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- Two months later -

The day was bright and sunny, sounds of happy laughter and chatter filled the park. Children were running around the grassy area, with flying kites trailing behind them. Towards a more secluded area of the park, five individuals sat on a checkered blanket, enjoying the picnic they had set up an hour earlier.

Over the last two months, their training had intensified as the rangers had been working hard to bring in Jarees. The alien was strong. Very strong. For more times than they could count, Jarees gave them more injuries than they cared to remember. It had been by chance that Bridge had discovered the alien’s weakness by shooting at his left ear. It had been pure luck that the rangers had managed to arrest Jarees and bring him into custody. As a reward for their breakthrough, Commander Cruger had given them a few days off. The rangers had taken advantage of their free time and had decided to spend the day hanging out at the park and to just enjoy the company of everyone on the team, while celebrating their most recent victory.

The A Squad Rangers had almost fully recovered. Weeks of being held captive by Gruumm had done more damage to the team than they had initially thought. After consulting a specialized doctor, it was determined that all the Squad needed was lots of rest. A few more weeks and the A Squad rangers would be good to go.

And as for Sky and Syd, their relationship had steadily progressed over the last two months, their feelings for each other growing deeper each passing day and had grown closer than ever. It was Sky and Syd. Syd and Sky. News of their relationship had quickly spread around the Academy, shocking many people. At first, many of the cadets had refused to believe that a relationship had blossomed between the two. The spoiled princess and the uptight, bossy, Mr. By-the-book? It just didn’t fit.

However, opinions changed once everyone saw how the pink and blue rangers interacted. It was like watching two new personalities shinning through. The Sky and Syd the Academy knew were not the Sky and Syd they now saw. For the most part, the two rangers were still the same, but everyone saw the obvious change. Sky was less uptight and Syd was more grounded, less spoiled. Everyone had to admit that the pair were an attractive couple.


Syd giggled as she lay in Sky’s arms. She sighed happily as she snuggled deeper into his embrace, while watching their three friends toss a Frisbee back and forth. Everything was just perfect. She had a great family, awesome friends, she was making a difference in the world and…

She had Sky.

The pink ranger gave another happy sigh as she began to reflect on everything that happened. After being released from the Recovery Room, she and Sky had gone on their first date. The blue ranger had taken her to a semi-formal restaurant, he had been decked out in dark denim jeans, and a blue dress shirt and she had worn a baby pink sundress. They had sat down to dinner and laughed and talked as they ate. Once their food was all finished, Sky stood up and had grabbed Syd’s hand and had led her to the dance floor. Syd had been pleasantly surprised at how well the blue ranger could dance and the pair danced most of the night away. Afterwards, they had taken a slow walk in the park, just enjoying each other’s company, stealing kisses from one another every now and then, before heading back towards the Academy.

“Hey guys!”

Jack’s shout brought Syd out of her thoughts, as the red ranger ran up to them. Slightly breathless, Jack bent over, placing his hands on his knees. After a minute, the red ranger looked up and grinned. “Are you two going to join us or just sit there all day?”

Syd grinned wider as she felt the vibrations of Sky’s chuckle on his chest. “I think we’re happier just sitting here,” the blue ranger replied, wrapping his arms tighter around the pink ranger and shifting more of his weight onto the tree he was leaning against.

“Maybe later,” Syd said, sighing in content.

Jack shrugged. “Suit yourselves.” The red ranger turned and headed back towards Bridge and Z, whom were waiting to play another game of Ultimate Frisbee.

A minute of silence passed before Sky spoke up. “Are you happy?”

Turning her head slightly upwards so that she was facing the blue ranger, Syd replied, “Very happy. Are you?”

The blue ranger met her gaze and grinned. “Never been happier.”

Syd’s blue eyes danced with delight. “I’m glad.”


The sun was starting to set as the rangers began to pack up their things, ready to head back to the academy. As they stood up, Sky silently grabbed Syd’s hand and pulled her away from the rest of the group. Walking along the pathway, the blue ranger led her to a very secluded area, stopping at a spot where they could see the sunset very clearly. Wrapping his arms around her, Sky gently rested his chin on top of Syd’s head and together they stood, just watching the sunset for a few minutes.

Sky’s heart was pounding as he thought about what he was about to say to the pink ranger. ‘Well, here goes nothing.’

“Syd?” he softly stated, as he felt Syd start to turn around in his arms, “I have something to tell you….”

Her blue eyes looked up at him expectantly. “What is it Sky?”

Sky hesitated but finally said what was on his mind.


Bridge, Z, and Jack had just finished packing up all their belongings when Sky and Syd came back from their brief walk. Both pink and blue rangers walked past them, oblivious to their surroundings, happiness was evident on their faces and they were lost in each other.

Z exchanged a glance with Jack and Bridge. “What was that all about?” she wondered.

Jack shrugged. “With those two, who knows? One minute they’re filing their nails and being all uptight about SPD regulations and the next minute they’re all lovey dovey.”

The green ranger pulled off one of his gloves and waved his hand in a circular motion at his teammates’ retreating backs. What he saw made him grin. Sparks of red shot out from both their auras, surrounding the blue and pink rangers. Excitement. Happiness. Love. Pulling his glove back on, Bridge turned to face his other two teammates.

“They’re in love,” the green ranger simply stated. Picking up the picnic basket, the three remaining rangers trailed after Sky and Syd, with Bridge watching his teammates smiling in satisfaction.


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