KEEP YELLING! MAKE AS MUCH NOISE AS YOU CAN! I’LL FIND YOU!”

Quickly, the pink ranger demorphed and placed one her hands on the jail bars. “I summon the stone!” she called as she turned her hand into the iron, and began banging, all the while yelling. “I’M DOWN HERE SKY!”

A minute later, a blast came through the door, smoke filling the entire room. Once the smoke cleared, Syd was filled with happiness as her gazed landed on the person she wanted to see most. “Sky!”

“Stand back!” the blue ranger warned, lifting his Delta Blaster. Syd moved out of the way as Sky fired at the cell walls. The bars disintegrated and Sky rushed over to where Syd was. “Sydney!”

“Oh Sky,” Syd cried in relief, as she threw her arms around him, “Am I ever glad to see you!”

“Hey, it’s okay,” he spoke softly, putting his own arms around her, “I’m here.” Looking around, Sky noticed the other figures in the cell. “A Squad?”

“Yeah Sky, it’s A Squad. Gruumm’s held them captive here,” Syd replied as she tried to stand up. She winced as she tried to stand on her left ankle, still in Sky’s arms. The blue ranger noticed Syd’s little stumble though. “You’re hurt!” he exclaimed, “What’d they do to you?”

“Oh nothing much,” Syd replied as casual as she could, breathing through the pain she felt as best she could, “Just pounded me a couple of times, fired shots at me, and sent those Krybots after me every hour, that’s all.”

“You’re in no condition to walk.” The tone in Sky’s voice left no room for argument. Placing one strong arm around Syd’s shoulders, he placed the other arm under her knees and lifted her up. “You hold my Delta Blaster and fire at anything coming our way just incase we run into trouble,” he told her.

Syd nodded, gripping onto his gun. “Got it.”

Another blast came through the wall, and this time it revealed the other rangers. “Guys!” Syd cried happily. Jack, Z, and Bridge rushed forward.

“No time to stop and celebrate right now,” Jack commanded, bending over to help the A Squad’s green ranger, “As much as I’m glad to see you Syd, we have to get out of here. Those Krybots are much stronger on their own turf.”

Bridge glanced at his morpher as he lent a hand to help the A Squad’s blue ranger. “We have ten minutes to get out of here.”

“That’s all the time we need,” Z spoke from where she stood with the pink and yellow rangers, “hurry Bridge, create another portal!”

Bridge nodded. Waving his arm, a whirlpool of green appeared. “Let’s go!” With the blue and red rangers from A Squad, Bridge walked forward and disappeared through the portal. Z followed, steadily guiding the pink ranger. Jack was next with the green and yellow rangers, and Sky followed, holding tightly onto Syd. The portal disappeared with a flash as the Krybots came rushing into the room.

“Well done Cadets.”

Commander Cruger regarded the rangers in front of him with a proud look. “You have all made progress since your first day here. You've saved Cadet Drew as well as A Squad and also managed to bring back the bag of diamonds Gruumm had stolen long ago. I couldn't have been more proud of you."

Bridge, Jack and Z all saluted. “Thank you sir.”

“There is one thing that puzzles me though,” Commander Cruger scratched his chin, “Where is Cadet Tate?” The blue dog held a look of amusement. "I think this is the first time he's missed a meeting!"

The three rangers all exchanged a glance. Finally Jack spoke. “He’s in the recovery room with Syd, Sir. I don’t think he’s leaving her side anytime soon.”

The Commander gave a hearty laugh, something that surprised the rangers. “I was wondering when those two would get together.”

Bridge and Z grinned at one another. Seems as if they weren’t the only ones who thought their pink and blue rangers were a perfect match.

Sky sat on a stool next to Syd’s bed, watching the pink ranger sleep. His right hand was clutching hers, while his left hand was softly stroking her forehead. Syd stirred but didn’t wake and Sky smiled. He was so glad that she was safe now.

Once they had gone through the portal and had arrived back at the Academy safely, Syd had refused to let go of him. Insisting that he stay with her, Syd claimed that she felt safer with Sky around and hadn’t wanted him to leave her alone. Sky was only too happy to stay, it gave him an excuse to be close to her.

Glancing around the room, Sky observed the A Squad rangers that were asleep in the various beds. All five had been seriously injured, but Kat had determined that it would take time, but they would all recover. Hearing a soft sigh, Sky turned back just in time to see Sydney wake up. Her blue eyes blinked in confusion and she looked around before finally remembering where she was. Her eyes rested on the figure in front of her and she smiled warmly. “Hi.”

“Hey,” Sky responded, his hand still on her forehead. He smiled as he felt her hand close around his other one. “How are you feeling?”

Syd let out a groan. “Sore. It hurts everywhere. I don’t think I’ve been in so much pain in my life.” She pouted.

Sky let out a soft chuckle. “You’ll be back to normal in no time.”

“I hope so.”

There was a silence as the two rangers gazed at one another. Glancing down at their joined hands, Sky quietly confessed, “I was really worried about you.”

Syd blushed. “You didn’t have too.”

Sky shrugged. “Couldn’t help it.”

“You were really worried about me?”

“Yeah,” Sky paused, deciding to bring up the subject he had wanted to talk about for days. “Hey Syd, remember that night you did night duty with me?”

Syd smiled and nodded. Her heart was pounding. ‘Well, this is it,’ she thought, ‘this is where it either turns out great or ends horribly. Oh well, just be honest with your feelings Syd. It’s never disappointed you before.’

She cleared her throat before responding. “Yeah, what about it?”

“Well, I-uh... I-umm… well…” Sky stammered, unsure of what to say.

Sydney smiled as she watched Sky struggle with what to say. Finally, she decided to be the one to confess first. Placing her other hand on top of his so that his hand was in between hers, she gazed at him, never breaking eye contact. “I like you Sky. I like you a lot.”

Sky seemed to be frozen in place as she continued. “For a few months now, I’ve been having these feelings for you. At first, it was just a crush. I thought I would get over it, like I always do with my other crushes. Only, my crush on you didn’t fade, and now it’s past that point.”

Sky was having a hard time digesting what Syd was confessing. “You- you like me?”

Syd broke eye contact, deciding that she wouldn’t tell him she loved him just yet. There would be another time for that, if things turned out wonderfully. And right at that moment, the pink ranger wasn’t feeling so confident about Sky’s feelings. “Yes Sky, I like you a lot,” she looked up once more, “look, I’ll understand if you don’t feel the same way. I don’t want this to affect our friendship or the team. We can just pretend-“

However, Syd never got to finish her sentence. Sky had leaned over and captured her lips with his, bringing the pink ranger into a state of bliss as the blue ranger tenderly kissed her. After a few minutes, Sky pulled back, breathing heavily. Syd was in much of the same state. Gazing at her for a few moments, Sky leaned in and kissed her once more. ‘This must be what heaven feels like.’ The thought floated through his mind before Sky pushed it away and just focused on Syd, savoring the moment. After another few minutes, he pulled back and just gazed at her once again. His arms were wrapped around her waist and he was half lying on the bed, her hands placed on his shoulders.

Syd looked up at Sky, her face blushing. She let out a quiet giggle. “I guess this means you feel the same way?”

Sky chuckled and brushed her bangs away from her face. “I think it’s safe to say that I do.”

“Does this mean I can call you my boyfriend now?” Her eyes were filled with hope and happiness.

He met her gaze evenly. “I wouldn’t let anyone else have the title.”

Syd grinned and for a moment, Sky was blown away by her beauty. He grinned as he stroked her cheek. Then a look came over his face and he suddenly sat upward.

“What’s wrong?” Syd asked, alarmed. Did he change his mind about her?

“Was I hurting you? I know for a fact you’re still sore.” His voice was full of concern.

Syd relaxed. Was that all? She grinned playfully and pulled Sky back towards her. “You could never hurt me,” she giggled, then promptly let out a yawn.

Sky smiled. “Looks like you’re still tired. Time for you to get some more rest.”

The pink ranger pouted. “Do I have too?”

“Yes,” he responded firmly, but his eyes shone with affection.

“Will you stay with me?” Her blue eyes gazed into his brown ones.

Sky got off the bed and pulled the stool he had been sitting on earlier closer to the bed. Reaching out and grabbing her hand, he replied, “Always.”

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